The horse gate headboard inspiration and reveal

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Thanks to friend Michael from Inspired By Charm,

I now have a colourful bedroom! Allow me to explain.

My confession

My shabby white on white trash bedroom is no more.

I know… so many of you are holding your breath with, “what have I done?!?” 🙂

See, I’ve been wanting to change this room out for a long time. I created the room when all the whites first came out so I could have a taste of my own. But it’s never felt like me from day one. I always knew I would change it and didn’t worry about it as the room cost me nothing to create.

It’s been a very fun room! But it was time to move on and try something new. But someone had a big hand in what was to come without even realizing it.

My inspiration

Michael’s curtain reveal

The decision of COLOUR came easy. Michael from Inspired by Charm, a decorator chef writer blogger pinner ADELEaholic is all about amazing vibrant colour.

After working with Michael for FOLK magazine for the last 6 months, I’ve become very attached to the way Michael uses colour in his rooms. So this round I put away the antique white pillows and grain sacks (for another time) and went for it!

(more on this amazing guy soon)

So my friends, we’ve got COLOUR!

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(and on the review blog HERE)


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10 thoughts on “The horse gate headboard inspiration and reveal

  1. Donna your color is just perfect. It looks great! Hey that barbwire could be a nice alarm in mornings when you hit your head, it would surely wake you. You always amaze me with your decorating. Are your dreams rustic too, but with a little color.

  2. Okay, my comment just disappeared so hopefully this isn’t a dup. I love the splash of color. So fresh & very pretty. I saw the full shebang on your review site this morning but wanted to be sure to circle back and comment. I love my whites but I’m feeling a little more colorful (and I use the term loosely) right now too. I think it’s the spring excitement…and just plain wanting to freshen things up a bit. LOVE (singing voice) your wall of hooks! xo Jami

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