The day my cat removed the carpet (photo studio update)

Hey! I’m Teddy and I’m going to be takin’ over the blog post this round.

My human is upstairs chanting something about boring weather patterns ruining her ability to be excited about this room and is inhaling a big tub of peanut butter, so let’s just not go there ok?

I think her deal was of what she may find under this carpet. So, let’s just tear it up and see! I am brave. Some aren’t, eh? (no jab there, human…)

Pull… grunt…. GASP!


It’s too bad she can’t hear me think… what EVER. I’ll just do it myself.

Ohhhh ho ho…. she’s gonna LOVE this! Crazy concrete patterns painted out in a nice neutral grey! Clean, nice, what luck!

Total bonus round… cat paw prints embedded in the concrete! I think I’m gonna cry…

Ok, let’s rip up more carpet.

Rest time!

Hey… wow.. I really LOVE what I’ve done to this place!

That heat box thing looks wicked on that angle. Nice temper tantrum, me!

Ok, so that was hard. Ripping up a carpet in massive chunks requires big time muscle. So I cut long strips to lighten up the load instead. I’m resting for another minute or 3 because this really takes it outta ya!

Gotta have at least one art shot. It’s her rule. Otherwise it’s too ‘BO-RING.’ I got her number bad….

Let’s just wrap up these scratching pads on steroids and zip’em up tight with some packing tape, and we’re done!

I’m not for hire. Just so you know.

Cats, unlike humans, are NOT afraid to say it like it is.

Nearly done now! These crazy strips have to come out. Nails in concrete.. now that’s a trip!

Youch! I think I kinked my neck. So not cool. She’s gonna pay.

By doing the rest. And when she tackles these file cabinets, head for the hills!

Cuz EVERY. SINGLE. FILE. has to come out, and it is STUFFED to the BO-RING gills!

Sincerely yours for today,

Teddy Bear

( heading out of town. FAR FAR away. )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s ME. I’m back. Human here.

That concrete floor?!? I’m in LOVE! I can’t wait to throw some glazes (in a subtle way) on it to see what it can become. What a great surprise! Sure wish the rest of the floor downstairs was like this because I’d be putting that cat to work fulltime. 🙂

(Other photo studio updates can be found HERE.)

Who else wishes they had a concrete floor to play with?


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38 thoughts on “The day my cat removed the carpet (photo studio update)

  1. Oh, you are too funny! Love all of Teddy’s help though! What a great cat you have. The bitty one is sitting next to me going nuts over his handsome self! Have a great weekend! I can’t wait to see where you end up!

  2. Cute! I suspect though, that Teddy is just teasing us, acting like he did all the work. If I know cats, and I do know them pretty well, he supervised, checked out the progress, while it was still *in* progress, and took the occasional nap while you did all the work. 😉

  3. Teddy is one gorgeous kitteh!

    A good is one where ugly dirty carpet (ALL carpet is ugly and dirty) is ripped up and thrown in the trash. Wood, concrete, tile – anything is better than carpet.

  4. Donna, I am so envious! Who knew that concrete could be so exciting!!! Now if I could just train my Popsicle to be as handy as your Teddy, maybe the stairs at home would be done! Have fun with your floor, we (me & Pop) will be watching. C

  5. Oh but I do, I do (have a concrete floor to play with)! I’m getting ready to makeover my front porch so now I think I’ll just wait to do my floor until I see what ideas you come up with since you are faaaaar more creative than I could ever be. Sooo, uh how soon can we expect pictures and a tutorial??? 😉

  6. Awesome post! I can relate to the love for concrete, I won’t be covering up my studio floor anytime soon. When is your kitty up for hire to come and tear out my upstairs carpet. Needin’ some help here!

  7. You are TOO FUNNY!!!!! LOVE the floor and that cat…..well he is the Meeow!

    Glad the concrete is funky cuz if it wasn’t you’d make it that way anyway. I have a feeling!!!


  8. Still laughing at Teddy. Sometimes I wonder what our animal friends think about us when changes are made in their homes. I know my dog, Jennie, owns me not the other way around.
    Hugs..Maryjane from
    Storybook Cottage

  9. Hey Teddy, tell your lady to stop teasing us with pictures of that saddle. This is about the fourth time we have seen it. We want to know if it will be a table base, or will it be painted with Alice Somebodies, chalk paint. thanks. PS. are you friends with that big Canadian dog?.

  10. I LOVE YOUR CAT! I have a kitty named Pixie and she looks just like that! Whenever I’m doing something she gets right in there and sits or lays where I’m working! If we only knew what they were really thinking……

  11. To Funny Donna..Hey…I have painted two floors both looked like the acid wash…My daughter Jaclyn just did a post a few weeks ago on her blog it was a family affair and very fun…it turned out beautiful…blessings…julie

  12. Dear Nutbird,

    The saddle is a memento from the lady’s childhood. She has no room for it but can’t bear to part with it. NO chalk paint on that baby!

    I don’t like the canine in the house. I hiss at her whenever she comes near me and it scares her too! Size ain’t everything. 🙂


  13. Hey Donna;
    I have two concrete floors, at my parents lake house which are bare concrete and have rugs on top of part of the concrete for the time being. You can see the concrete, as the rugs do not fit….LOL!! The rest of the house has the antique glass type flooring, toraszo…spelling. Which is:Beautiful bits of glass mixed with concrete, and then it looks like glass on top of it. Ice cold to the bare foot!! And a breeze to keep clean!
    The concrete floors look pretty much like yours!!! I honestly can not wait to see what you do with this floor, as I have been trying to decide what in this world to do to the two at the lake, as this House will be mine one day.
    Please email me, as you might be interested in what a friend of mine did to a Hair Salon’s concrete floors. Sunny C.

  14. Oh, Teddy, please head to New England when you head out of town! You and my Baby have the same quirky personality and curious nature! I can’t even imagine the mischief you two would get into!

    LOVING your studio (of course I love everything you do!). Can’t wait to see the floors. And I’m serious about the cat. If he needs a vacation after all that work, send him up here!!!


  15. As you know I have concrete floors I’ve painted throughout my house. However, I am sooooo jealous that you have none of that yucky carpet-pad-stuck-in-glue stuff on these floors. Hooray that some carpet installer didn’t do it right. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

  16. I am about to undertake a concrete staining project, so I am anxious to see how your floors turn out. The carpet in my garage-turned-apartment was the victim of a root beer brewing experiment gone wrong a few years back when my son still lived at hom. No amount of cleaning ever completely got rid of the evidence of that miscalculation!
    I’m not a carpet fan, and I am lucky to have beautiful old hardwood in most of my house. I can’t afford real wood, so we are taking down to the concrete. Still deciding exactly what to do, so I look forward to seeing floor when it is finished!

  17. Hi, Teddy Bear! I think you did a great job removing the carpet… How long exactly did it take you to finish everything? Good thing you could use those carpet rolls as your resting place. Hehe, what did your “human” plan on doing on the concrete floor? Didn’t she consider putting back the carpet? Hm.

  18. I like the story you made here! Hehe, it actually came to a point that I think your cat was able to remove that huge carpet… Hehe, I guess it totally just helped. Cats curiosity can somehow help, right? Anyway, did your cat sleep on it for a long time?

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