3 – Write it down!

Junk That Matters Day 3 - Plan for success by writing it down! Make that fun too. via Funky Junk Interiors

I’m a wing it kinda girl. I’d rather beat to my own drum than plan any day! I think this must be why self employment works so well for me. I just like to go where the wind blows me at any given moment.

Get it down on paper

But when you’re planning for concrete changes, they won’t likely happen on the fly. Changes mean stepping up to the plate with intention and getting it down on paper. 

Junk That Matters Day 2 - Plan for success by writing it down! Make that fun too. via Funky Junk Interiors

So I made the job more enjoyable, grabbed the camera and called my kitty and outside we went. I grabbed a few fresh grapes off the vine for a treat and set about scribbling out some words in the sunshine.

As soon as pencil hit paper, I could quickly see why I was failing in flying colours. My priorities were all messed up.

Try it. Try writing how you do things NOW and how you should be doing things. You’ll gasp.

How I did it

I first listed how I did things today. And it was scary.

Before List:

Day job

After more thought, I listed things in the order I ought to be doing them.

After List:

Family and friends
Paying work – dream job and day job
All else

I then elaborated on each category and noted deadlines I had promised. Those would come first. But they also reminded me to not do that anymore unless completely necessary for my end goal.

Tip: If your to-do list does not involve your goal list, don’t take that stuff on anymore. What’s the point?

This is why goals are sooooo important. You know deep down inside what you desire. And you can have it! But only if you plan for it and say yes to the right things and no to the others.

Here’s proof

3 years ago I had a dream of travelling to some far off place, hosting a workshop of some sort. Or a talk to inspire others in person. I wasn’t a public speaker, nor did I have funds to travel nor quite possibly the talent to pull it all off. That was some ridiculous crazy dream, wasn’t it?

photo courtesy of Southern Hospitality at Bella Rustica

Ridiculous indeed.

Write it down!

Junk that Matters - a 31 day series that will help reset your priorites, make friends and enjoy your life more! via Funky Junk Interiors

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What’s your ultimate goal?


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  1. Write it down! Some of the best advice one can give or receive! I did that 13 years ago to explain to my realtor just what I was seeking.
    The setting, ability to see the sky, room for pets and gardens and space between me and my neighbors, BUT I still wanted
    To be able to see a neighbor or two. And so my little essay went…. On and on. And here I sit 13 years later in that
    Exact spot! It has been an amazing journey. (I now own a little tractor and know how to use it!). I am not a young person.
    I have been retired from my career job and collecting Social Security for most of those 13 years. And wouldn’t change
    A bit of it.

    Write it down! Picture the dream. Move forward. Believe that all things are possible, because they are.

  2. I SO WISH that I could have been there to hear you at Bella Rustica! I live close, but my family was on our annual beach trip (actually, we are still here at the beach!) I have written down some of my life goals. I am always adding and tweaking. But, I live so many of my days just flying by the seat of my pants. I need to follow that writing with the planning part! I know a lot of where I would like to go and what I would like to do, now I just need to focus! Thanks for the encouragement! Life to the full, Melissa

  3. The best advice one could give another at any point in one’s life. Thank you for sharing yours. I so enjoy reading your posts and am so grateful that you are doing this. Hugs.

  4. I am a big list person. I even write lists for daily tasks when I’m feeling overwhelmed – I don’t write a list every day though, only when I need to regroup. But for big things, events I’m planning, my budget, my diet & exercise plan, ect I often re-evaluate with a list. Just writing it out helps me think things through & know what I need to work on & what I need to let go of.

    Great ideas.

  5. Donna….I so know what you mean…When my priorities get lost, I wonder what is going on…Then I remember that I am not working my goals…Thanks so much for the reminder…I needed it…Blessings, Becky

  6. I love writing things down. I bought a book almost exactly 8 years ago (according to Amazon) called Write It down, Make It Happen by Harriett Ann Klauser. It explains how simply writing down your goals in life is the first step toward achieving them. Great read.

  7. OK, I have chills! I know this, but it makes a big difference when someone you truly admire says and inspires. “Arise…and do the next thing.” Just like you, I just need to believe….

  8. Thanks Donna,for sharing. Liked your list, top threes, reminds me of old saying. “I am third” God,family and friends, and then myself.

  9. Great post. Missed seeing you at Bella Rustica, but had a great time looking and even taking home a few little treasures. Wouldn’t have known about it unless I read it here. Glad you’re on your way to realizing your dreams. I started school this fall to work on my master’s degree 30 years after graduating. It’s good to go after your dreams!

  10. If you never have a goal, or a dream there’s not much you can do to achieve it. The Tightwad Gazette’s Amy always wanted financial independence , a large family, and a large house. She figured out how to get those. I always wanted a house with a sunset. Now I have a sunset about 4 miles up the mountain, but I have a view of the Alpenglow, which is the reflection of the sunset in the east. If you can’t dream it, how can you possibly do it? Ann

  11. Miss Donna, I am a new subscriber-was referred by a friend that wants to decorate his new business in your style so he sent me your way. I am very excited to see a kindred spirit, both in decorating (I LOVE your style) and especially in trying to keep her perspective (the Lord and His work FIRST.) I can sympathize with your struggles COMPLETELY. They are MINE. It is hard when you love to DO things (like decorate and make new friends) but realize you are not keeping it balanced. I appreciate this post and plan to try it. I also look forward to hearing your thoughts on your success with it. (But like you, I try to keep the computer time to a minimum and so reading blogs is low on the list-but I will make this one a priority.) Good luck with your goals. I will be with you in spirit as I attempt the same. 😉 Mary/The White Barn/Oklahoma, USA