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The following links are a collection of FJI’s own
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(please note this is not a public link party)

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21 thoughts on “Blog tips on FJI – link style

  1. Question: Do I need to take a course from some of the Blog Gurus to figure all this out? Do I need to pay a blog designer to get a nice looking blog? Do I want Blogger or WordPress? That’s all. Ann

  2. You have changed my world of blogging! I am brand new to it and needless to say not computer savvy! AT ALL!! I have already added so many things through your tips. But, I have a question. I tried to get a facebook page set up and couldn’t put the name of my blog on there. And, how do you get that feature on the side column once you do get a FB page? Please help. If you already have a tutorial, just direct me to it! Thanks again for such an amazing blog!

  3. Hi, friend!

    I noticed your comments are numbered all nice and neatly in the front of the names. I am drooling all over that here in front of my computer. Do you mind sharing how you did that??

    Thank you.
    (Dawn by Design)

  4. I am a brand new blogger and just successfully posted a link to your tablescapes; however, I don’t know how to show the link on my blog. Remember, this is my very first post and I need the steps spelled out as 1, 2, 3. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Love your blog. In fact, I first started to think about blogging when you and MMS had your contest.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hello Donna, Just wanted to thank you for all your blog tips. I’m so new to blogging and still am trying to get my head around it and finally got up the courage to start one. It surprises me to find out I have something to say! Now I need to find out how to connect to others. Thanks again!!

  6. One thing that bothers me is bloggers centering their posts. I have astigmatism and when type is centered, I find it hard to follow from line to line. My eyes don’t have a set landing place.

    Recipes are especially hard to follow when centered.

  7. I’d love to know how you posted the buttons on this page! I know how to create pages and how to link text back to a post, but I can’t get the handy squares like you have above!! Can you direct me somewhere that can help? I’ve looked all over and I can’t find anything. Perhaps it is because I don’t know what to call it.

  8. Thanks so much for these tutorials. Like many of these other posts, I’m researching while starting my first blog and I very much enjoyed tip #4: Building Blog Growing Posts. Insightful! I still need to learn how to effectively “link!”
    Andrea from

  9. How do you add daily posts to a seperate page. I have two pages within my home page but cant post directly to that page.
    See my page below.

  10. I have just been browsing through all your blog tip posts – they are so fresh and EXTREMELY helpful. I will have to come back to get them all under my belt – so much to take in!! AND where I ACTUALLY want to go is to look at all your work (the JUNK stuff!! :)))) But after reading your blog vs sleep post – e.i. planning your blogging – I think I should crash for the night..thanks for a lovely time on your super blog.

  11. I’m not seeing a list of tips . . . not sure why. In parentheses it says: ‘please note this is not a public link party’, and a graphic picture of a Mac computer with the words, ‘What blog?’ written on the screen. I know it sounds weird, but that’s what I’m seeing. Did a link expire? I’d love to see the tips, thanks for the great blog:)

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