A blogger’s nonsense poem

My email is caught up.

My house is clean.

The laundry is folded.

Don’t know what’s come over me.

Not entirely sure,

What to do with this time,

It’s well before midnight,

which makes this time mine.

I tried to sit

In front of the blog,

But no words came out

Leaving nothing to log.

So I wandered the house

As my boy snored in peace.

Such an enjoyable quiet,

Even if just for now at least.

This poem really isn’t rhyming,

But that’s ok with me.

I’m writing for fun

And it’s nice to cheat.

It’s not a post to pin,

Nor to even remember.

Isn’t it nice,

To just enjoy its splendour?

Getting back to my plan,

What should I do with myself?

I think I’ll hop into bed

And watch a show for a spell.

My cat will soon follow,

And nudge me aside.

She’ll want to take over

My pillow with pride.

The lazy plan sounds great!

I’m heading there now.

Isn’t it fun how some nonsense

Can trigger a wow?

I best go right now,

Before the clock strikes late.

For then my little bit of nonsense time

Will have to wait!

Wishing you sweet dreams,

And a little nonsense your way.

For everyone deserves

A ‘full of nonsense’ kinda day!

photos by Zoe Brown Photography

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19 thoughts on “A blogger’s nonsense poem

  1. It’s funny how sometimes a poem or a rhyme will tumble out of my head. My sister and I both sing on command (not in tune) about anything that is happening in life. But one day after finding my puppy that had gone missing here in The Netherlands, my joy and tears tumbled into a poem. I blogged about it and to this day it’s still one of my favorites. I’m hoping to turn it into a children’s book.. when and if I figure out how to do that. But for now I just wanted to say thank you for your poem. 🙂 Glad you and your family got some rest. Here’s my poem to share with you. Hope you enjoy~Lisa a bloggy fan from a far.


  2. What is inspiration, if not this poem, finally? Our best inspirations, come through our most empty hours! These are the hours that our mind fills of thoughts and ideas. I love these empty hours where I have nothing to write, nothing to say, nothind to do!!! Because after all, the inspiration comes!!!!!!!!! I like your poem…..!

  3. What a beautiful rhyme, so glad you had the time. I love nonsensical lyrics, they make me smile, which is what is so needed today, I need to drive many miles. Hope your cat didn’t hog your pillow, left some room for your head, and as you drifted off to dreamland, all was well in your bed.

  4. Donna I just struggled with a serious poem challenge for the Sunday whirl and I think I wrote a really good one but love your little bit of silliness so much more. Silly poems for no reason are so much more satisfying. 🙂

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