3000 reasons to throw another party. New sponsors welcome!

Wow. Nearly 3000 junk’ lovin’ followers. You folks rock!

So I’ve been  kickin’ dust, wondering if I should go ahead with a big 3000 Followers event.

If’ you’ve been around here for awhile, you know what they’re all about. Presents, games and chaos. LOTS of chaos.

And then I was wondering what fun we could have. 

I mean, lookit the lengths you went to with the last one! 

Remember all the jokes about the pot party? 🙂

 So then I kinda thought for the fun and games part, we DIYers are really here for inspiration and to learn, so how about we learn all about….

 101 uses for usless burlap?


Ok, I’ve got it!

You are officially invited to…

 The 3000 Followers Event!
Presents! Games! Learning!

(on a sporatic basis, so you need to watch for this one!)


 I know!! Whenwhenwhen?!?!?

See that follower button?

When it flips to 3000, it’ll start anytime after.  🙂

And no, you do not have to be a follower/subscriber to join in the fun. However you’ll get more chances to win stuff if you are. 🙂

Let’s Mingle!

Since this is a party after all, wanna mingle a little this round?

Here’s one game to prepare for those interested…

Go ahead and build a new post, throw in  pictures you desire, grab some balloons or the button from this post if you wish,  save it in drafts, and watch for the official link button to go up!

~ All about ME ~

Who I am:

Where I live: (vague is good)

What I love about my home:

My favorite room is:___ because ___

My favorite thing to do DIY wise is:___ because ___

I wish I knew how to ___ so I could ___

Something you may not know about me is ___

Why I love to blog:

 (feel free to add any other stuff you desire too!)

 Wish to sponsor?

Now, in the past, the giveaway sponsors have been by invitation only. Newbies have inquired if they could join next time. So this round, I’m opening the door for others to join in!

For more information and reasonable rates, please email me at 

 [email protected]


3000 Event Sponsor

in the subject line and I’ll fill you in.

Would you like to see what a Followers Event entailed in the past?

These were a little crazy so it’ll be abit calmer this year and easier to enter the draws.

Click Here

Click Here

What do you think? 

Feel like getting presents and playing/learning?

If that’s yes, I’d love your help!

Any particular DIY tips you’d like to see?

Games you wish to play?

Clever link parties to be had?

Let the count down begin. 🙂 

tick tick tick

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21 thoughts on “3000 reasons to throw another party. New sponsors welcome!

  1. Hi I am Nicole from ColiesKitchen.com I found you on a blog hop and wanted to drop by and say hi. I really like your blog, and am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.

  2. I can’t believe I was not already a follower! I check you out every. single. day. I promise. Maybe I was needed to get you over the hump — so here you go — #2999. Shucks, I wanted to be 3000!

  3. Whoo-hoo! I think I MIGHT have been the 3000th follower! It was so weird – balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling here at the Northern Cottage….off to vacuum!
    Of course you know I’ve been following you for-EVER via reader though!

  4. You already hit 3000 in the last 5 minutes! Let the fun begin! I want to learn everything. Like: how to solder, do I need to sand before painting, Is the hack saw or old type saw obsolete, how to hammer nails and brads (should I practice?). I know how to stain, distress, wax, clean paintings and frames, sew, and a few other things, but nothing with metal and woodworking. Ann

  5. Oh my gosh… I missed the roll over!! I was working today. Ok, right after the SNS event, the fun begins!!!! 🙂 (SNS was a prescheduled post)

    If anyone has a screen shot when it hit 3000, please send it my way. I know. I sound crazy. But someone sent me one last event so it could be out there ya know. LOL

    Whoohoo!!! Partay time!


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