Bella Rustica, the day of

All was silent as the doors were about to burst open at Bella Rustica. 

I got there early with Linda so while things were quiet, I quickly started snapping pictures. I wasn’t sure how much camera time I’d have this round, and I ended up being right. I got the inside in just the nick of time but never made it out.

(picture heavy post ahead)

I snagged two ledges in the barn to throw up a few of my cards, then started strolling and snapping before the crowds ventured in.

The barn smelled faintly of cloves and spices. The sunbeams were peeking in from the windows which illuminated the goods in the most beautiful way. All was hushed and quiet as you crunched across the top layer of freshly laid down hay that covered the dirt floor.

It was the perfect barn sale if I ever did see one.

But something that stunned me was the amount of setup the vendors did. The structures they built around their areas were just outstanding! We aren’t talking garage sale tables. There were columns and walls and entries and you name it! This sale was decked out like a dining room table for Christmas dinner. I have never seen a show so beautiful.

Clearly, Bella Rustica is about quality.

Helloooo sweet bloggers Angie of Country Chic Cottage, Gina of Shabby Creek Cottage and Polly of Blackberry House

Gina and Polly worked so fast it blew me away. I was so happy to finally see their work in person after so many years. Surreal.

Bella Rustica, the grand tour. via Funky Junk Interiors

Gina’s necklaces are above.

Why didn’t I take a full picture of this booth?! These are gorgeous shabby styled purses layed out onto a deconstructed sofa. The vignette was amazing. I ended up with one of these sweet things. More on this soon!

Here’s Rhoda’s picture on the entire sofa. It was so cool!

Bella Rustica, the grand tour. via Funky Junk Interiors

The Rusty Rooster’s space, accompanied with tall white pillars, was drop dead gorgeous.

Hey Julie!

Here we are!

And in case you’re interested, I’m wearing a gorgeous repurposed doily vest created by Raine. (coulnd’t locate online) My intention had been to advertise it for them but I ended up doing that AND buying it! It was totally one of a kind. Thanks so much gals!

Bella Rustica, the grand tour. via Funky Junk Interiors

The Three French Hen’s space was massive, with walls built from pallets.

How clever are these books?!

Goodness, how I love this rusty paint can lid floral design.

Bella Rustica, the grand tour. via Funky Junk Interiors

These girls are insanely creative. And brave. (you know who you are!) I kept walking through their booth time and time again and kept seeing different amazing things done up in the most unique of ways.

shabby lamps at Bella Rustica

This cutie husband and wife team are Vintage Junky! Their stuff was so me and so very inspiring.

This was Deneen from Dreaming in Color’s and Vonda from The Brassy Begonia’s first showing. You’d never know it! Their structure was outstanding. Sorry I didn’t get a full shot of it. What fun these two were!

HERE’S Deneen’s post on when we first met up and what we ended up shooting… goodness…

And a few random shots below…

Aren’t these the most beautiful clipboards you ever did see?

It was such a treat walking by River City Candles. Not only did this sweetie pie’s smile brighten my treck by, the fragrance from the candles was outstanding. I kept smelling apple pie with cinnamon. 🙂

Don’t you love the muslin bags? Her display was so pretty! I ended up with a few of these.. more coming on these too!

Also in the house snapping photos was Bella’s resident photographer, Autumn Lynn Photography. Ohhhh the way she captures through a lens is outstanding!

While the event was going on, there was music and the workshops I held throughout in the far part of the barn.

And here’s my (the?) sound man, Colin. He outfitted me with a mic and whatever else was needed and then I got to work.

“Testing, testing 123… you can hear me? Oh good! Ok then… ” deeeep breath….

“Hello everyone!  Let’s talk about… toilet paper!”

Up on stage here are Myra, Sandra, Rhoda and Angie.

This was the blogger’s decorating challenge, where we split up in teams and created two vignettes out of vendor’s goods. It was so fun! By fluke we also called up two ‘Lucys’ to help each team.

Here’s the indoor room…

… and the outdoor room. So adorable!

But the biggest trip for me during this event? It was the readers that came out all the way to see me. Just. Wow.

sent by Candy Martin Donegan

Keeping it Cozy

You kept coming and coming and making me feel so welcome! I was so overwhelmed in the very best of ways. 🙂 And I even crashed a few of your lunches. Hope you didn’t mind!

I don’t have many pictures of those I met so if you have a good one or two, please send them over!

Truly. You really lifted me up in the most amazing of ways with all the love you shared. Thank-you so much!

 I also sprung an impromptu sign lesson for this group. These gals were taking off and would have missed the signmaking workshop the next day, so I hosted a private one for them. They were adorable!

Stylin’ in HomeTalk aprons all the way!

And then there’s the food. Agape’s Clinton found fried jello?! I missed out, so I just stole his instead. It was delish!

Basically all three days went down just like this. It went by so fast! And you can bet I’d do it again in a Tennessee fried jello reader meetin’ heartbeat. 

Bella Rustica is a vintage barn marketplace fundraiser, located near Pulaski, Tennessee that’s held once a year in an effort to raise funds for Agape. HomeTalk sponsored my travel expenses so I could play a part in representing the show. Show coordinater is Linda Lindley. More info can be found HERE.

All Bella Rustica posts can be found HERE.

The Bella Pinterest board is HERE.

More Bella to come!


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23 thoughts on “Bella Rustica, the day of

  1. This was such a fun post! I enjoyed your pictures and checked out all of the wonderful links that you supplied. I especially love those clipboards. I had to pin those to remember for a future project. Thanks, Shelly

  2. Love, love, love it. I so enjoyed seeing the photos that you were able to capture. I bet you will be going back next year too. What a great experience and all of the precious people that you met and who met you. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  3. You are amazing! I am so glad I got to hang with you for a few days! Maybe we won’t have to work so hard and I can enjoy watching you do your thing next time!! I have a picture of the booth on the blog and facebook header. Love looking through your pics! Thanks for mentioning us!

  4. So amazing all the talent!Thank you for sharing your pictures with those of us who are not able to be there!Would love to go to an event like this one day!

    bee blessed

  5. This post was so much fun! I felt like I was there, wandering among all that cool stuff with you guys. Must have been a fun time! My favorite photo is of the clipboards. Just love the look of it!

  6. I’ve been following for about a month. Love, Love, Love your blog, pictures, decorating style, junk and oh yes, the repurposed doily. I have to have one!

    Great job!!

  7. Donna~
    Can you please tell me the name of the artist in the above photo that includes Autumn Lynn Photography? I am in love with her paintings. The colors are amazing.
    Thank you for sharing. I felt as though I was there with you.

  8. Thanks for sharing your time at Bella Rustica, and what a time it looks like you had! Fantastic pictures, beautiful people, wonderful displays, I wish I could find these kind of sales close to home!
    Debbie 🙂

  9. Just seeing this post. We all had a wonderful time with you, and it was great to finally, FINALLY see you in person. You’ve captured the fun of it all with some fabulous pictorial eye candy. 🙂 Hope to see you there next year as well. We’ll have to come up with some more southern traditions to roll out for you. 🙂

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