The ‘One Scary Thing’ challenge.

Recently I threw out a question on Facebook and asked the masses if they procrastinated on something they really wanted to do. You know… that dream thing.

Know what? EVERYONE said yes.

Reasons? Excuses? Allow me to help…

No time

There’s always going to be a deadline. Always a list of to-do’s. Always. So… why not spread the works out? Why not schedule / fit in / the passion thing in between the other things?
Make the time. Give it a fighting chance.

No money 

I decorated my home with no funds in my pocket and built a blog/business around it. How about you?
Start small. Borrow tools. Find used materials. Start small.

No knowledge

Ask for help. Google it. Buy a book. Look into a course.

Nuff of this! Let’s change things here and do something about it!

I hereby declare you’re invited to:

Trust me, if you want something, you can have it but you have to work for it. Nothing cool just jumps into your lap for free. Your time and courage is what this will take.

… continued …

What? You’re not sure?!

You walk from this and you’ll be in the same place tomorrow. The world needs you to share your gifts. Why not offer what you can AND love your life at the same time?

Here’s how:

1. Pick your scary thing, then do it within one week.

I don’t care if it’s cleaning up your garage in order to make something to sell. (that would be me) 

How about writing that first page of your new book/novel? (that would be me)  

Or maybe you need a passport you’ve been putting off. (uhhh… me) 

Working out? (… me) 

Ok, so you get my point, right? I just want you to start. Make it actually happen so it becomes REAL. And if you’re so inclined… keep going. 🙂

2. Blog about your plans.

More scary right? But what if your friends want to help support you? Will saying it make you do it? Your call to make.

3. Blog about your success, then come back and link it up here, Thurs June 7.

Come on back and share it with us! You just may inspire someone else you know. Those with no blog are welcome to share in comments.

Need support?

I gotcha covered. Come over to FJI Facebook and share. Daily if need be. Scared? Let us virtually hold your hand. All you have to do is show up and say something. 

Watch for the daily support posts and join in!

Ready, set… GO!

So… are you in? What’s your scary thing?


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31 thoughts on “The ‘One Scary Thing’ challenge.

  1. I’m in! Presently I am not watching my grandson so that freed up a lot of time. But here’s the problem ;-( when I have too much time I procrastinate even more because I use “having plenty of time” as an excuse to not do things. So for this weeks challenge I will make a list of things “undone” returning the shoes that don’t fit, getting the basement clean so I have workspace for the FUN to-do things. Generally GET ORGANIZED! Thanks again Donna for doing this!! Just think of all the things that will get done on the larger scale…it’s awesome!

    • I so agree… I”m way more productive when time is tight because I have to be. I can get downright lazy if there’s too much leeway. Try making a power list and sticking to it… I make a list every AM so if I get caught up (on ahem… Pinterest or ?) I can snap out of it and go back to the list. Organization is my favorite way to start something new, but don’t go overboard or you’ll just end up organizing for weeks instead of doing your ‘thing’. Ask me how I know. 🙂

  2. Great post! I love a good kick in the pants to get something done! I’ve already started my scary thing…a blog. Only because my 15 yo daughter has one and designed mine to get me going. The next scary thing is actually telling someone I’ve done it. =)

    • Sounds like you just did. 🙂 Now… start writing. Write lots. Get a library of posts up before you tell the world where your blog is. That way, when they come and visit, there’s lots of eye candy to hold them there so they’ll follow. Good going! Happy writing!

  3. I lost sleep over deciding which scary thing I am going to pick. So many choices–I think that is part of what makes it scary and why we procrastinate. Too many things to choose so it seems easier to just not choose at all. But of course, that does not lead to happiness, doing nothing. So I am picking something and doing it!! Thanks for the kick in the rear.

  4. I’ve procrastinated not because I’m scared but because I don’t make time. So thanks to your challenge, I’m going to MAKE time, refurbish that furniture sitting in the garage and then sell it at my local thrift store. I’m gonna do it and my goal is to have it in the store by next week! Thanks for the extra motivation. Hubby keeps telling me to get that furniture outta his garage, “it’s junking it up!” but that’s not real motivation, just nagging. Why would I wanna conquer my passion whilst “someone” (ahem)is a nagging? You didn’t nag, you just challenged…..thanks again!

  5. I have lots of things I need or want to do…but the biggest one is stepping it up with my business. Its too easy to let the little everyday to dos eat up your time, so that you are drifting along and never get to the big exciting stuff!

  6. I have a mile long list of “scary things”. Your post has inspired me to work on one of those things this weekend. I’m going to get my bedroom painted! I’ve had the paint for a month now and I haven’t lifted a finger to start on it. Thank you for the nudge, it was just what I needed because despite me patiently waiting, my bedroom is just not going to paint itself!

  7. I took the first step last weekend and painted the ceiling, walls, and baseboards in my master bedroom. Yea! This weekend I’ll finish the doorframes and doors. Then the bathroom the next weekend. No more procrastinating!

  8. I ran across your blog from Michael C. on “Pinterest” This IS the “Sign That I Needed!” My list could fill the entire internet! My yard is in our city wide garden tour this July. I only agreed to be on it to kick my rear in gear because I’m having a wedding @ my house for 200 in Sept. What am I thinking!!! I should be in my yard, not on Pinterest. My house looks like a wedding has blown up in it. Not to mention the spill-over into the garages. Too many ideas, not enough focus. Damn you Pinterest! I’m such a procrastinater. Plenty of time. LOL. I’m driving my daughter(bride) crazy. “Mother, the reason your butt is flat is because it’s always against the wall!” Thanks for the challenge. Now, I’m off to the garden!!

  9. This could not have come at a better time! I have spent the last few months doing some research on opening a Thrift Store in my area. I go back and forth about it and in the end it is all I can think about, which tells me it is what I need to do…something I LOVE! I am continuing on with this quest and have set small deadlines for my never ending list of things to consider…I’m a mom of 3 and I work FT so adding this to my plate makes me think I may have to add an extra glass of wine at night, but nothing would make me feel more proud of myself than seeing this through.


  10. Yesterday.
    My granddaughter was sitting on my lap at my desk. I said, ” I am going to be cleaning my office this week.” She did a quick look around and said “That would be a good idea.”

  11. OK! Your deadline of June 7th is going to be MY deadline to go on and finish two chandaliers that I have had for over a year. It will be a a relief to get them finished and in the air.

  12. I admire you and all that you have accomplished! I have a follower for over a year and love your great funky style. I am going to ponder what I want to be my “one scary thing” because I have so many things I want to do. I am a mom, grandmom, wife, pre-k teacher, a college professor, I grow flowers, can veggies, junker, crafter, but because I have so many interests, it’s hard to stay focused. I think a daily list, like you suggested, that I make each morning while I am drinking my coffee is going to be my goal. I just get overwhelmed and then I don’t do anything. I am going to try to do something everyday. Thanks for being such a good role model! Have a great weekend.

  13. I love this! For awhile now I’ve been wanting to go into business for myself (partly selling “junk” and part clothing and accessories). I have the “vision” of what I want it to be like. Down to the decor! My problem is I’m too impatient! I have three girls, and a full time job as a hospice nurse. I’m slowly but surely getting my ducks in a row. I bought my URL this week and a couple of weeks ago applied for my tax ID number. I think it’s a start! I just wish I could just open up shop tomorrow but I know it can’t happen that way. I keep telling myself “baby steps” but I just want to leap off the cliff!

  14. Hi Tracey!…I did my scary thing too…starting a blog!!! Way to go us!
    But aren’t we all afraid to tell people our dreams?!?! Definitely scary to me!!
    I have been reluctant to tell people around these parts that I’m a junker and blog about it & when I do, they just stare at me…yes, some northern OH peeps aren’t sure what junking is…
    I need to be more confident about what I do…
    & Nikki, I can relate! I have a very “safe” day job as a RAD tech, I’m sure noone would suspect my other midwest-messy hobby!

  15. Well, let me just say how incredibly proud and impressed I am with all of you that have commented! Putting those words down is like an oath… I cannot WAIT to hear of all the good you’ve accomplished come next Thursday! Go everyone!!

    Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. It helps for my own scary things too! 🙂

    My scary thing… I cracked open my long awaited sign ebook and am now designing it I’m on my way! 🙂

  16. Hi Funky D! Just wanted to say, Great inspiring Blog. Could not have come at a better time, although clarity was my issue. Been working on it and think I have got it! More to come!

  17. yea…I’ve been procrastinating…just wait until school is out….maybe I can start painting those cushions to the outside lounge chairs RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE! The project may be complete by June 7….thanks for the inspiration!

  18. My scary “thing” is using power tools. I want to learn how to use them and be comfortable with them. This is just what I needed to get me motivated. Thank you! Best wishes to everyone with your challenges.

  19. My scary thing is painting (fine art) because I am firstly afraid of the painting not coming out the way I want and wasting the materials, which we really cannot afford to waste, then I am afraid that no one will like it.
    This is especially scary right now as I was just part of a exhibit in April. At our location (there were several) there was four other artists besides myself. People came, they talked to the other artists, gave them compliments, even bought some things, except me. Absolutely no one talked to me or gave me compliments and definitely did not buy anything of mine. Except for one gentleman, who happens to be the Artistic Director of the new theatre they built here in our small city. He likes my stuff and wants me to paint more and put them on note cards to sell in that theatre and I am running out of time, slowly but surely.
    I also started a blog, long ago, to do just this. make a commitment, get support etc, but so far, besides the gallery, I have just put some nonsense up 🙁
    Sorry this response was so long, apparently I needed to vent.

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