Blog friends come by for the Studio Tour!

If you’ve been following, on Sat and Sun, I sort of invited the entire town to tour my place. 🙂 My invite to everyone local to join in was HERE.

Oh, it was fun! It was like visiting with like minded friends all day long.. for TWO days!

Did they love the house? After I finally led them off the…

stairs, (they didn’t fall over Polly, but pretty close!) they wandered through every room at their leisure.

Demos, well, I sorda did that. I had a master list on the wall and asked my guests to point to whatever they wished for me to teach them. But most were satisfied with just looking. Apparently there’s alot to take in. I don’t get it. I mean, isn’t my place just normal? 🙂

And blog friends came by! To see my house! And me! And my mac jacket… I was asked a few times, “where’s your jacket?” What. EVER. So I went and got it for the pictures below. I totally promise I don’t wear this thing ALL the time. Just most of the time. 🙂

Wanna see who came over?!?

Catherine from Peace Love Sweater!

Catherine is a DOLL. And she lives sooo close to me. And I was soo touched when Catherine and her sis Cory came! Oh and she brought me gifts! Some cool looking bottles and Pottery Barn catalogues I can’t get ahold of myself. SO COOL.

I knew pretty darn quick we three didn’t have nearly enough time to natter about all things blog and decorating. They eventually left and I still had so much to say. So we’ll have to do that again!

Oh! Catherine just added a post about our visit! Click HERE.

And here we have… the bottles from Catherine! Ok, that is true, but look who snatched MY fav jacket! This is Carrie from The Passionate Home!

Carrie has a lovely shabby chic kinda shop in Langley, BC, so if you are EVER out that way, you must stop in! Her website is HERE.

Rarely was there a moment of normalicy with Carrie around. (it was all HER I tell ya!) You should have seen  when she hit my bedroom. SQUEAL she did. 🙂 And Catherine, she so fell in love with your bottles I allowed her to have ONE. Yes, I was truly generous was I not?!? (NOT)

Carrie also added a post about our visit! Cool! Click HERE.

These are the only gals I was organized enough to fiddle with pictures. Sandy is also a follower and I’m not sure if she has a blog! And a group of other followers also came just to see my digs that don’t have blogs. I felt a little like a movie star of the hour. 🙂 Thanks so much all for your wonderful visits! You made my day!

So, the place was littered with the WHAT WAS IT signs. AND I had to flaunt my recent So You Think wins too of course. 🙂

And this is the disclaimer I used when I didn’t have something complete. Sounds much cooler than DARN IT NO TIME, eh?

The bucket of ballots displayed where interest was. And many were interested in attending a workshop, so I’ll be finding out where most of the interest is and start formulating classes to suit! If you’re local and didn’t make it, I’ll be blogging about the upcoming workshops, or you can email me to be on the workshop email list at

I’d also done abit of updating with the room displays, so I’ll be doing a few more room shots to cure your curiosity in due time. 🙂

The tour was alot of fun with non stop banter about all things DIY. Many that visited couldn’t wait to get home and do this or that to their place which was so cool to witness. I LOVE it when passion hits! It’s so fun to watch. 🙂

Now that the house is pretty much complete, I’m going to start creating smaller things to sell come December for the town wide Christmas Craft Crawl. I’ve already been doing some inventing so I’ll be showing you my Funky Junk Originals soon! 🙂

Thanks to everyone that came and helped make the weekend one big DIY party! And to all of you for your feedback on what your own thoughts were. So much appreciated!

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24 thoughts on “Blog friends come by for the Studio Tour!

  1. It looked like great fun! And yes I totally get why people would walk around your house with their mouth open and then run home to geet some DIY project started themselves.
    Congrats on a succesful weekend.

  2. How great to meet fellow bloggers!! Sounds like your open house was a huge success!! That is so cool!
    Of course you have to wear your shirt…it’s required. LOL!!

  3. Aw man, Iowa is like another planet away from you! It’s probably for the best though as I don’t think I’d be able to leave once I got there – not to mention my jaw wouldn’t leave the floor either. Looks like everyone had a great time. I always look forward to what you have to share with the world.

  4. I too wished I lived a closer so I could have seen your “famous” house in person. Thankfully you do such a terrific job showing it to us via the blog. And what do you mean you don’t wear that jacket all the time? It’s your trademark look! Promise me when you have your own tv show you’ll still wear that….at least sometimes.

  5. How Fun! If I would have been lucky enough to live a heck of a lot closer, and have been able to join in on the fun-ness, I would have had a notepad in hand! …to jot down all the inspirations! You totally Rock, I ♥ your blog!

  6. Is your house just normal?! LOL!!! I had to laugh when I read that!! I mean, it’s not abnormal…it’s outstanding!!! And everyone who enters must see that! Normal…(chuckle)…you crack me up! I love that you just don’t get how freakin’ creatively wonderful you are! So sweet! I’m glad I’m a bloggy friend who gets that!


  7. Oh that would of been so much fun to come to. I wish that I lived closer. Your house is not normal cause it is so much fun. I could imagine that 2 days would not be enough to see everything there. Kinda like Disney. You would have to go back to see more!

  8. Looks like it was a great success. You put so much time into posting signs throughout your home, and I think that’s part of what people will remember -not that your house isn’t enough – it definitely is. I’ve been to so many shows like this where no one takes the time to do those extra things, and it’s nice to be able to read about what’s what throughout the house.

    I still can’t get over your stairs!

    It’s fun to meet blogging friends for sure. Looks like you Canadian girls have some fabulous blogs. Doing markets lately I’ve been able to meet bloggers that know who I am. It always surprises me. Went into a thrift store the other day and a lady told me I look familiar. When I went to pay for my stuff, she said “You’re Make Mine Beautiful!”. I could’ve fell over. Stayed two more hours talking. It’s such a treat.

    I’m sure your blogger guests were equally as impressed with your home in person as they are seeing it online, well, moreso of course. I hope we’ll see posts about it on their blogs.

    I’m glad it went so good for you. My guess is, you’re the talk of the town this week.

  9. Looks like your Mac jacket made it on to Carrie! 🙂 I honestly had hoped to make it out your way, but my weekend was packed (as usual!) with wee projects around the house and those darned errands that can’t get done during the week! More BC bloggers I have to check out… maybe a couple of women who would like to join us at our brunch??

    What a wonderful weekend you had!

  10. I don’t know what a Mac jacket is. Is it that flannel thingy you wear in all your videos???

    I would have loved, I mean truly loved to have been at the home tour. I’m certain everyone who stopped by your house had to wheel their jaws out in a wheel barrow, supplied by you of course! Workshops!!! Man alive, what a fantastic idea. You are the gal for that! I told Polly the other day it’s because of you that I started doing anything here in my house besides cleaning it!!! (well, I didn’t put it that way exactly – but you get the point I’m sure!)

    When I was banging away at the tin signs I made I was thinking, “This would make Donna proud!” You’ve become our Junk Mother, DIY Mother, Mother Creation…I’ll come up with something good!

    I’m going to check out the other Canandian bloggers. Bet there’s something special and different in the water up there!


  11. I would love to live closer so I could tour your home. You became one of my first favorites as a new blogger and you have held that place of honor. Thanks.

  12. Wow! What a cool idea!!! I would’ve visited, if I were a little closer..Southern Oregon is a ways off, I think…?

    I’m SO envious of your “house being done!?” did I read that right???

    My daydreams are larger than I have time – with a whole house in tow, but someday….

    Hats off to you!!!

  13. Well Carrie sounds like a blast and the “Funky Juice” cracks me up! I knew you’d find something good to do with those bottles.
    We’ll have to get together again soon, as you said it really wasn’t long enough and I have so much more to talk about.
    Thanks again for the fabulous visit!

  14. I was one of the non-blogging followers that stopped by, it was so cool to be there after seeing all the pictures online and to meet you in person. You were a fabulous host, thanks for opening your home! It was an inspiring day.

  15. I could not be more jealous. All you lucky peeps who made it must have been blown away! I would have been. PS I love the stairs! Just don’t drink the funky juice before you go down them….hahha. Love <3 donna

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