A little Paia storefront repurposing

rope and tin light at Prospect in Paia, Maui / funkyjunkinteriors.net
When we first arrived to Maui, we were wondering how on EARTH we’d fill up 6 weeks.

It’s now officially one week past, and honestly, it feels like we barely blinked and it was gone. Which tells me, we need to slow down these days somehow!

Each day, I start my day with coffee in the garden, we do something by day, hit the beach at sunset, then read / watch a movie / go out next door for a cool beverage. It’s a nice, lazy little routine to get warmed up to all things vacay. But I admit I’m anxious to take in some jungle like sights, AND find some old wood somewhere! I miss creating… so hopefully I’ll get lucky soon.

So anyway, we already got in a visit to Paia, one of our favorite places on Maui. Its laid back, hippy kinda vibe just makes for a fun visit, not to mention their infamous flatbread!

The stores are equally interesting, and a few repurposing features caught my eye. So snapping like crazy, here they are…

Disclaimer… I’m not fond of working on my laptop, nor the photo editing I’m using while away, so forgive me if the quality isn’t up to my usual par…

rope and tin light at Prospect in Paia, Maui / funkyjunkinteriors.net
When I walked past this clothing store called Prospect, I gasped… and made a dash for the light! 

Isn’t it amazing?

Corrugated metal with hanging rope wrapped wires of lights.

rope and tin light at Prospect in Paia, Maui / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Oh goodness, I loved it. They sell the single hanging lights for $85 each.

I’m so glad they were gracious enough to allow me to snap a few pictures! Such a beautifully decorated store. And yes, the clothes were equally amazing. 🙂

Pipe clothing fixtures at San Lorenzo in Paia, Maui / funkyjunkinteriors.net
And at San Lorenzo Bikinis (ohhh trust me, I personally was NOT shopping for one…) I gasped as I looked around at their features and fixtures. We exited the store, but then I had to go back in (under teenage protest I might add… haha) and ask if I could take pictures.

Pipe clothing fixtures at San Lorenzo in Paia, Maui / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Pipe fixtures were used for all the clothing in some pretty unique ways.

“Son, this is my work you know…”

(best work EVER!)


(not even close…)

Industrial cart fixture at San Lorenzo in Paia, Maui / funkyjunkinteriors.net
They had some pretty nifty old relics as tables and such as well. I’d love to wheel that green industrial table all the way home.

Reclaimed wood and pipe fitting rooms at San Lorenzo in Paia / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Ohhhh… I just loved how the fitting rooms were pieced together with old doors, reclaimed wood, framed with pipes.

And then there’s that ceiling fan… it had a really neat industrial parachute feel to it. 

I’ll take the tin ceiling too!

Distressed aqua reclaimed wood counter at San Lorenzo in Paia / funkyjunkinteriors.net
The front counter wore planked reclaimed wood, painted out in a beachy aqua tone. Amazing… truly.

Other fab stops in Paia are the Flatbread place, (delish!! nice strong coffee too) and checking out a beach or two. We got lost and went to the wrong beach spot (figures!) but there’s plenty on the way in and out of town without working hard at it. 

Seeing all this reclaimed wood at work in Heavenly ways has left me hungry to create something… so please cross your fingers I land a little bit of old wood and junk so I can play while away… I have a neat idea I’d like to try for the condo I’m staying at…

Junker fingers and toes crossed… are ya with me?!

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15 thoughts on “A little Paia storefront repurposing

  1. I bet those metal roofs sound wonderful when it rains. I love the lights but those bikini pipe hangers give me an idea for my house with it’s missing entry closet.

    • Aren’t all the fixtures so inspiring?! I’d love to try a few myself.

      We haven’t had any rain since being here, but that’s partly because of being in Kihei I’m sure. It rarely rains here compared to other parts of the island. Works for us! 🙂

  2. I just recently started reading your blog and now I find myself checking in everyday to see if you’ve written anything new lol Love your blog, enjoy Maui


  3. Love the front counter. WOW. Keep up the great work. Love all the pictures. Think about new stencils while you are there. Maybe some Maui words. Gail

    • Hi Gail! Isn’t it amazing?!

      I actually came up with the Getaway stencil collection (beach and lake sayings) plus the Maui in the Coffee stencil due to our love for this place. But neat idea… will keep others in mind!

    • Haha Erica! I don’t blame you!

      I actually got sick during our stay, so doing nothing has become our norm. And it’s the most wonderful nothing we’ve ever done! Nothing is working just fine for us. We’ll do something next week. LOL

  4. I just noticed the Maui, Thanks, As always your stencils are the best. Thanks for making new ones.. Have a more than fabulous time.

  5. I lived on Maui for years and it is really a paradise. Please remember that it is the tropics and bugs and termites love old wood. That being said I look forward to seeing what you make.

    There are so many things to do that I never got board. Of course I love the beach. One of my favorite beaches is a small spot between two hotels in Kihei I know they changed names so I don’t know anymore. One used to Be the Intercontinental. It’s called Ulua beach. The snorkeling is fantastic especially early in the morning.

    I hope you enjoy the discoveries as much as I did, which are too numerous to mention.

  6. Donna
    You must have had a junk-gasm as soon as you saw those lights . . . I know I did and I only saw a picture.

    And those clothes displays are just amazing.
    I wish we could get those pipe fittings in Australia, but we can’t 🙁
    They are just wicked.

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to put up this post while you’re on holiday.

  7. WOW…looks like Maui IS paradise…in more ways than one! Thank you for interrupting your amazing vacay to share these fantastic pix with us…OMG…these are soooooo off the hook, I dunno where to even start! Like those lights…OMG…I probably would’ve been staring up at them for the longest time with my chin hitting the floor…I would’ve been gobsmacked for hours and then probably pleaded with them to let me take the entire display home with me…hehe! This is something I’d love to try and duplicate somehow…I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for some corrugated metal! And I never thought of also using it to tile your ceiling, but this is something I’m going to give serious consideration as I hate the fibreglass ceiling tiles throughout my house.

    And OMG again…that industrial table on castors is to die for…I think I would’ve had the same reaction to that as I did to the light display! I’ve never seen anything quite like it before, but maybe that’s a big reason why I’m soooooo gaga over it? And also…THAT GREEN…I am in lurve! hehe…can you tell I am excited over your photos? Just a wee bit! 😉

    Keeping my fingers most firmly crossed you find some old wood and cool junk to play with…I have a feeling you will because Maui looks to be a junker’s paradise! I’m excited to see what you create…bet it will give these finds a run for their money! 🙂

  8. Oh Donna, how i wish I’d been with you on your fab trip. I would have had my bags ( and i use that term loosely ) chalk full of the lighting, tables, dressing rooms, front counters and fans ! lol. I wish they had stores around here with such lovelyness. My only recourse is to make something. I just moved here so i don’t have any sources yet, but trust me………it won’t be long. I love your blog and look for it first above anyone else’s. Looking forward to see what you come up with as your Maui inspiration piece. D.

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