4. Things we didn’t know about Snap’s Little America hotel

Things we didn't know about SNAP's Little America hotel, via FunkyJunkInteriors

Am I a complete and utter nerd for desiring to take photos of a beautiful hotel?

Well, chalk me up as one then, because it just isn’t every day you get to spend 3 nights with 500 bloggers in a stunning hotel that became our home away from home. 

Meet Little America, located in Salt Lake City, the home of the SNAP blogger’s conference. And this post is all about the things we didn’t know about Snap’s Little America hotel.

First up… Those flowers? Little did we know, that those bouquets were spilling out everywhere, and the fragrance was out of this world!

Brass hotel doors / Things we didn't know about SNAP's Little America hotel, via FunkyJunkInteriors

Greeting you at the front were these beautiful brass doors. That would be a spinning variety in the centre.

Little did I know, I’d get caught in it, with two suitcases.

Because I didn’t even NOTICE the regular doors on either side of it.

Something would have truly been wrong with this trip if I didn’t mess up somewhere. You know the analogy of the elephant in a china shop? That would be me.

Spiral stairway in hotel lobby / Things we didn't know about SNAP's Little America hotel, via FunkyJunkInteriors

Check this lobby out. I know it doesn’t mean much to you if you weren’t here, but…

Little did we know, we’d be walking up and down those stairs many times a day, as the class rooms were both up and downstairs.

But the stairs also meant so much more.

You’d see bloggers standing on the steps in mid conversation, not moving an inch. Then finally, you may even be seen sitting on the steps because each others stories had you in a trance.

Those stairs? They built real friendships.

Hotel chandelier / Things we didn't know about SNAP's Little America hotel, via FunkyJunkInteriors

Little did YOU know, I’d feel this urgency to take a picture of the magnificent chandeliers.

Hotel candle chandelier / Things we didn't know about SNAP's Little America hotel, via FunkyJunkInteriors
All glowy and wearing her best jewels, they were so full and so stunning. 

They added that elegant charm only a chandelier can offer.

Hotel common room with fireplace / Things we didn't know about SNAP's Little America hotel, via FunkyJunkInteriors

We also didn’t know at the time that this would become a common room for bloggers all weekend long. The massive and very cozy fire place was turned to the hilt the entire time.

And with a coffee bar to the right in the same room? Wifi? Tables? Cushy chairs? Lovely place to dig a little further into each other’s stories.

Cozy hotel room / Things we didn't know about SNAP's Little America hotel, via FunkyJunkInteriors

After my long and tiring journey of flight and car rental adventure (THAT story is coming soon…), this lovely room was a welcome sight.

Little did I know just how quaint and perfect it would be. We ALL talked about the rooms. They eluded a coziness you just don’t find in a brand spankin’ new hotel. 

These rooms? Whisper quiet and perfect. With the darkest black out curtains ever made.

Note: don’t close them all the way unless you wish to truly forget what time to get up!

Brass hotel elevators / Things we didn't know about SNAP's Little America hotel, via FunkyJunkInteriors

Let’s take a ride up the copper toned elevators and see what’s lurking beyond, shall we?

Roof top hotel indoor and outdoor pool / Things we didn't know about SNAP's Little America hotel, via FunkyJunkInteriors

On the last day of the conference, I found the pool by accident.

Little did I know, it was located on the top of the building. The pool was half indoor, and if you kept swimming towards the middle, it continued outdoors as well. Now that’s clever!

It was beautiful, but I didn’t take the time to use it. I used every spare minute to talk, take classes, hang with friends, then see the sights. Pool, I’ll getcha next time.

Piles of crisp white folded towels / Things we didn't know about SNAP's Little America hotel, via FunkyJunkInteriors
Oh goodness. And little did I know it was possible to fold towels this perfect. 

So why hotel pictures of all things? Well, that wasn’t planned.

But after having spent the time and falling in love with the place, I wanted to share the splendour the hotel exuded for our conference.

Atmosphere is everything. And this hotel made our visits and classes all that much more special. It truly was a magical time.

Little did we know how much fun we’d have… and that’s next up part 5. 🙂

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  1. I love taking photos of the ‘little things’ when I visit somewhere whether new or a traditional visit. I love that you shared them here!

  2. Well I’m thinking wouldn’t it be fun to stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast that was unique and designed with the Funky Junk style? This place is pretty though and it sounds like you had a nice time.

    Carole @ GardenUp green

  3. It really was a lovely place to stay! The fresh flowers were my favorite- they smelled simply divine! Such a great weekend. Hopefully I’ll get to actually meet you next year!

  4. When I was a kid, we went rock hounding in the deserts around Salt Lake City. My mom, dad three kids and the dog. We had been in the desert for almost a week and our little tent trailer was fully loaded with precious stones we had found. One afternoon, a wind storm blew through. Us girls got scared so my mother took us into the truck so we could feel safer. “Come on, this tent trailer isn’t going anywhere. It’s fully loaded with rocks” my dad yelled against the wind. Just then a huge gust came up under the tent trailer, picked it up, turned it 90 degrees and set it back down. After it landed, the door opened and my dad calmly came walking out and said, “girls, we’re going to Little America!”

      • When we arrived at Little America, we…um…well…we didn’t smell quite right. You know, desert, hot sun, diggin in the dirt for rocks for almost a week. I’ll never forget the look on the concierge’s faces when we walked in! They just quickly handed my dad the keys and shooed us off.

        Every time I think of that adventure, I laugh!

  5. Beautiful photos! It really was a stunning place. I also loved the fabric wall treatment in the hallways!

  6. Donna – thank you for the tour of the hotel. I’m so glad you and the other bloggers were treated with such beautiful accomadations, you deserved it!

  7. You have brought back lots of wonderful memories. We used to live within a couple of hours drive from Cheyenne, WY, the home of another Little America. It was always so fun to go there. It might have been an overnight stay, or to eat at one of their holiday buffets, (unbelievable), or even just a stop in their gift shop. Even twenty years ago Little America was the place to go for decadence in every aspect. It doesn’t surprise me at all to see the beauty and luxury you encountered with them in Salt Lake City. They truly do know how to do it up right! I’m so glad you got to stay with them.

  8. Now that is one classy hotel! And sharing it with hundreds of fellow bloggers? I can imagine the fun times & stories shared on the stairs and the common room. Everywhere looks so beautiful.
    Debbie 🙂

  9. Beautiful photos, Donna! I’m like Virginis, I loved the fabric walls, too! And I loved the old-time feel of the Coffee Shop…I felt like it were a place my parents would’ve visited in the 1950’s {wedge-salad and all}. My absolute favorite was the classic crooner music playing in the main hallways…so perfect! And you are not alone on the rotating door mishap! 🙂

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. The Little America – I love this place.
    (And, I swear, they have the lowest toilets on the planet, but I have 38″ legs – they’re my nemesis…)

    You know – I’ve been trying to recreate their “Cracker Bread” they serve with their salads for years. If somebody has a recipe, I’m all ears.


  11. Just found your blog and your Little America story. I love auctions and live just 4 door down from the oldest in Indianapolis. One day last year I bought a box for $40. It was filled with mementos, pictures, letters and little things.(A treasure trove to me) In there were 3 key chains from the couples travels they took after he came home from the war. Most of this stuff hadn’t been handled since the early 50’s. One of the keys chains was a really small pink change purse with a penguin on it and the words, “Little America”. I sell on Ebay and do alot of research on my offerings. Little America was started in Wyoming and named after the research station in Antarctica (thus the penguin logo), “Little America”. Wish I hadn’t sold that, I would have sent it to you. They dropped the penguin logo in the 90’s, I think. THIS IS A GREAT BLOG. Love it.