31 Days Blog to Biz / day 13 – ads that pay

Hello once again to another wordy nerdy kinda post. 🙂 I’m getting antsy for some junk soon, how about you? Definitely! Coming soon!

But I do think you’ll find this post all about ad networks worth a read. You may be making money as early as tomorrow if you do!

What’s an ad network?

An ad network advertises for multiple companies. The widget sits on your blog allowing ads to rotate. Sometimes they feed off what your content is about, other times it’s about whatever campaign is currently active.

How do they pay?

Ad networks pay by clicks and by page loads and what the current ad campaign is worth. The rates fall all over the map. You can make anywhere to $0.01 a month all the way to a fulltime wage or more, depending on your traffic and chosen network.

Just be very careful to not be a part of illegal clicks. Only click on someone else’s ad (NOT your own) if an ad  interests you. The ad host can be banned from a program if they are found to have illegal clicks to their ads from one IP address. Your clicks on other’s blogs are helpful, but only if they’re  honest.

Do I like using ad networks?

Oh yes yes yes!!! For the most part, networks sit on our sidebars and let you do the talkin’. You continue to blog just like you normally would and all is well with the world.

How does one sign up?

Click on any of the links below and they’ll take you. However, be warned, some request for traffic reports. Have you installed a counter on your blog yet? Well, you should. 🙂

You may find what you need in blogger stats, however I suggest to also look into loading sitemeter, google anaylitics andstatcounter. I have all of them installed. They grab different information different ways and all  have value.

What networks do I have?

BlogHer is a network that promotes and supports women bloggers.  Not only are you paid by page views and clicks, compensated opportunities can come your way as well. They are a GREAT group to work with as their online support is second to none.

BlogHer does have some restrictions you’ll want to be aware of so you don’t break the rules, however for the most part they haven’t held me back. If you require a heart to heart in any regard, they go out of their way to listen and work with you. Awesome bunch!

For paid reviews and other paid opportunities, you’ll need to fire up a BlogHer free space, hence my Sponsor Store you see under my header.

BlogHer stipulates being the only one above the fold. (within a certain number of pixels from the top)  It’s worth it. They do a great job for me. 🙂

Rivit Media is way fun to work with. Stacy’s my main girl and she’s sharp, funny and is an excellent communicator. Unfortunately I can’t take a screen shot of a RIVIT ad right now because it shows empty on my screen. That’s because the current ad isn’t being run in my region. That explains why you sometimes see big blank spots on blogs.

If your ad is placed above the fold, you’ll generally land higher rated ads. But even under the fold, I’m very happy with Rivit’s addition!

Lijit is another campaign that was very easy to install. I haven’t required to notify or talk to anyone. You simply sign up, load up the html they offer you based on your info and you’re in instant business!


Clever Girls Collective is run differently. You join up, sign a contract and wait for the right opportunity that suits YOU via email.

Some are compensated, some offer you free things (like the Smurf Dance game we reviewed) and you have the option to take them all on or none. The newsletters are so witty and make me laugh.. great sense of humour those Clevers have. 🙂

There are many more ad networks out there that I’m not affiliated with. When you’re blog browsing, attempt to click on the header of the ad space to find out who it is and how you can join.

And by all means, join them all! There’s nothing saying you can only have one. 🙂

These ad networks combined with the traffic FJI now receives helped to purchase my camera equipment and hopefully one day, will fly me to a blog convention. I’m incredibly grateful for their presence and never take for granted that I can go along my merry way and they’re there helping me every moment.

Wish for a little more nitty gritty on this subject? Mandi from Vintage Revivals created a killer post on this subject I invite you to bite into. She explains the rates and stuff better than I ever could. And she also goes into another network Social Spark which I’ve joined but don’t know what to do yet. 🙂

And you’ll LOVE her blog!! She rocks out some pretty decadent projects that blow my rusty gears to smitherines. 🙂

Go set yourself up with these ad networks and start earning today!

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24 thoughts on “31 Days Blog to Biz / day 13 – ads that pay

  1. Hi Donna, Thanks again, I remember writing to you about this topic and you were so generous to respond in detailed fashion. I didn’t realize I could click on my own ads if I found them interesting…many times I see my own ads that I want to explore but thought it was not allowed!

  2. I’ve always wondered about how these ads work and have considered adding some to my blog but I just didn’t have enough information about it all. Thanks so much for this and I’ll certainly check out the other blog as well.

  3. Now this is what I needed to read! I doubt that I will ever have the “cult following” that you and some other amazing bloggers have, but a few bucks here and there is a few bucks! Thanks for the enlightenment, and now to go check out this stuff!!

  4. Thanks for giving us all of your tips and tricks- it is so great! I am wondering if you know anything about word press blogs. You cannot have ads running on them, but I wonder if you can do the posts like you talk about for social spark…

  5. Thanks for the info. It’s helpful and something to hold on to. I’m still trying to decide whether to add these to my blog or not. I’m still relatively young (only started blogging in March), so my only question is what kind of traffic per day should you hit before you think about adding ad campaigns? I currently average between 2-3000 page views per day.

  6. Thanks for all the great info Donna. I also wanted to stop by and see the amazing new design! Hope you are loving your move. I just did it too and I’m trying to adjust to the learning curve. I don’t like curves. lol – Luck to us both 🙂

  7. Thanks for the info, Donna. I’m always interested in learning how to best monetize my blog so that it’s not just a labor of love. 🙂
    I already have Adsense & Ligit, so I just signed up for Rivit after reading this (gotta wait 48 hours for them to check me out though). So thanks for the tips!
    Ligit has been wonderful. The only thing is I wish they had a better fill rate. On my blog, it’s usually 50-60%. One thing you can do though so that you don’t have a big empty space when there’s no ad, is have them place a back-up ad of your choosing. For me, I created my own ad graphic that links to my little Etsy shop. That way I never have a blank space. And if you don’t have an Etsy shop, you can always make a graphic for, say, your most popular post or something like that.

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