SNS 80 celebrates galvanized finishes!

Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #80

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Party starts Fri night and ends Sunday 11pm pacific, so you have all weekend to join!

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this weekend’s theme

~ galvanized finishes ~

Casual, industrial, rustic, and charming. Galvanized finishes add a little extra casual sparkle to any interior.

Isn’t this chest of drawers a precious find? It makes such a room statement on this wall.

By Shabby Charm.

No one does galvanized quite like Becky. Her home is gorgeous anyway however her galvanized touches simply make it shine! 

By Buckets of Burlap.

And if you haven’t been by Dreamy Whites yet, you best get running. Maria’s photography is incredible,  capturing her charming home accents, such as this galvanized pitcher. Isn’t it wonderful?

Look closely on this one. Top = galvanized switchplate. Lower handles – pipe fittings. So clever!

By Sew Many Ways

And then of course there’s Jo’s galvanized topped kitchen island. The metal touch is a soft and subtle way to bring in a little industrial flair.

By The Secret Garden Cottage

my galvanized planter

my Christmas tree tub

As for me? I seem to have a thing for galvanized TUBS.

And a newly empty chicken coop with no intended purpose. YET.

Wish for more inspiration?

Visit Pinterest – Galvanized HERE. You’ll love the browse!

Link up your galvanized projects in this weekend’s 3rd themed linkup!

~ next up ~

you choose!

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 Come on over and see if we’re talking about you this weekend. 🙂

freckled laundry

Also this weekend, link up your metal over at Jami’s!

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24 thoughts on “SNS 80 celebrates galvanized finishes!

  1. Ha being sleep deprived pays of sometimes. I am the first galvanized linky 🙂
    I could be mistaken but I don’t think you ever did a palette wood linky, now did you? I added that to my list of future SNS possibilities.
    Ok I am really going to try and catch some sleep now. CU in the morning and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I’m. in. love. with all that galvanized/zinc gorgeousness. I’ve been swooning over Maria’s zinc pitchers & Jo’s island top forever. Thank you so much for including the link to my party tomorrow. I appreciate you!


  3. LOVE all the galvanized items!! I just planted Lavender in two old buckets, but have yet to blog about them…waiting for the Lavender to grow and bloom. :o)

  4. Donna, I am pretty sure I missed sharing my kitchen last week, but if is this is do over, my apologies. Wish the galvanized was one week later, not ready this week! Take care, Laura

  5. I too love the galvanized items! So cool! And that feeder…wow! I can think of many ways to use it. Just send it my way!! Sigh!

  6. This isn’t related to this post; however, this video came up on my aol homepage on how to fix a stuck drawer & I thought of you. It has that Eric Stromer guy in it that use to be on Trading Spaces. He suggests wax or nylon tape (never heard of it). Here is the link.
    So sorry to see your FB status update on your kitty. Thinking you’re doing the right thing getting a 2nd opinion.

  7. Hi Donna,
    This was my first link party, it was so much fun.
    I loved seeing all of that silvery gray. I participated in your poll. All of the new categories look very interesting. I wonder which ones will make the cut… Thank-you!
    All the Best! Christine

    • Hi Trisha! Isn’t that a neat piece? I unfortunately have no idea where that beauty was found. I’d suggest to click the blog link under the picture, then hit translate and ask the blog owner. It’s an amazing piece!

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