Sat Nite Special #90 – bird/nest inspired projects

Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #90

Theme – bird / nest inspired projects

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This weekend’s theme:

~ bird and nest inspired projects ~

Birds make nests in WAY more places than just trees. I’m a farmer’s daughter and have watched them nest in the strangest of places all my life.

And a nest isn’t always perfect like the kind you buy. Some are a real tossed salad of odds and sods.

How to build your own nest
Funky Junk style


Anything nest like. And stuff birds may find.

Plus real cracked open egg shells. Really. Chickens are birds too, right?

(Michael’s is an hour away… what can I say)

And a base of your choice. Then go have fun!

The cracked open odd sized shells were perfect to give an embedded look. And they’re super light too. 🙂

Remember, birds are MESSY.

Here’s a leaf and twine variation.

And you KNOW this has to be my favorite. 🙂

We just won’t discuss how a monstrous chicken got in that lantern. Some nests deserve abit of mystery…

To prove my point about the non perfect nest, here’s a real one.
Remember where this was found?

See? Messy.

My boy went real hungry that summer. 🙂

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~ healthy recipes ~

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27 thoughts on “Sat Nite Special #90 – bird/nest inspired projects

  1. That expression on Cody’s face is Priceless!

    Love all the different *nests*… will those shells start to smell or what?
    Just curious–
    I think my favorite is the nest in the lantern– That looks like something you’d really find hanging in the rafters here, complete with nest!
    …love ’em, Pat

  2. I love those bird’s nest idea. My 14 YO daughter was reading this post over my shoulder and is dying to try it! Thanks so much for this!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  3. What GREAT ideas!! Of course, I have to say that your nests, even with the chicken eggs, were MUCH nicer than the real one in the grill. 🙂 LOVE your blog…thanks for hosting! 🙂 Have a super weekend. I’ve been avoiding carbs, but not always successful. MUST improve, but I have seen some weight loss anyhow, so it is doing something. 🙂

  4. Darn! I am traveling or I would have posted my next themes! Sigh!
    Such great examples you have given us. Love the one in the lantern!!

  5. Girl, your boy is too cute with that expression of “are you kidding me?” on his face! And you know I love your bird nest projects.
    Thanks so much for loving my farm house table, and featuring me 🙂
    You are the greatest host!!
    Becky C

  6. Love your birds’ nests, Donna. My favourite is the one in the wood box with the grass-type plant next to it. Really makes a diffrence to add the egg shells, though! 🙂

  7. Hi Donna – first, congrats on your mag spread and I hope you win the FOLK subscription. I’ve added a ‘funky junk’ project in your party this week…a toilet tank, a plastic bottle, and broken tiles…all adding up to a planter that makes me so happy each time I walk by. Thanks for the party.

  8. Donna I am a country girl too and I can just see a big fat red river hen plopping her big
    red rear end in that old lantern and laying
    that egg and then having to defeather some to
    get out. LOL. I love it, you always make me
    laugh. I just had a Mocking bird make a nest in my Crepe Myrtle tree and lay 2 eggs, one hatched and the other didn’t. Junior just flew away and I got the nest and the other egg. Hope you have a good weekend.

  9. LOL! Had to laugh about that big old hen wriggling her tookus into that old lantern, Donna! lol! What a picture in my head right now! hehehe! I’m waiting for our bluebird babies to leave their nest so that I can nab their nest! 🙂 Thanks for the great ideas on the different ways to it! ♥

    xoox laurie

  10. Well, I am waiting for bluebird babies to leave their nest so that I can nab their nest. Bird’s nest idea is very great and you also shared to do it very different ways.

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