Sat Nite Special #88 – bringing the indoors out

Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #88

Theme – bringing the indoors out

If you’re new here, join in! There are three categories to link to. Home Decor as well as Crafts, Sewing, Recipes, plus the 3rd themed link up which stays open indefinitely. Check below for this weekend’s theme.

Party starts Fri night and ends Sunday 11pm pacific, so you have all weekend to join!

I’ll be featuring SNS highlights during the weekend on FJI Facebook, so join in and see what they’re all saying about your stuff. 🙂

This weekend’s theme:

~ bringing the indoors out ~

This weekend, I’m featuring some SNS superstars I’ve kept hidden from you as well as a few others around blogland.

An interior door creates a magical focal point in this gorgeous outdoor space. Wow.

By Suzi Homefaker

A crib becomes the base to a potter’s bench. Now that’s creative!

By Shelstring

What to do with all those extra dishes and teapots and such? How about creating a garden totem?  How pretty!

By Forever Decorating

How about this fabulous crib turned wagon?

By Creating by Cami

And then there’s this delightful teapot as a whimsical birdhouse/nest. Now that’s outside of the box thinking!

By Bow

How charming are these colorful boots loaded to the brim with summer blooms?

By Rosy Posy

Gotta get some cool junk into the mix here. Plants in a can. I love this!

By Mo Plants

Here’s my own veggie garden last year, framed out with antique headboards.

Want more inspiration? Click the above button for my outdoor collection.

What have you brought to the great outdoors that originated from inside?

Please share it in this weekend’s 3rd themed linkup!

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 Come on over and see if we’re talking about you this weekend. 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Sat Nite Special #88 – bringing the indoors out

  1. thanks for hosting every week. Love those boots!

    I wanted to ask you where you got the grey Pinterest button. I found some buttons, but only found red ones. I really would like a grey one, I think it would fit with the colors on my blog better. If you see this comment and have time, can you please let me know? thanks!

  2. What fantastic ideas!!! LOVE when indoor things can be used outside in a tasteful way. I could drive you by some places around here that would CRACK YOU UP the stuff and amount of it they have. I’m talking like hundreds of things in less than an acre! But you know, at least it’s not filling a landfill somewhere…and I guess it must make them happy! 🙂

  3. I adore those boots on the fence. Such a cute idea. I was with Mandi (Vintage Revivals) the other night and we decided you are our idol. Thanks for all your amazing and unique inspiration.

  4. I thought I linked up my banner last night and I guess I got side tracked! I’ve been trying to get the house clean before the boys get in town. I know, why bother right? Well one is bringing his girlfriend home. I have to clean for her! Got it linked up now. Happy 4th everyone!
    ps. I stuck it in the first category but I guess it could have went with sewing too.

  5. Now how in the world can I get anything done when I come to see you! LOL Look at all the eye candy and inspiration I have to look at! I just have to look at all of it! 🙂
    Well, I’m joining your most wonderful party and you know I’m kidding!
    Happy 4th of July and be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  6. Oh, I love the boots hanging on the fence…so adorable. Love that teapot too. I have a few with broken spouts, just at the end so I may have to do this!

    Always a pleasure stopping by here, Donna.

    Have a sweet, relaxing day!


  7. oh my goodness – those little rain boot planters? How stinkin cute is that!! And the teapot totem is awesome! I just love how you find this amazing stuff from all over. Thanks for hosting a party brimming with such creativity. I’m a super grateful party guest 🙂 Happy weekend!!

  8. Donna I love the boots on the fence. I have my twin grand daughter’s boots from when they were little and have flowers planted in them just sitting in my courtyard, but now I want to put them on my old vintage garden gate. Love your veggie garden too. I keep my daughters antique headboard and foot-board on the back porch with the flower envelopes stuck to them with old clothes pins. (Flowers I Planted)
    Thanks for hosting so I can “blog hop”:0)

  9. Thanks so much for hosting, I entered two items this week! A 4th of July Wreath and Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcakes. I’m inspired by the Outdoor Boots growing plants! Adorable!

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