Day 1: 31 Days of Junk That Matters

Two weeks ago I attended my local church service. And you guessed it, the topic was yet again pointing at me right between the eyes. The message? Keeping up those people connections.  Ouch. I cringed and sunk into my pew in pure guilt. Being online is a wonderful experience, however I’ve allowed my online time […]

9 – Get what you NEED

For years, and I mean YEARS, I denied myself a decent vacuum cleaner. (my sad sad tale and your recommendations are HERE) I’ve been using the same ‘ol beat up one from 20+ years ago. It has duct tape around the hose, squeals at a glass shattering pitch when it desires, and when I turn it […]

8 – Clean it, then redo it

I rarely feel creative when overwhelmed. Physical clutter can add to that fuel very quickly as well. So one of the best tricks of the trade for me to feeling inspired again is to clean up, then start over again. Cleaning up to me means removing something that isn’t there for the long haul. Your […]

6 – Cheat eating

I know! Here I am. I rose up ‘from the bed’ just long enough to share a fabulous cheat. I’m generally a fresh food kinda gal. I’ll buy fresh veggies vs in a can or frozen and generally gravitate towards ‘real food’. (the way nature dishes it out) But when you’re pressed for time or […]