5 – Friends unite



I knew when I went to Lucketts, that I’d meet a whole lotta amazing online friends.

But what I didn’t know is how quickly they’d feel like family.


Marian/Miss Mustard Seed, Donna/Funky Junk Interiors, Breida/Breida with a B,

Karen/The Graphics Fairy, Candace/The Love Tag Shoppe

 Is it really possible to fall in love so quickly with everyone you run into?


Heather/Lucketts, me

I’ve been asked if I actually travel alone. In the plane, yes. Once on the ground again, not a chance!

junkin' with Karen

Karen/The Graphics Fairy

I’m truly convinced at this point, it doesn’t matter where you go. When you blog, you have friends all over the world, ready and willing to hang and/or junk with you anytime you like!


Miriam, Allison via The Golden Sycamore, me

Aren’t these types of friendships surreal? We GET each other. Cameras, iPhones, laptops, junk needs and all.

So… when you land in the town of a blogging friend you’ve known forever, but never have had the chance to meet yet, you jump on it.

Marian / Miss Mustard Seed was neck deep into the Lucketts thing and about to run out the door. But she squeaked in a little time for an impromptu visit by Karen and I.

Miss Mustard Seed and Funky Junk Interiors meet up!

“It’s YOU!!”

“NO! It’s YOU!!”

It was completely out of this world cool to drop in on Marian. This was a reunion that was WAY overdue. She’s exactly like I imagined she would be. That friendly, smiling friend of mine.

She showed us her home and quite honestly, it felt like walking through a warm, cozy, and VERY familiar museum inside of a house. One we’ve all come to love through her blog.

I couldn’t even say anything at first. It was like, “Am I really here?”

And then the camera came out.

Miss Mustard Seed's livingroom

Our visit was short, so this is the only shot I got. But it’s totally my favourite room and was thrilled to capture it myself this round.

And then things got a little silly… I spotted her newly renovated bedroom and knew we had to grab one last chance for something traditionally silly whenever we team up…

The Graphics Fairy Miss Mustard Seed Funky Junk Interiors

The Graphics Fairy Miss Mustard Seed Funky Junk Interiors

Funky Junk was here
Sigh… can I come back?!

In all seriousness, thank-you from the bottom of my heart to Karen, Hometalk and Lucketts for helping to make this trip transpire! Otherwise I would have never been able to meet up with my friends!

(more friends to come!)

Next up… Part 6 – Lucketts!

Hometalk gets Funky Junked at Lucketts

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22 thoughts on “5 – Friends unite

  1. Awesome!! It looks like you had a ton of fun Donna. There’s nothing like having great friends who you can relate and enjoy life with 🙂

  2. Donna,
    A. I’m still jealous! B. Awesome! Three of my favorite bloggers all together. I’m so glad it was a fun trip for everyone! Thanks for sharing it through these pictures and stories….I ALMOST feel like I’m there…I’m still pouting because I didn’t get to go! 🙁 Thanks again! ~Tammy

  3. That”s soooo awesome that you were able to meet up with all these fabulous gals! You are totally right….the blog world is a very special place and we have so many friends out there all over….hopefully some day I am able to run into one of you all! Thanks for capturing you trip with pics! Have a great holiday weekend!

  4. I was there at the Luckett’s Market too and blogged about the Design House today. The vendor’s market, the house, the store and meeting and greeting is an awesome experience. I didn’t get to come back on Sunday as I would loved to have attended Home Talk and meet all of you but maybe next time. Love your photos and so happy you got to come on down. xoxo

  5. Isn’t that the greatest thing about blogging – meeting new friends. My little blog project has brought many new friends into my life – some near who I’ve met, some who I’ll probably never meet but are just as dear to me.

    Lucky you to meet up with your good blogging buddies.

  6. Love all the pictures! It was so fun spending time with you and Miriam and getting to meet so many others that I’ve only been able to interact with online! I will forever cherish my weekend in Virginia!! (And we definitely need to do more of these meet ups!)

  7. Donna, that is awesome! Looks like you all are having so much fun. It’s great being around people that “get” you. Love all your pics and thanks for sharing!!

  8. Hey Donna,Wow!Looks like ya’ll had a great time! I’m envyious! I feel this way around my sisters and my best friends, what a wonderful feeling! I am looking forward to have such blogging friends! See ya at tonight’s party!

  9. The first time I had dinner with some blogging friends, it felt like we had known each other forever. How wonderful for all of you to have a little bit of time goof off together.

  10. This looks like so much fun! I love that pic of everyone in the bed – too funny! I wish I’d had more time to visit with you! You were the main reason that I came to the market! Hope you’ll be able to come down t his way again some time!
    Headed for your next post. I’m loving all of these installments!
    Hugs, Leena

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