Junk filled pub decorating you won’t believe! Mission Springs Brewing Company

There’s an amazing junk and antiques filled place I love to frequent for a good meal when I’m in the area. And you’ll soon see why. (picture heavy post!)

Welcome to Mission Springs Brewing Company, located in Mission, British Columbia, Canada.

(7160 Oliver Street – 604 814-2337)

This pub was one of my submissions in the Jan/Feb edition of FOLK magazine, titled Our Land. Editor Ben gave me his blessing to share this amazing place with you here as well.

Ready for a tour you’ll never forget? Come on in!

Bam! Welcome! Isn’t it cool?

This fabulous bar, museum and restaurant is owned by Brock Rodgers and Ken Brookes. The collection is from both their own stock as well as gifted to them over the years. And there’s no signs of it stopping anytime soon!

The pub was built in 1986 which later became a full blown brewery and child friendly restaurant. The 1949 Chevy 3/4 Ton that is suspended from the ceiling had to be put in before the roof went on during construction.

The pub’s own maintenance man and the owner himself hangs all the antiques, ensuring everything is thoroughly secured to the wall in the event of an earthquake or potential theft.

I’ve touched a few items myself and that’s no lie. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not coming down!

I love the telephone poll… it’s just about disappears against the more prominent rusty tractor seats. Aren’t they awesome?

Owner Ken made all the tables himself. Each one is resin poured, filled with some kind of interesting artifact. Every table is different. This one is embedded with bullets, and is amazing in person! One table is themed with antique money the patrons have attempted to remove several times.

Peeks of the amazing copper ceiling covers this section. The ceiling also changes depending where you sit.

Here it’s all about corrugated metal and wooden beams.

I love how anything goes, yet it works so well!

Is it any wonder that it’s hard to sit still while eating here?

You know the ceilings are tall if an outdoor lamp post fits!

Sigh… ๐Ÿ™‚

If you head out to Mission Springs, make sure you mention you saw them here… ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks Mission Springs! Your magazine is on the way!

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  1. This looks to be a junkers’ paradise…and it’s a brewery, too!?!?!?!? I’m driving there right now (from Charlotte, NC)!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  2. Scrolling through these pictures I realized that I ran out of space in my brain for all the times I said to myself “oh that’s cool – make a mental note of this, Jimmy.” That place is amazing. And it’s a brewery and pub too! Doesn’t get much better than that.

    So many cool ideas. I agree, the telephone poll was such a neat touch even though it was easy to overlook. I’m picturing using that as a way to string up decorative lights someplace. Maybe over a funky courtyard or something. Yes, I need to do that. Through some inexplicable good fortune I actually have a hand-full of those old glass telephone wire knobs in my attic (it’s an old, old house). I never knew what to do with them. Now I do.

    Thanks for the pics. This was great. I’m on total overload mode right now. So much to digest (and maybe too much coffee this morning). I also just got a serious hankering for a beer. Uh oh…

  3. Wow. Donna – these photos are fantastic!! What an interesting and beautiful place! Wow. I’d love to visit! If I come up to Cananda will you take me? It looks like a junk heaven for you! And are those crystal chandeliers reflected in the bathroom mirrors!?!? Ah-mazing!!

    Ever restaurant/pub in america should be like this! it makes me never want to eat at a chain again.

    Thanks for sharing all of this! and taking the time to photograph. Just beautiful!!

  4. My husband and I have always talked abut opening a restaurant and that is how i envisioned it! maybe, more girl junk included, but junked out in collections like that! I love it! There is a real cool place in Blue Mountain Beach, FL called the Red Bar that has some awesome junk everywhere. It is said that celebrities have been sited at that hole -in- the- wall, too. I haven’t spotted one, though! :O
    thanks for the awesome pics, again! You never fail to inspire!

  5. I love it! It reminds me of a restaurant we stopped at on vacation last summer. Sanford’s Grub & Pub in Casper, WY. I don’t remember so much cool rusty junk, but they did have A LOT of junk and it was fun to look around.

  6. A dim memory of a place called Joe’s Garage was similar (in the states) but not to this extent. I agree, I would not want to sit still and miss anything. I bet people come back and request seating in different areas. “Oh- I sat on this side already – put me over there!”
    I am curious about the license plate fabric on the chairs and booth backs.

  7. Oh thank God it’s NOT just me. I kept thinking of how gross the copper molds high up on my mother’s kitchen walls would get fairly frequently, and wondered how they’d keep all that stuff clean enough to please the local health department!

  8. OK, I picture YOU hyperventilating in that place…twirling around with your head swung back, laughing out loud, toppling over chairs and tables! It happened, didn’t it?


  9. Oh, goodness gracious!
    I want to have a sleepover there – just so I have time to explore!

    I completely missed the huge telephone pole – until you mentioned it. And, fill sized lamp post? The license plate seat cushions make me smile and the chandelier reflecting in the row of mirrors was a nice hint of feminine in such a masculine room.

    Love it from tip to toe.
    If we’re ever in BC, we’ll be stopping in for a brew or two.

    ~ Dana

  10. Beautiful! I am sure you were in heaven! It has been way to long since I have takent the time to leave a comment and say hello! I still read every post!

  11. That is really great! I bet I could spend a LONG time in there! Bullets in the table–how clever!

    I don’t know where to start, but it is just great!

    Uh–is that a TOILET SEAT when you enter??????? LOL

    • Wow! What a feast for the eyes! That’s one of those places that you just have to keep coming back to and hope to get seated someplace different each time so that you can see everything. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I knew this would be a great tour when I saw those rusty door handles. How on earth can you concentrate on food in this place? Love everything, especially those pipe light fixtures and the bathroom mirrors. Awesome!!

  13. Wow, I was really in the mood for some good junk! This Valentine’s stuff and Pinterest was getting too sweet for me. Donna, someday you should have a tour: this place, the huge barn of antiques the old man owns, a half day lesson at Dan’s sign making place and a night at that Springs Spa that you go to. Annie Sloan is getting $350 for one day of coffee, a demo and talk, lunch, and a breakout workshop with one of her stockists. I was starting to write down all the places people were mentioning, but wouldn’t it be nice to collect a list of junk restaurants? You could keep it on the side of your blog, or put it on Pinterest. It is hysterical that you got so much press with the toilet paper holder. I am on a perpetual quest for good toilet paper storage. Go to Aunt Peaches, she just made a cat bed out of an old cashmere sweater. Ann

  14. Donna that is one {{{{AWESOME}}}} restaurant. My favorites are the pistons on the Gentlemen’s door, the auto grill frames with the mirrors in the men’s room, and the toilet seat sign. I love all of it and sure wished I lived closer so I could go eat there. Talk about a man cave….LOL.
    Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful place.

  15. Hey Donna…we go there all the time..and love the food…but really your pictures are priceless!
    It looks fabulous! and I guess I have never been in the ladies cuz I don’t remember those chandeliers!
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Oh girl, you had me with the rustic restuarant sign outside little lone the treasures inside. I could not get enough of these pics. Loved each and every one of them. I will surely put this on my list of places to go next time we vacation in Canada.

  17. What an incredible place Donna ~ I so love going to places like this as they are so much fun plus I love supporting local businesses so it is a win win. I got my mag in the mail but have not have time to even flip through it yet ~ hopefully this week-end. Have a good one!

  18. Wow, Donna! I would almost bet good $$$ that YOU had a hand in decorating that place. I mean seriously. I so enjoy looking at the photos you take and share with us. Linda S. in NE

  19. I love that place! I’ve been there a bunch of times, but have never noticed the telephone pole if you can believe it. Your pictures are making me see it in a whole new way.
    The food is pretty good too and I highly recommend the Blonde Bombshell beer.:)

  20. I started going to the Springs waaaay back in about 1990 when I lived in that area of the Fraser Valley. Interestingly enough, so frequently that I came to take the ambience and decor for granted. It was just ‘The Springs’… Over the past 10 years, living in a different area, I stop in only a couple times annually and typically go to the pub side of the complex, which is kewl in its own respects (Where’s pics of the funky stuff on the pub side???) But, seeing The Springs in pictures gave me an entirely new perspective of it, and now CAN’T WAIT to go on a motorcycle ride out there!!!! The view of the Fraser River from the deck is beautiful, and if one’s so inclined, you can play Beach Volleyball in the backyard right off the deck~~~!

  21. Damn! I just got rid of a perfectly good toilet seat (gave it to ReStore), because it didn’t fit any of my toilets. I could have used it for a bar stool!!!