31 mind blowing JUNK pics… inside a pub


I’m fortunate to live a short 30 minutes away from a restaurant that knows their junk. Not only do they have incredible food, the place is decked out in junk eye candy with not a square inch of boring in sight.

Welcome to Mission Springs Pub, located in Mission, BC Canada!


Gotta love those rusty custom door pulls. But ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

“Dear, could you hand me my wrench? You know… the rusty one…”

(pssst! ceiling is rusty metal clad siding)

 Distressed copper ceiling with wooden strappings. And barn lights.

The (real) truck is sitting on ceiling rafters above a row of tables.

Goodness… I’m throwing my boring old ugly modern stereo away. Now THIS I’d want to flaunt and not hide, ya know?

An overhead area upon entering the building.

The entry. Floors are textured and polished cement. There was an inlay of resin poured over real bullets in the centre. (pic didn’t turn out)

‘Fil’ler up’ with bubble gum! Clevah…

Chalkboard art on an overhead separation between isle and tables.

I think I fell down on my knees and heaved sobs of bliss at this point. Those tractor seats are stinkin’ ART.

Did you catch the telephone pole with the insulators?

Every table top was made of something with resin poured over top. This one is bullets. Some had real signs, licence plates, old money, matchsticks… you get the idea. Incredible. I’d have taken shots of each table if it wasn’t so busy at the time.

Why do some people purchase brand new lumberyard materials and build matchy matchy stuff again?!? I forgot.

Wooden cross beams inset into a concrete floor. Isn’t this fantastic?

Well, hello there beautiful! 


Time to fuel up.

Oh goodness, the nachos were to die for…

chomp chomp lkdhweoi good! jfihkser can’t stop eoiraehrh what diet sfiiro;ia hiccup!

That’s me talking with my mouth full by the way. I don’t swear. I swear!

Let’s check out the (gasp) women’s restroom…

Heavily textured walls, car grills for mirrors, and unexpected glamourous chandeliers in the women’s restroom. I like the idea of the low rider on the far right.

And this is the best I could do for the guy’s side…

“Amazing woodwork, matte black door, brass textured push, those… things on the door… “

“What about it?”

“I’m aware that wasn’t really a statement. This is a place where you can just say what you see and call it done, ok?!?”

I’m arguing to myself. Amazing. I think I’m overdue for a partner in crime…

The rusty red patina or the rusty purple patina or the rusty grey patina? Decisions…

You can’t see it here but there was a sign made out of a toilet seat lid that read, “Please wait to be seated.” 🙂

The most beautiful ‘wallpaper’ I ever did see.

The perfect day = a meal at this place…

… after a full day at Granny and Grumpa’s HERE

Who’s in?

Mission Springs Pub is located at 7160 Oliver Street, Mission, BC Canada. 

604 814-2337

Thanks to the pub for allowing me to post these pics! There was no compensation of any type. I just wanted to share.

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