An epic 6 weeks

Iao Needle in Maui / An epic 6 weeks /
Have you ever wished you could be somewhere super cool for nearly the entire summer?

Me too. It’s actually been on my bucket list for a variety of reasons.

So this summer, through a series of amazing miracles, we are here once again.

Welcome back to Maui… but this time, for 6 weeks!

Oh my gosh… you did read that right.

Allow me to explain…

Papakea Resort Maui sunset /
There is no other time to travel with my boy except when school is out. He’s now in grade 11… oh my goodness… he’ll be entering the full time work force in the blink of an eye.

Not wasting a moment, I attempted to look for somewhere cool to go for summer again like last year’s Maui trip. I even searched beyond North America this time.

But my goodness… so expensive! And, in all honesty, I got overwhelmed. There’s so much to see and do in this big, ol’ world. And soooo many hours of flight time. Gah… why is everything so far away from the west coast?

So I reverted back to safe zone, 5 hours away Maui.

But I couldn’t seem to find a place to stay that worked for us this round. Last year’s trip to Napili (you can read about that awesome stay HERE) was AMAZING… but it proved to be a little too quiet for an active teen. 

Then this magical PING arrived in my Facebook. A friend heard about my plea, and offered her place to us in the active, funky town of Kihei. 

So, I did the math. This new place wa so much more affordable than many others are. So calculating… I figured out I could stay for 6 weeks for the price of my regular 2. 


But… that’s just crazy talk! I argued with myself for a week. So my boy and I discussed things.

For some strange reason, the number 6 stuck in my head. It wouldn’t let go. 

“6 weeks is ridiculous…” I muttered to myself. 

“Too long!” said my boy.

Papakea Resort at the beach in Maui / funky
But the 6 wouldn’t leave. It nagged me and prodded me and I started to see 6’s everywhere I looked or imagined.

Then one day, my boy said, “Did you book Maui yet?”

“No, why?”

“Mom! 6 weeks! Do it!”

Seriously… that’s just crazy. But I looked up dates online anyway. And they were still available.

Then the big soul search emerged.

I’ve worked 20 plus years at a job that wouldn’t allow me to play like this. Every one of those years, I positively FOUGHT to get away for 2 weeks. It was always an impossible juggle.

But now, with the dayjob a done deal… the only thing that was stopping me…

… was me.

I simply didn’t have a good enough reason to say no. 

So, I booked it. Oh my gosh…

So!!!! What’s in store for 6 weeks here on the blog, you ask? Oh my goodness… so much! So much great stuff….

This summer, it can finally be about all the things I wanted the last round to be.

Paia shopping in Maui /
I’m going junkin’ where the locals go.

I’m taking you to flea markets, garage sales, and cool places to check out where the locals frequent.

Locals, have any advice?

I’m going to show you Maui captured in unique ways

Papakea Resort Maui
I’ve always wanted to just take a drive and shoot uncommon glances, like this one above. I LOVE this kind of thing and cannot wait to hop into that little rental putt putt, and take off for some long, winding, off the beaten track tropical gravel road and capture the awesome.

Maui leaf fish /
And I’m going to attempt to DIY, Maui style.

Whatever I find, I’m going to make stuff. Because I can’t just sit on a chair for 6 weeks… I need to do cool things! I wanna play with some Maui junk this time!

Napili Point in Maui - computer on a glass table /
I promised some of these things last trip. But it didn’t happen, because when you are squeezing in everything in a 2 week period, there simply isn’t time. I remember visiting the Iao Needle, whizzing by a Heavenly thrift store. Drove me crazy…

This year, we will take the time and stop at those things that make my DIY lovin’ heart sing.

May I also confess… this one scares me a little. It’s a long time to be away from home. And you can bet my heart hurts to leave my fur babies at home. But I have a great house sitter that plans to keep them busy and well loved. AND… this is why I got two.

Paia in Maui - sugarcane along the highway /
My hope for this trip is that we discover new and wonderful things to do, unique ways to bond further, and very simply put, have the time of our lives. I love how my son remembers details of our trips, and I desire this one to simply be EPIC for him. For us. For you!

So let’s find out. I hope you’ll join me for this pretty crazy and daring twist of a summer… and play / shop / DIY like a Maui local.

… just as soon as we catch up on some sleep. See ya soon with some cool adventures ahead!

p.s. I also have a couple scheduled posts for next week of things I did at home, so you’ll get some typical DIY as well.

Ohh my goodness. I still can’t believe we actually DID this.

Maui sunset 2015

But we did. And here’s how we wrapped up our first evening.

So! Hope you’re into a little bit of a different spin over the next little while. I promise to show you more than just beaches. 🙂 

What’s the longest you’ve been away from home? Where did you go?

You can visit our last year’s Maui adventures HERE.

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45 thoughts on “An epic 6 weeks

  1. If you’d like to get off Maui and go island-hopping, I’d love to take you to my fave junk-shopping places on the Big Island! Aloha!

  2. WoW! and might I add Good For You 🙂 Life only puts these great opportunities in our path every so often, so happy that you took the plunge! Can’t wait to read your posts from Maui this summer. Oh and Happy Canada Day, eh!

  3. Wow, am I just a little envious, loved the photos and look forward to some more of your junkin, Maui style.

  4. In a time when teens want to get away from parents, how great is it that your 11th grader wants to spend this time with you. As a mom of very grown children, trust me on this–these will be memories that you will both cherish for the rest of your lives! And what a great opportunity for a woman who has paid her dues!! Have a great time and I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

  5. So happy for you Donna! I went to Galveston for almost 2 months one winter, I live in NE Kansas. But I drove and took my 2 cats with me.

  6. You dirty dog! So happy for y’all! And I can’t wait for a “Junker’s Guide to Paradise”.

  7. Hi Donna, We have been to Maui twice. LOVE THE ISLAND! The beaches are second to none! Looking forward to seeing the “goodies” you find on your 6 week holiday. Enjoy the time with your son.

  8. Wow Donna! That’s wonderful! What a great thing to do with your son. If you didn’t do it last year, make time to visit Haleakala at sunrise. And make a trip through the countryside to Makawao. It’s a neat little town. Have a fabulous time! Can’t wait to read about it all!

  9. Hey Donna, I started reading your blog daily last year during your trip. Which is not typical for me, because I’m generally only read DIY type stuff. I enjoyed taking the trip with you ;). So, thanks, I can’t wait to see your junk finds!
    Have a blast with son!

  10. You will love Kihei. My cousin has lived there for 20 years and is our favorite place to go visit. I look forward to seeing it through your junkin’ eyes. You just enjoy! You are one smart mom to grab this time with your boy, you will never ever regret it.

  11. This is the best plan ever! You two are going to have such a fun time creating so many new memories together. I lived on Oahu for about 1 1/2 years and always felt like I was away from home. Lots of new places to explore and new junk to find! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. Seize every moment!

  12. This trip will mean the world to your son in many years to come. When I was 16 me and my mom and my sister took off cross country and spent the summer in California. My mom has been gone now for many years, but the memories of that trip are so precious to me, I think about it often and I can almost hear the laughter and picture my moms face.
    Your son will have a wonderful vacation, I mean let’s face it how many kids get to spend 6 weeks in paradise, and the two of you will do so many fun things together, and we will get to see a different kind of junking and your beautiful pictures, oh those beautiful pictures, can’t wait to see what you make with all the good junk you buy.

  13. congratulations on your trip!! 6 weeks….wowee!!! WooHoo
    I wanted to let you know about another way to stay in different cities. I used airbnb when I went to NYC and was able to stay in a nice place very affordably. It is offered all over the world and gives you many different ways to search for a place to stay, price being only one option.
    Enjoy your 6 weeks in Maui with your son!!

  14. You are right…you ARE crazy…but the good kind of crazy…the kind of crazy that I want to be…the kind of crazy that we all should strive to be! Good on you and your son for jumping at this opportunity to spend some much-needed and well-deserved downtime together in paradise…as many other commenters have said, this trip is something neither one of you will ever forget…you are going to create memories that will keep your hearts buoyant your entire lifetimes through! I am proud of you both for taking this leap! Of course, we can’t wait to hear all about it, but your first priority is to have fun and savour every moment you and your son have together…work can wait…enjoy your six weeks of heaven! 🙂

  15. You seem to be a Super Fun Mom Donna! I always had fun and played with my kids,alot when they were growing up.However,Unlike you, I was always scared to do the stuff they always wanted to do.(like swim into an underground cave)and the dozens of other Very Cool things you do with your son. I sure enjoy your blog.Have a fabulous time at Hawaii! -Judy A-

  16. Six wonderful weeks and a lifetime of memories. Be sure to check out the market on Saturdays at the Community College for good prices on produce and flowers. It will be hot so be prepared, hat and water. And you might want to buy a good cooler so you can buy other types of food at the market that can’t sit in a hot car. Costco will also be your friend for six weeks. And bring your own shopping bags for Walmart or be prepared to purchase bags. Looking forward to your adventures.

  17. We went to Japan. Really wonderful. It was an eye opener. Our children should really have to see other parts of the world. They would be far better humans. We loved it and so did my son. Great food and people. I would send pictures if I could. Have a great vacation. Thanks for the new stencils also.

  18. Donna, This is awesome! Some of my best trips were ones that PUSHED me into taking chances and challenges. Please post more often while you are gone, if you can. Remember, I said we will read Anything? Well, it is true. Many of us just love how you share your thoughts and ventures, not just about junk, but Life. So show us the beaches, as many as you visit, show us the animals, the birds, the vegetation, the people, the roadside shops and views, and those things the are just life on the islands….things the glossy ads don’t think we would want to know about. And then tell us how you and the boy really feel about them.

    I remember taking a road trip with my mom, aunt, and her children to the East Coast where she was from (aunt) and it was a pivotal point in my 12 year old life. I saw things, people, places, history, went deep sea fishing (and got seasick) saw my first mountains (in New York), met people of different cultures and accents, and still carry those memories. It planted seeds for the further travel and adventures I have had in later life and would love to do more. What a great gift to you and your son. Promise us we will get pictorial updates on the fur-babies, though. Many of us have grown fond of them, too. 🙂
    Blessings and happiness on your new adventure.

  19. You will NEVER be able to go back to his age again. Make memories now and you won’t be sorry later. I wish I lived closer because I would take your fur babies (and I might not give them back – only kidding). We have a house sitter when we go away and it works out much better. Have a wonderful 6 weeks, make lots of memories and take lots of pictures.

  20. My longest trip was 4 weeks and I toured England and Scotland with 2 of my sisters. Although I enjoyed the trip, it felt long. I really do enjoy the comforts of my own home. This summer, I’m heading to Europe for a short visit in Amsterdam, a week long Rhine cruise in Germany, and a hop over to Paris for a few days before heading back to Toronto. Those 2 weeks will be long enough for me. For the rest of the summer, I’m going to make a few short jaunts south of the border to check out some Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. That’s about it ’cause I need to have the house re-roofed, too. Ka-ching!! Ka-ching!! My bank account is already starting to scream! Lol! Enjoy your junking!

  21. Enjoy yourself! My 22 year old still likes to take trips with the family and I love him being with me. When I retire, I want to do this same thing:)

  22. Donna,
    Our last trip to Maui we planned on three weeks. I think you are staying on the otherside the island or very far west. The needle and gardens where amazing even in a horrible down pour. We went off the beaten path last time into the mountains where there are beautiful gift shops in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy the treasures you find. I have a feeling this trip the treasure will be your son on this journey.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

  23. Yay!! So excited for you both! We’ve been to Maui once, and always said if we ever get to go back, we’ll stay longer – so… good for you. You’re a wise momma. Enjoy!

  24. Way to go Donna! Cheers to you for taking that scary step — into what is bound to be an EPIC adventure! Looking forward to sharing your 6 weeks in paradise!

  25. SO HAPPY for you two!…but I am also so Jealous (in the nicest of ways…LOL) ENJOY!

  26. I LOVE this post for so many reasons and I am green with envy. I was blessed to visit Hawaii 4 times. Each time was to watch my sons high school baseball team play in a tournament. I love it there so much. I am still dreaming about living there. And to go junking in Hawaii would be a dream come true. Not enough time on our trips for such but had a wonderful time anyway. Congrats and enjoy. I look forward to your posts. I can live through you!

  27. Donna,

    How absolutely wonderful for you. Enjoy every moment!! I am envious because Hawaii is one of my favorite places. I spent 3 weeks on Oahu last year and wished it could have been longer. Do everything you want to do – and relax too – no reason to rush with six weeks lol

  28. Okay I have to be honest, I’m a little green with envy over here in the Canadian prairies. Wowee, what a fabulous way to spend a summer – good for you guys! I’m looking forward to following your adventures Donna. Enjoy!

  29. I have a favorite saying for when everything seems to just fall into place: There are no coincidences in this life…everything happens for a reason!You will be creating memories and deepening your relationship with your son. Can’t get more DIY than that! Embrace and enjoy this wonderful opportunity and know that God can dream a bigger dream than you can dream for yourself!

  30. The furthest I’ve been is Greece, going from Greenville, NC. The longest I’ve been away is probably a little bit longer than a week. We have fur babies, and no one to watch them these days. Our cat sitter/house cleaner got a full-time trucking job. We are proud of her, but sad for us. Time to look for someone else! Have fun!

  31. All the best in your adventures ..I am glad you took the plunge .it will be so exciting to do whatever you feel ..My son got married in Jamaica in April was fantastic..HOT HOT but beautiful and relaxing.I been to Cuba a few times..Dominican Republic and Disney world,,.a lady I babysitted for has been to Maui years back off and on I am not sure if she has been there recently.My sisters boyfriend worked in Hawaii years ago placing metal roofs on houses..he was in some part for like 3 months…I enjoy painting…singing ..antiques ..collectables and pieces of this and that…junk is cool when refurbished and brought back to life with the respect of keeping the old character alive…enjoy!!!!

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