Palette sickness – and Gitter Done rule tweak

Whoever invented palettes, do you think they had ANY idea how they would effect junkers like me?!?

Why am I addicted to these things you ask? Four reasons.




wood stuff.

And some even stamped up nice like. πŸ™‚ What’s NOT to love I say.

So yet again, my recent work took me to this little woodsy oasis. Caught your breath in a good way, didn’t it?

Come ON! So beautiful. I could just CRY it moved me so. *sniff*

Grinding my teeth, knowing I had NO room at my place for such artifacts, well… this one was just so unusually tall. I like unusual and tall. And I liked the little squatty one too. (heck, I liked them ALL) After long serious debate (30 seconds), well…

Arg!! Not even enough room in my truck never mind my garage. I have a terminal sickness. Where are all those palette doctors hiding anyway?

So I get it home and a neighbor is curious about what’s in the back of my truck. (ya catch that? in my truck cuz there’s no room elsewhere!) And then proceeds to ask what I’m using it for. I stuttered something about maybe it becoming a bench and changed the subject quick like. In reality, I had no idea. Man, do I need a BARN.

And then the clouds parted and the sun shone. Figuratively and literally. It finally stopped raining for ONE day so I dragged my beloved palette into the back yard not really knowing what I’d do with it. A bench after all perhaps???

Then I began to play. And figured it out real quick.

This is the compost area behind my character building. Icky where grass meets those ‘whatevers.’

Ohhhh ho ho, but now it is cute! The new palette became a boardwalk complete with a rusty old headboard for a gate! My own lakefront-lakeless boardwalk. With a ready made gate. Yeah! See? Always keep the faith, fellow junkers!

While others labor hard over making stuff like this, I just find stuff and make it work. And the price is always right on the money too. πŸ™‚

I would LOVE to show you what else I did, however I cannot. I’m saving the funner stuff for a bigger reveal coming up!

Monday June 14 – read about it HERE

Now my friends, it seems I made a rule about not being able to post your GD stuff before the main event. This is leaving me with a bit of a problem.

Everything I am working on IS inspired by this event. So now I can’t post ANY. THING. Hmmm… are you having the same issues?

I think I have a solution.

Save at least one GOOD inspiration for Gitter Done. As for the rest, go ahead and post before hand if you desire, mentioning they are GD inspired if you wish. Then on GD day, simply add a quick before and after shot of it in your new post linking back to your previous post for those wanting to read more on it. Still with me?

Only doing one project this week? Show a teaser like I just did. At least you can post then, ya know?!? What do you think?

Anywho, I have something to say about what GD is doing for me. ALOT. Just alot. Giving myself permission to get stuff done and be able to feed my blog with it is becoming heaven sent! The challenge and deadline is pushing me in the right direction! Β 

How is it going for you so far?

And, what are palette doctors found under in the phone book?Β 

Like palette stuff? You may also like this post on my palette TV stand.

Β  The giveaway event by The Pleated Poppy is still on! Now go win why doncha? πŸ™‚

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31 thoughts on “Palette sickness – and Gitter Done rule tweak

  1. Oh my! Your palette board walk is priceless!! Perfect solution for that area! And the rusty headboard…wowzers!!
    Fabulous darling…just fabulous!!

  2. I love your little boardwalk. Has me humming the song all morning.
    BTW do you know that compost bins are often made with palettes too. Just stack them 4 around in a square, attach them together anyway you like, leave one side unattached to use as a ‘door’ and instand compost bin.
    I have to get moving on the ‘get your … moving project’, I am so bad I really need the challenge, but it is here so quickly already… I hope I will be ready….

  3. Laughing so hard! Last evening, 4 kids in my minivan I decided to cut through our warehouse district. It was painful…saw two french doors in a dumpster, totally sticking out, but couldn’t dive with the kids (they would have had to walk home) and then found pallet heaven behind a huge warehouse…pallets, those big industrial stools, huge wooden crates. So like a good mama, I got my 7 year old to help me put a seat down, rearranged the kiddos and got a huge rectangular box…it is going to be my new planter box! Thanks for your inspiration!

  4. Oh, it looks great in your garden! What a clever use. You are so good with your outdoor spaces. I wish I cared a bit more about the yard. I think when the interior of my house is done, then I’ll care and work harder at the landscaping.

  5. Love it! And the answer when more fabric/wood/supplies come home with me is “IT IS PART OF MY STASH!” And just smile! It is your creative locker of resources, your materials at your ready finger-tips. It doesn’t have to have a pre-purpose, but it WILL be used! Or altered, painted, something! That is the genius behind your talent! I am sure it is the incredulous curiosity from others clashing with the half-guilty-but-not-really shame we feel of not being able to explain the future finished project that makes us uncomfortable. I tell people, “Wait and see! It will be marvelous!” Thanks for your inspiring ideas!

  6. So funny! I have at least a dozen pallets behind my garage now. I keep thinking of hings to do with them and getting more. Maybe that should be my GD project. Although, I have plenty more jibs waiting, so it’s not hard to think of something. I love your boardwalk. Lisa~

  7. #15 Olive… LOL!!! I’m still laffin’.

    #17 dstep, your world is about to change! For the better. I hope you have a boneyard out back for storage. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the kudos over my now swanky weed infested digs!

    Seriously, this palette stuff, there’s alot of potential with these things. Guess I’ll just have to continue to prove it. πŸ™‚


  8. My goodness Blogger has given me a time of it today! sorry about the double post, glad you caught it … said I didn’t exist … I Love pallets but the harsh Texas summer sun can do a number on them.


  9. Holy heck! Are you kidding me? My husband deals with palettes all day long at his work and I have NEVER seen anything in them! But this bench! Good God, it stopped my heart. Your eye is amazing!!

  10. I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS STUFF!!!! Seriously. I don’t have the junk gene Sister!! I think you got my supply in your DNA!! I was reading along thinking “what on earth? no way…I wouldn’t use one of those rusty nail bulky wood hazards if you paid me! what is SHE gonna do with those?” I mean, really, are you in your right mind???

    And then I nearly spit out my frozen yogurt!

    I’m so madly in love with the board walk and gate that I can’t wait to replicate at in my new house – when we find it!


    btw, I’m glad you like “unusual and tall”!!!!! That’s really the only thing I got going for me here!!!!


  11. One day ahma gonna write me a whole book on buildin’ palette furniture. YUP! I will! And I’ll be brandin’ in ‘another Funky Junk Original’ right there on that rusty nail bulky wood hazard side. Yessiree you wait’n see. An Miss Kolein can have me prototype as a keepsake!

    Hilarous that you gals actually get me. I’m a little afraid though… is my stuff becoming normal yet? I’d better switch gears!


  12. i have to tell you…where i work a couple days a week, we rent in a huge lot..which recently became ‘pallette doctors !!’..they go and get old pallets and tear them apart to make good ones out of bad ones…there are literally thousands of pallets right outside my office window…it is insane….and now they have quit…and they left most of these pallets there….i cant allow myself to start….i would never stop…everything in my house would be made of pallets !!
    your idea is fab ! i did similar on my deck with a cool pallet i found a few years ago…keep truckin girl..great ideas

  13. Donna, you are awesome. First off, your projects each week rock and I LOVE your blog.

    Once again, I checked my stats this past week and I’m getting a ton of referrals from you, so I stopped by to see what’s going on and what do you know? You’ve got my cupcake cones in your side bar.

    THANK YOU!!!!! You are so sweet to always think of me and help my blog out. I REALLY REALLY appreciate it.


  14. #32 Jeanne, if you were a guy, I’d have to date you!! Palette Doctor… there really is such a thing… well rust my nails…

    #33 Allison, you’re welcome! I just call them the way I see them. πŸ™‚

    #31 One Life.. you couldn’t have given me a nicer compliment. πŸ™‚

    Good golly.. your comments are cracking me up! I totally have to find a hack so I can comment right under you.


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