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230 thoughts on “No longer available

  1. Let’s see. I’ve ‘liked’ them on FB, and followed them in Google Reader.

    My favorite treat? I think it’s the cool weather and the possibility of snow! Down here in Texas, cold weather is a joy and rarity. Ooh, I have an edible treat. Hot Chocolate, preferably with a little mint thrown in! It’s only cold enough to comfortably drink it around Christmas time!

  2. My favorite Christmas treat is loading everyone up in the back of our truck, taking hot chocolate and going to one of those neighborhoods that truly deck the halls and have Christmas music blasting! Can’t wait !

  3. My favorite treat at Christmas is my mom’s spiced raisin cookies! They’re amazing!! I found you through Cindi over at Rustique Art. I love your ideas and your taste is right up my alley. I look forward to more. πŸ™‚

  4. My Favorite treat around Christmas is sugar cookies…made as a child with my mom and done the same with my own children. Though they are older now we still enjoy them! After baking and having a few we load up Christmas eve to view the lights in the Windcrest Community here in San Antonio! Lights, Music, and Joy!
    I would Love a subscription to this magazine!! I liked folk on FB and am now following your blog! Thanks for the invite and give away!

  5. I like everything except the shopping!! I love the kids being home, pulling all of the old ornaments out… I love my grandmas snowball cookies, my moms divinity and toffee. Making chex mix, fudge, staying home in my pajamas all day πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the Folk giveaway, that would be a great Christmas treat! I Like their fb page, and I’m going to check to make sure I’m following their blog.

  6. Awesome! Sooooo wanting this magazine! My favorite Christmas treat is English toffee…I seriously could founder on it! Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for this win!

  7. My favorite Christmas treat is a family cookie recipe that we make every year, and have as long as I can remember. I remember my grandmother teaching me how to braid the dough when I was very small. Good memories πŸ™‚

  8. I already liked FOLK on fb….been a fan since I first heard about them from you! Thought of another favorite too….Tuaca and hot Apple cider, topped with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick. Yummy!

  9. WHY do I keep getting the message from Blogger saying ‘Your current account does not have access to this page’???? That is such a pain!

    Anyway, since Christmas is the only time of year I’m allowed to eat fudge then fudge it is!
    Maggie (aka Anonymous according to Blogger)

  10. The magazine cover is wonderful, love all the textures! I liked Folk on Facebook.
    My favourite Christmas treat is shortbread cookies….but I love them all, really!

  11. OMG it would be(((FUDGE))) with lots of pecans in it.
    I would love to win a subscription to Folk, I finally received my premier issue and I loved
    it. The pages are nice and thick, the pictures
    are wonderful and that article called “Junk Fix”
    is just about the best ever.

  12. My fav Christmas treat is my Grandma’s Frosted Sugar Cookies. I really miss them as I am too lazy to make them myself ! They are a lot of work.
    Also I liked FOLK on FB .

  13. For years I’ve had the most delicious tin of tea called Winter Fruit Blend by Republic of Tea. It was a loose leaf tea full of rose hips and apple bits. I would only drink it from after (American) Thanksgiving until New Years. It was definitely my favorite treat. I also drank the last of it last year. *sob*

  14. Please enter me in your generous giveaway. I follow Folk’s blog and their FB page. My favorite Christmas treat is having our family all together but edible treat would be Russian tea cakes or Red Velvet balls.
    thanks a bunch ~

  15. Oh, Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite Christmas Treat is an extra hot egg nog latte. Sippin’ it looking out my window watching the ferry on the water come and go.

  16. Thank you so much for this offer! Each year I get so anxious for the Chirstmas season because the bakery I work at has their homemade chocolate peacan pie that is to die for! It’s amazing!
    (I’ve done all 3 of the tasks above)

  17. My favorite treat is when all the kids come home, our middle makes home made sticky buns, when they are finished we all pile on our bed and open our stockings.

  18. My favorite treat for the Holidays is a Norwegian cookie called a Krum Kakke. For years I made them with my mother and sister and now my husband and I make them together. It brings back such sweet memories to me…

  19. Great cover – I can only imagine how excited you are for it to arrive.

    My favorite Christmas treat is chocolate nut clusters. My Dad would bring out a huge box filld with bags of chocolates, nuts and candy from the local store. I miss the good old bulk candies that we got. I can’t eat a chocolate covered nut without thinking of that big box of candies.

  20. Hey, Donna –

    Love the cover and love your garland!!

    My favorite Christmas treat is hot mulled cider and shortbread cookies!

    I’d LOVE to win!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  21. My favorite Christmas treat is cobbler. We have an old family recipe for peach cobbler so I make one to take to family dinner. I’ve tweaked the recipe to make individual cobblers in a jar to give away to friends. It’s so much fun! This new issue looks wonderful!

  22. Christmas treat would have to be Rice Krispie treat made into Christmas trees. It’s been a tradition since I was a kid and nnow my Grandkids look forward to them

  23. Favorite Christmas treat? Hmm…hot chocolate w/peppermint, peppermint mochas, egg nog, my dad’s peanut brittle…how ’bout snow? I go nuts over snow and think it’s a real “treat,”especially if it comes on Christmas!!!

  24. This is a hard question! I love Tom and Jerry’s, which is like eggnog with not so much texture, so we always have those at Christmas. And I love those easy peesy cornflake/marshmallow wreath cookies with the red hots as holly berries. I think I love them because we were a very granola household growing up and we only ever had those at the 4-H Christmas party when someone else brought them! Standards have relaxed a little since then – not long till I can make them again!

  25. My favorite Christmas treat is the tiny pure maple sugar candy my mom buys for me every year. I tasted it for the first time when I went to college for a year in New Hampshire, but it’s not common “back home” in Utah. So my mom makes a point of seeking some out for me each Christmas.

    By the way, that’s now a 15 YEAR tradition! I have the best mom ever!

    steph6467 (at) q . com

  26. I also shared on FB… I tell “everyone” how great your magazine is and showed the last issue to a nearby primitive store owner. I told another lady in PA today about it and she had never heard of it!!!

  27. Oh, my favorite Christmas treat? Well, not sure if it’s a treat, but every year, I would beg my grandmother to make Candy Cane cookies. Now that she has passes away, I have yet to perfect this simple treat, but it still remains a wonderful memory. And this just might be the inspiration I need to start making these each year again!


  28. My favorite Christmas treat? I think it has to be the Christmas Eve service at our church. There is something so profoundly filling about centering our thoughts on the true reason for the season. I almost ache to stay even when it’s over.

  29. Donna – thanks for sharing yourself with us! I am an author too and totally get where you are coming from – just signed up for FOLK and there are WAY too many things I love about Christmas. So being in the Seattle area, I would say my favorite thing to wish for is snow – love it! And we hardly ever get any….

  30. My favorite Christmas treat is baking and then sending cookies to our 2 kids. Last year one box went to Nebraska and the other went to Afghanistan!

  31. Oh, this would be SUCH a treat!
    Speaking of treats…let’s see.

    We have a tradition of doing a “Greek Christmas Eve” complete with pastitsio, salad, spanikopita and bakalava.

    I’d have to say the bakalava – not so much for the heavenly dessert – which it is! – but because the whole family gets involved in making it. πŸ™‚

  32. My favorite Christmas (actually start making it at Thanksgiving) beverage is Wassail. My recipe is a blend of brewed tea, apple juice and cranberry juice spiced up with cinnamon, cloves & a little OJ concentrate. Makes the house smell wonderful and tastes oh so yummy. Thanks for the chance to win a FOLK subscription. Cindy Jones

  33. I’d love a subscription…thanks for chance to win! Favorite Christmas treats (can’t pick just one!) Family, homemade hot chocolate, the smell of cinnamon and Christmas trees!

  34. Oh, wow, I’m #201 . . . but I’ll toss my name in!!!

    Favorite Christms treat, my sister Jo’s sugar cookies, the BEST!!!!

    sassyminidolls at yahoo dot com

  35. My favorite christmas treat – anything with peppermint – peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint brownies…yummy
    Judy sjmagee1 at

  36. Favorite Christmas treat is definitely Russian Tea Cakes. I see that I’m not alone on that! Can’t wait to make them with my twin, three-year-old, boys this year.

  37. Hmmm, my favorite Christmas treat would have to be the shortbread cookies and my grandma’s recipe of jello salad – oh no, now I want them both right now!! Good luck to everyone, Folk Magazine is AMAZING!

  38. I make Jam Thumbprint cookies with apricot and seedless blackberry jam, rolled in toasted coconut every year during Christmastime. When I whip up a batch of these babies, my hubby and kiddos know it’s finally Christmas!! πŸ™‚

  39. My favorite snack at Christmas is white fish and bulkies. I am Polish and have been eating this for 49 plus years with my family as a family heritage. And now all my children join in with me

  40. LOVE your blog & have been trying to figure out how to get my hands on FOLK Magazine since I saw it on here!

    My favorite Christmas treats are haystacks! (chow mein noodles dipped in butterscotch. yum!) Although, this year I think my favorite treat will be spending my first Christmas with the husband<3

  41. My favorite Christmas treat? That’s easy–snowballs aka Mexican wedding tea cakes. Covered in powdered sugar, they are like little snowballs, yum!

    Can’t wait to see this magazine. I LIKE on Facebook too!

  42. favorite treat – the coconut bonbons my mom used to make. SO good. I try hiding them in the freezer, but don’t ya’ know, they taste just as good frozen!

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