31 Days Blog to Biz / Day 19 – A gutsy wheelbarrow coffee table project

Last week I challenged you to create something gutsy.

Something you’ve never seen before. Something you may be afraid of someone not (gasp!) liking. I wanted to take you out of your comfort zone so you’d be free to experiment and go wild with what you saw in your mind’s eye.


 Well feel free to go crazy because I did too.  Here’s mine. πŸ™‚

sand sand sand sand (cedar strips from something)


My fav old wheelbarrow got a satin clear coat to ‘protect that rust!’ πŸ™‚

Clearcoat actually deepens the tone of rust too and makes it safe.

Hmmm… purrrrrfect. These boards will be a nice base for the rustic stuff. 

Can you guess what it will be yet?

Predrilling reduces wood splits. Especially in thinner cedar.

Yup! Perfect. 

Note to self.. get another drill already, one to predrill, one to screw. Amen!

Heehee… so weird.

This will do!

“As what?!?”,  you ask?

Here, lemme tell you what it is as I roll you your coffee on my…. uh…. 

wheelbarrow coffee table!

It’s junky, not too big, can be easily moved…

…  has built in magazine storage ….
(bigger boards stay put loose so you can flip them up)

… and suits my other busted up junk just fine!

Is this gutsy enough?

Now I want a bigger one. πŸ™‚

Price – had it all on hand = FREE

Like gutsy projects? You can see a whole list of mine HERE.

Got the guts to link up something equally brave in your world? 

Let’s see whatcha did!

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  1. That’s a little out there but definitely cool and it works! This was a fun post. I linked up. It’s not something I did just for this challenge but I did it about a month ago before the challenge was made. I definitely went bold and out of my comfort zone, had to tweak a bit but ended up loving it.

  2. What’s good about the coffee table is that you can roll it out of the way to do your exercises! Yeah, right, just like I do. Another fantastic project! Ann

  3. … and suits my other busted up junk just fine!

    Ha-ha-ha… that gave me a good chuckle, Donna!

    The coffee table …uh, wheelbarrow / magazine holder…whatever it’s so versatile you can’t really give it a proper name!

    love it. Pat

  4. Well, I gotta say this may be the first one that isn’t doing it for me. BUT don’t put too much into what I say. I once saved a really old two seater outhouse seat that I thought would make a very cool coffee table. DH talked me into throwing it out. Dang.

  5. Ridiculously cool! That certainly is gutsy! I’d park it in the kitchen late in the evening and train my kiddo to make the morning coffee, put a cup or two on the table and wheel it to me as I relax on the couch!

    I linked up a jewelry project that is a little out there but I like it! Thanks for challenging me!

  6. Well how cute! Great, now the price of wheelbarrows are going to go up. ….everyone is going to want to make coffee tables out of them! Seriously, you are so creative. I want to thank you for encouraging me to challenge myself. I think I’ve created a pretty nifty bathroom , because of your encouragement !

  7. Nope, I didn’t see that one coming! IF I were to try to duplicate this, my boards would all have to be straight with rounded corners, not for a toddler, but for MYSELF! LOL I am a total klutz. I wish I had time to work on this, but I have 2 kids birthdays in the same week with a sleepover of 8 yr old girls… I’d rather be crafting! LOL!

  8. Wow!!! What an amazing coffee table!!

    Thank you also for hosting this event; I’ve added my upholstered headboard with nailhead trim. While this may seem a little bit ho hum, this was a HUGE endeavour for me (I would have NEVER tried a project like this in the past). And my gutsiest move yet – well, to actually link up to it on my new blog! I hope you like it πŸ™‚

    Take care,

    I am rolling, I have laughed so hard my tummy hurts. Girl you have imagination. That is too
    cool. When I saw you sprayed it I knew it was
    going in the house, but I didn’t know how the heck you were going to use it. All I can say is
    girl you are good, hands down. Your right you do need two drills, one always goes dead just about the time you are almost through.
    < <<<<<<< AWESOME JOB !!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>
    I use daddy’s large old wooden toolbox for my magazines and old ice tongs for a paper towel rack, a hay hook hangs in my dining room holds a silver creamer, and an old display rack hangs on the side of my frig. holds my collection of vintage chocolate covered cherry boxes, but I think you got me beat. Thanks so much I really enjoyed this post and if no one heard me laughing in my neighborhood I will get to live here another 44yr. (They know I am by myself)

  10. LOL! When I told Jim (hubby) about your wb coffee table this morning over coffee, he didn’t believe me. Had to hand my iPhone over for proof. I laughed at his doubt, I said; “you should know better than to think she wouldn’t or couldn’t do something” Shame on him!

    It’s a winner in my book…love it!

  11. Excellent! Great elements & style. The challenge was definately motivating-my gutsy project used some great parts off of a combine and turned it into a great piece of art/photo holder. I don’t have a blog but you can check out pix on my FB page-The Shabby Tabby. Keep up the great work!

  12. I actually gasped!! This is too cool, and i LOVE it! I would have never dreamed this up in one million years.

    So glad I am not the only girl in the world that has one cordless drill. I get frustrated with myself every time I do a new project where I need both drill and screwdriver. And I don’t even want to tell you how often I go to Home Depot. For some reason, never registers on my brain when I am there.

  13. I hope a Makita rep sees your blog and rewards you with a second drill. Preferably pink.

    I’m making Roman shades out of our old lace curtains and sheets from Goodwill. No camera in this house, or I’d link up with my project. Dang.

  14. HA! just reading this now AFTER i did something gutsy (not linkable yet) AND posted about YOU and “originality” in the blog world today.

    this post is GUTSY and you have inspired and motivated–well, based on your stats–quite a few peeps via your platform here. and with gutsy creations like the wheelbarrow coffee table. personally, i love it, esp that magazine hide-away area.

    keep ’em comin’!


  15. Hey Donna ~ new at this linking up thing ~ do you have a button for this? Can you tell I’m a little green? Wishing you well in all your endeavors ~ I understand your quandry ~ been there for years.

    πŸ™‚ Dana