Sat Nite Special #57 brings you ~ white!

Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #57, the white edition!

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Party starts Fri night and ends Sunday 11pm pacific, so you have all weekend to join!

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this weekend’s theme

~ white ~

When I revamped my bedroom, I wanted to try my hand at white.

my bedroom

And a little secret I quickly discovered was, if you allowed your space to share many shades of white, it was actually ‘warm’.

White won my heart over very quickly and I eagerly started bringing in more whites to the other areas of my home shortly after.

Livingroom old gate screens



white coffee table

wall unit

headboard towel rack


white twig chandelier

Although I would never describe my home as ‘white’, the influence is most everywhere you look. And I LOVE it!

What do you love about white?
What scares you about white?

Let’s see whatcha got in this weekend’s 3rd themed linkup!

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44 thoughts on “Sat Nite Special #57 brings you ~ white!

  1. Your shutters are still one of my favorite things. I love your headboard towel rack too. I need to make one of those for my girls bathroom. Have a great weekend!

  2. I just finished a while button and lace wreath to hang in my bedroom, as soon as I can get batteries for my camera I will be linking up!!

    I love all of the white in your home it is beautiful!!

  3. its been so long since i have linked up – its killin me! i just dont have the time like i used too – but i love your white theme and i LOVE your old little gate on your dresser. I totally think i have told you that before, but i still havent found one for myself 🙁 – yet!!

    Ok, off to go check the white links – have a good weekend – yaaaaa!!!!!

  4. Oh my gosh! I cannot explain how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your house!! It takes an amazing talent to be able to do that! That picture frame is just fabulous – I may have to do something like that sometime. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  5. I just found your blog and I LOVE your house and your whiteness! I love all your funky junk and the way you decorate is super inspiring. I am starting to get into vintage stuff and I always worry about chipping paint or just the safety of old stuff (i have 3 young kids). Do you worry about that at all? How do you know if something is safe to bring in your home? I might just be an over-worrier, but I’m new at this whole vintage thing! 🙂

  6. White is my FAVORITE color (although some say it’s not a color at all)! I love the mixture of your whites and woods, especially your amazing desk!

    Although I’m a faithful reader, this is actually my first time participating in SNS. Thanks for the opportunity to show of my new white kitchen, even though it’s not quite done. 🙂

  7. What a fun topic this white turned out to be! Lovely entries. 🙂

    #8 Sarah –
    The sofa isn’t an antique, but simply a sofa I got from Costco nearly 10?? years ago. The colours are tones of brown with a green undertone. The big cushions are even reversible with a forest green and burgundy discreet floral pattern, pretty neat. The only thing I did to it was add the light pillows.

    #22 Jaime –
    My son is now 11 so I don’t worry about safety with vintage. However, for the rusty things that I know I’ll be handling, I scrub the loose particles off and spray with a clear. For chippy, I generally sand it like crazy to remove loose flakes, then bring it in. The danger comes from airbourne so if something is on a display and left untouched, it should be fine. I did nothing to that window frame because it’s never touched. But I would if it was.

    Thanks for the kind compliments, all! I had hoped I had more new whites to show but you know… that twig chandy kinda took over my week. 🙂


  8. Thank you for hosting, Donna! This white topic is very inspirational to me. I also enjoyed your post — about how utilizing the “different” shades of white can actually warm up the room. I guess it all becomes relative. Thank you for hosting. I linked up a post under home decor about how to paint a popcorn ceiling. Although the ceiling is “white”, I didn’t think it should be under the “white” category 🙂 I hope you or your readers find it to be useful. Have a blessed thanksgiving and again — thank you for the party.

  9. Your home is so perty! It’s just wonderful how you have put so much of yourself into it…instead of having it look like a factory-direct showroom! I love the crisp cleanliness of white for the trim in my home…then with neutral wall colors…I can mix-up my decor on a whim.

    I’m almost done with a little white crafty Christmas project. I might just have to do wee post about it tonight!

    Happy weekend, Donna! It’s snowing down hear in WA!

    : )

    Julie M.

  10. oh my goodness! I feel like I’ve hit the lottery in awesome chippy interior decor! Oh my, I Love the headboard on your bed. I have an old door that I keep telling my husband, “that’s going to be our headboard someday”. I tell him that every time I get it out & put it on saw horses for an extra table. Ah, This is awesome today!

  11. Donna, Thanks for hosting and thanks for your wonderful comments about my pumpkin spice gelato! It is totally like one of those coffee house drinks, but creamy and frozen!

    Happy Day,
    Jasey @ Crazy Day,

    PS – If you ever make it to Wyoming, my house is calling you;)! My house needs you!!! Actually, would you mind just sending me your bedroom and maybe your window screens?

  12. Hi Donna,
    Thank you so much for featuring my laundry room on your sidebar!! I always feel so happy when someone as talented as you likes one of my projects. In my next post I will show the exact materials I used to make the tags on the baskets. I hope you are having a great week-end with your son.

  13. I love the curtains in the bedroom. I have been looking for something beautiful in my livingroom. It has 12 ft ceilings, and I don’t want straight curtains. How did you get the curtains to balloon like that and can you close them? I am going to be a follower. I love that I found your blog.
    Thank You for the wonderful ideas in your blog!
    Livin’ With Hoosiers

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