Cheater baseboards and a special win!

Ya know, there just isn’t that much more to do in my photo studio room makeover. I just can’t seem to land the time it takes to get it done lately. But here’s where I’m at.

I desired some baseboards but didn’t really want standard schmandard. So I picked up some simple chunky 1×4’s sanded them down…

… and tried them out. Perfect! This area they’ll only be attached with one screw so I can change them out for different ones when the need arises.

I didn’t do fancy mitres, just straight cuts. I actually prefer this!

Check out that perfect fit under the heat register!


 Instead of simple white, I desired some character to the wood, but didn’t wish for the pine tone. So I mixed some water and paint and white washed them instead.

Something to look at, but not totally distracting from the subject when photographing. I like it!

Next up are the funky pipe curtain rods and gauzy sheet curtains. This one ought to be fun. 🙂

Crazy… but now I have a few other projects I’ll be firing up to cater to some compensated assignments. Will this room EVER get done?!? I should have known better than to actually PLAN something. 🙂

Have you done better? I hope you bring your progress and reveals over to this weekend’s linkup starting Friday night!

What Picture Perfect is all about is HERE.

All photo studio progress is HERE.

And my son’s room progress to date is HERE.

And in other exciting news…  

… yours truly won the poinsettia decorating challenge by The Greenhouse Diaries! (announcement HERE) I’m going to take my son (and Tamara if she’ll come!) to The Olive Garden for an awesome dinner!!! 

The decorating post that won is HERE. Thank-you judge! We are very excited and HUNGRY. 🙂

And because my posts are always so darn tooting’ short and you want MORE (heh), I’ve redone my About Me page. You can take a peek HERE.

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16 thoughts on “Cheater baseboards and a special win!

  1. wow…your room is going to be amazing!…lots of light!
    I am a procrastinator…sometimes I don’t even have a vision of what I am going to do till the 12th hour!…they say that is common with creative types…and thats what I am going with!
    Hope you sleep well!
    I am so proud of your computer savvy self! I got all tangled up trying to do a link to MMS tonight….I really need help!
    Have a great weekend….C

  2. Ohh the light in that room! It’s gonna be the best photo studio EVER! Great idea on the baseboards, love the simplicity! I’m photographing mine this morning since we’re supposed to have sunlight today lol

  3. I know what you mean about “interruptions” and I don’t have nearly the projects you have. When I was younger, I had the energy and the money but no time. Now that I’m retired, I have the time but no money and no energy! LOL! But I’m making progress because people like you inspire me. I finally finished my kitchen counters after almost 2 weeks! LOL! Of course, I do lots of other things too but still…kitchen counters? But I am making progress and so are you…there used to be a t.v. ad, I think it was Dupont Chemical, that said.. “progress….our most important product”…that’s my motto! You go girl! YO\our studio looks great! I actually did baseboards like that in a room in my old farmhouse. I liked it and you’re right…easy peasy really! Congrats on your much deserved award too! And I don’t even LIKE pointsettias but I do now after what you did with them! Beautiful decor! Thanks for being here!

  4. Donna,

    I am definitely borrowing your curtain rod idea! Its exactly what I’ve been trying to explain to my husband… now he will have a visual! Thanks!!


  5. EEEEEEEEEkkkkkkkk!!! How did I miss this post…..Oh pooh I had to go to the grand daughter’s basketball game and didn’t get in until late. That’s what kind of baseboards I grew up with except a little wider. Nothing wrong with those girl, they work. Lookin’
    Good!!! Congratulations on the win, you deserve it and it doesn’t surprise me.

  6. It is so nice to see the progress on your home and the pride you have in all your work.
    Are you going to leave the metal vent hanging on the wall? Or are you going to surprise us in another post?!!
    Congratulations on the win! I’m sure there will be more!

  7. Love your idea! My bedroom and bath are asian and i have the clawfoot tub in front of a gold and black bamboo wall. I wanted to trim that wall like a shoji screen. im PREtty creative but my ideas dont always look as good as in my imagination, so im thrilled to see your sleek baseboards! i can utilize different width wood pieces to paint gloss black and wow! ty for pinning! this particular design challnge had me up a few nights and now i can sleep. 😂

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