Adorable character outbuildings!

I happen to have a framed greenhouse in my backyard that houses firewood of all things. Flappy crappy plastic snaps with every wind gust. The greenhouse could be adorable, but I needed some major inspiration.

On the weekend, I frequented a lovely little quaint place called The Back Porch. This home based business resides in Harrison Hot Springs, BC and is very unique. Not only in what you see, but what they do.

This is the main (gorgeous I might add!!) house. But outback, they specialize in roasting their own coffee beans on site. The fragrance is enough to drive you to eat the beans as is! There’s also a pottery studio, as well as antiques sold outdoors. And the property is dotted with lovely character buildings that are used for a greenhouse, chicken barn, the antiques store, and a real working outhouse.

I needed some inspiration badly for my greenhouse project, so I thought I’d share my findings with you.

What is not to love?!? Old barn wood adorns every square inch. I love the little porch that hugs this one. Even the door is loaded with olde tyme shabby charm.

Antique accessories hang from every beam imaginable. And each building of course incorporates old glorious windows!

I love how the ivy makes itself at home and wanders where it desires. Note the unique way to display the clay ornament. On an antique dolly. Cool..

I so want that light! Isn’t it neat how the outdoor tools look right at home stored on the outside of the building?

Now THIS is cool. The greenhouse is fabricated with old windows. Period. Obviously, the house was built around the windows to fit. Clever! I never tire of peeking at this building to see what’s inside.

Lovely pots and accessories adorn every imaginable wall.

In the real chicken character barn, even the eggs have a unique home once gathered.

I LOVE how there are two directions taken with the wood clapping. And again, anything old against it simply looks like it belongs.

The property had lots of other accessories, and one of them is benches, which I will highlight in their own post soon!

I’ve already started collecting wood for my character building, but unfortunately, I didn’t end up with as much as I thought I had. So the collecting will continue. I’m just so very fortunate to have found the most amazing inspiration for all the things I love.

Do you have a tool shed, potting shed, playhouse, or greenhouse out back that could use some old charm TLC? Consider using these character buildings as a wonderful reference to create something special right in your own backyard!

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11 thoughts on “Adorable character outbuildings!

  1. A while back I had a garden magazine that did an article on them. Called them “follies” because they were just built with whatever pieces you found to use on them. Talk about a “green” building! Even one side might not match the other. I love not matchey. If you like the wood in 2 directions do you have enough to do that and maybe put something else on the top? Paint the top and let it age and leave the bottom.

  2. Oh, I love this! I have an old shed out back {missing a door and needs a new floor!} but I’ve always said that it could just be so sweet all fixed up and I’ve considered collecting materials for it. I do love that glass house made from old windows – just a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I love this place thanks for givin the tour.I am in the process of making plans for my garden so I will be blog stalking your gardening post and making notes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. we have just finished two sides of our garden shed and rehung the door. I have been gathering reclaimed wood from our local habitat store over the winter and spring months, the old window we installed i have had for over a year but didnt know what to do with it, found some old shutters and they surround the window…cant wait to finish it, so fun!! the side we are working on now will have the potting bench….an old farmhouse door i got at the habitat store….man i love that place!!! Still have to find either an old table, or build the top and legs for the bench… hubby and i are having fun….nice to do things together!!

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