3000 Followers Event – How to vignette with JUNK (plus link up)

Welcome to Funky Junk’s
3000 Follower’s Event!

Wow! We’re there! 3000+!ย  To help celebrate the event, over the next little while you’ll see some fun interactive posts come up, with the intention to inspire, teach and encourage you. You’re here for DIY decorating, so that’s what I aim to deliver!

~ Junk Vignette Day ~

When I gutted my own home to restage my mom’s (post about that HERE), I left empty holes everywhere you looked. It was pretty depressing. So… I finally did something about it.

And I’m happy to report, I had enough extra junk to fill up the spaces just fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some junk vignette tips I have so you too can have one junkin’ happy household! Just remember now… if someone looks at your stuff weird, you have achieved greatness, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

Need height somewhere? Stack’em up!ย 

And then hug it all together with a long dangly fake lovely lush green plant. Moral of this story is, if one is not enough, take a few and try stacking them.

Allow your vignettes to tell a story that make YOU smile.

Bet you didn’t realize I had sculpture magic inside these rusty veins, eh? How sophisticated are these contraptions I ask? ๐Ÿ™‚ I scooped these precious beings from my big rust junkin’ day.

Look closely inside the (whatever these are) on the right. Inside. That tiny steel thing is a dip stick. I won the Dip Stick Award when I went camping. How? All I had to do was ask what the Dip Stick Award was all about and BAM that baby was mine! I’ll treasure it always. ๐Ÿ™‚

Groups work

Ok, this one makes me squeal just a little. Some bent up metal basket hugging all kinds of typography goodness. Yum!

I love decorating in groups. Why, I even wrote a post showing you all my groupings not long ago HERE. Groups emphasis your treasures in a unique way, so group’em up!

Anything that holds anything can hold anything.

ย If an object can hold stuff, put it to work. This pretty vintage mix master (get a load of that porcelain bowl!) provides the perfect display for a kitchen. (thanks Bec!)

ย meat grinder = pencil holder

vintage something or other = plant base

rusty gears = office helps plus drink coasters

Cheat on your finishes.

This cute little curbside found bench is also sitting at my mom’s house. In order to enhance the top, I simply added loose palette boards.

Now, I would not hesitate to screw down these boards if I wished the top to stay! Which is exactly what I have in mind for another piece I’ll be redoing soon. So.. you don’t always have to sand like crazy to reach wood. Why not attach your own top to your desired size and call it done instead? (so you can even change your mind later! cooler yet)

Pickets have feelings too.

ย By this, I’m referring to substrates all on their own. This vignette (again at my mom’s) needed some height to compensate for vaulted ceilings, so simple pickets standing on their sides fit the bill. Same deal with the loose palette boards I brought. I had NO idea where I’d use this stuff but I just made it work in the right places. You just need to play, make mistakes and do it again until it works.

As you can see, there really ARE no rules when playing around with this kinda stuff. You tweak things until they just feel and look good to you, tell a story, and show your little areas to their best advantage.

How to achieve this look

I actually have a secret to my vignettes. Wanna know what it is?ย 

Take a look at all the vignettes above. They ALL have something in common except for the first basket one. See if you can’t pick it out before you read on.







None of the objects are crafted.ย 

The items you see here are displayed in their authentic form. Sometimes the item left AS IS is actually perfect. Painting, tweaking, adding this and that can actually remove vintage rustic charm. It’s a very different take if you’re use to tweaking everything you get your hands on.

Some things are better played with. But sometimes they’re perfect as is too.

ย Here’s my little challenge to you. Try a new vignette with junk. And do NOT craft the objects. Just display them as is. Group them, put stuff in them, place them here and there. Just don’t tamper with their originality.

Now, this is meant to be a quick fast one so please don’t distraught over the linkup below. Whip up something quick and linker up if you wish! Or just do it on your own and enjoy the fact that the paint can wait another day this round. The link will be up for a week.

What do you think? Can you feel the love in all things rustic left untouched or do you tend to see all the help the objects need instead?

The Pleated Poppy Giveawayย 

is still open for entries!

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30 thoughts on “3000 Followers Event – How to vignette with JUNK (plus link up)

  1. Congrats on you achievement! That’s quite an accomplishment – Be proud! My bloggerversary is coming up soon (1 year on Oct. 22) You give me hope and a goal to shoot for!

    I’d like to link-up to your party, but I don’t know if my post qualifies – It’s a mixture of thrift, recycled wine bottles, DIY, and some store bought stuff. It’s a Hitchcock inspired Halloween Hallway. Come take a peak & let me know if I can join!

    Thanks again for your inspiration and for hosting. And CONGRATS!!!
    ๐Ÿ˜€ Lynda

  2. Chandler, I’m totally WOWed at the number. I never take it for granted.

    As for how to grow a blog, I did a post on how to build up your blog with blog growing types of posts. I believe this is how.


    I appreciate each one of you! Thank-you for tuning into this little blog for more junkin’ know how. That’s what this Follower’s Event is all about this round. Simply put, celebrating DIY decorating.


  3. Lynda, wow! Amazing display!!! You sure know your Halloween! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This link up is really about working with found rusty junk as is, not really crafty type stuff. I think your link would be perfectly suited for SNS / Home Decor. (starting Friday night and running all weekend)

    Thanks for asking!


  4. I love, love, love all of these “junk” vignettes! I’m totally “borrowing” the pickets idea and placing them on my kitchen soffits where I have an 18ft ceiling. Thanks for such creative ideas … and congrats on 3000, which is now 3026! *Becca*

  5. This is so timely because I’m slowly learning to love things I pick up ‘as is’. Like the shutters I used on my mantel. I painted a larger set, but these I’m keeping brown with their wee enamel knobs and rusty brass hinges. Or the window thingamabob I hung over my bed. Just stapled some fabric to the back.

    I notice I’m not as keen on buying ‘already junkified’ pieces at places like TJ Maxx either. It’s too fakey. The ReStore is my favorite place to find good old rusty junk for a song.

  6. “Anything that holds anything can hold anything.” That sounds a little circular to me, to me. I love your idea of challenges this week, Donna. I don’t do a lot of junkin’, but I certainly appreciate it–my neighbor has two palettes in his trash right this minute…

  7. I LOVE the basket of numbers. You put things together in such an awesome way! I am always inspired by your creativity… and I love junk, so your style makes my heart happy!

  8. I, too, love your comment… If someone looks at your stuff weird, you have achieved greatness! You really have a gift at making junk look stylish! Adore the group of numbers in the wire basket. Fun display!

  9. Look at this awesome-ness you inspired Donna! We are all so fortunate to have you in our lives (even if it is only online). I cannot tell you how much of my house I’ve redone since I found your blog in July. Even though my husband looked at me weird (and often scolded me) when I brought home “junk”, he admits now that our house has never looked so good, and it feels good to be here – it really reflects us, how we live, the things we love, and it makes me extremely happy just to walk through those rooms where as previously I just avoided them! What a blessing you have been to me and my family in such a short amount of time!

  10. PS – I would love to have a link party of what people do with all of these entertainment centers that are becoming obsolete. The only thing I can find is a kid’s kitchen, but I’m sure there has to be more!

  11. Amy: Entertainment centers = dog hideouts, kids’ playhouses, craft stashes, storage for albums, 8 tracks, cd’s, VHS movies, DVDs, etc. Toy displays, t-shirt and jean shelves in kids’ bedrooms, visual pantrys, junk display, staging area for prospective junking projects, bookshelves, a virtual linen closet, survival supply storage in the garage, Morman one year food supply storage, tool display. Flip down sewing machine table and thread supply holder., and on, and on. Ann

  12. Great minds think alike…..I just saw your pic with the pickets. I just had to link up my post from last week with my picket project. I love shoping my garage for junk as make it into something in the house to display. Im a huge fan of repurposing things. Awesome post and congrats on 3000….your already passed that now. Woohoo

  13. Junk Love- what a fun way to re-purpose and make things even more beautiful or functional. I’m loving’ it! The gears are so cool, Donna. You have great insight. Glad I found the par-tay so I could link up. ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~ Sue

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