Blown away by Bella Rustica

I’m onstage right now about to go on with another workshop. This round it’s about working with tools. I had a few minutes to spare so I thought I’d share what’s on my heart.

I think I cried all the way to the barn today. I looked and Linda, she looked at me and we both were hit with such emotion of fulfilling each others dreams we didn’t know what else to do.

Linda says it best. “My heart is so full.” That’s exactly how I feel. I’m flabbergasted on the amount of wonderful folks that came to support this wonderful cause as well as to come out to meet me.

ME. You made it possible for me to reach out to you by coming. Do you know what that does for me? Let me tell you.

There are only so may words you can belt out on a blog post. These words at times while full of deep meaning, fall silent sometimes. Sometimes I just desire to hear voices, meet smiling faces and greet others with supporting hugs.

Guess what. I’m doing that today. I’m off to go change into my Hometalk tshirt and I’m going to run into several more on the way to the ‘dressing room’. And I can’t wait. 

That chalkboard you see up there? I have the ability to talk about what I want when I want. The stage is mine. Totally. I work around the music and the rest is up to me. How much of me can people handle today, because I have a need to do more than what’s written. And maybe I will. 🙂

Thank-you. Just, thank-you. My heart is overflowing and I want to cry again. But the show must go on!

Maybe I’ll just have to cry on stage. 🙂


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35 thoughts on “Blown away by Bella Rustica

  1. Donna, I am so glad the turn out has been what was dreamed off, You with out any hesitation deserve this type of applause…Your true self comes through with your post writing, and you touch people world wide with both the little and the big, of your posts. I aways check on a few blogs that make my day, and yours is one of them…

    Can I say I have to find out how to get the “get your smokey on”My folks twice, fire scare,,,my Brother in Law this year Colorado Springs” My Sister recently with Casper Mt. Bless the Volunteer Fire Dept. their cabin was spared….

  2. I’m so glad I didn’t stop you to say hello because you were evidently writing this post! 🙂 From the calls of “come learn how to use tools in five minutes”, it sounded like you nailed the accent, although you did forget the y’all! 🙂

  3. Donna, I can’t tell you enough how much fun it was to meet you, visit with you, have lunch together, etc…. yesterday. It was so special to my daughter, Andrea ( and I. Hugs to you and safe travels home. Dori

  4. Can you imagine the response if You Were On a Book Tour! Everyone that reads your blog wants to meet you, take you for coffee at Starbucks and invite you to dinner. Truth. You know how Eddie Ross meets people at these big flea markets and takes them around and charges money, etc. You could do that. I would pay money to watch you paint a sign. Really. I love how you are so surprised at your reception. I would rather pay money to watch you work than go to the opera. Enjoy yourself and remember, all those people that were glad to see you, really wanted to buy your book. Ann

  5. Oh Man! I’m just so bummed that I wasn’t the one getting/giving the hugs – I agree with the comment from Nutbird, If only I lived close enough to an event that you were speaking/teaching at, I’d love to pay money to watch you paint a sign, or have you teach me how to use a tool, etc.. Your just one of the best – your sincere and you more than deserve all the success that is coming your way. I feel like this is just the beginning for you. I hope one day our paths will cross somewhere, somehow {I’m pledging, right here and right now to put away $$ from every ETSY Sale so that I can go to a conference or fair or book tour to meet you and learn from you one of these days}! Your such an inspiration – Congratulations & Thank You!!

  6. It was a thrill for Jack and I to meet you and have a minute to sit, eat and share from the heart. We drove down from Indiana to experience Bella Rustica but with the hope of meeting you. You are a gem, Donna. I am so thrilled that your dreams are being manifested! Here’s to the journey!

  7. Wish I could be there. You go girl and soak up the love. You’re what’s happening! I can’t believe all the TV shows that are coming out about…JUNK! There’s one on Discover channel about abandoned buildings, which is one of my photography passions. Hey…maybe that’s what’s next for you…your own TV Show! YES!

  8. HI Donna, I’m so glad you have a full heart. This is so exciting. Who would have ever thought that you would do anything like this, be so happy and change blogland for the better. YOu may never know how many women love to come to your site, get ideas, change their homes and be happier for it. What a great thought….you started a lot of it. Others will help and give direction in new ways, but you have had so many great awe inspiring ideas…it is really wonderful. Yay for you.
    We of course love hearing all about it. It is a dream come true….and all of us love a little bit of rustic Cinderella! Big smile.

  9. Hello Donna, I’ve been following and suggesting your blog, the feeling of been full hearted is so on point…this is exactly how I and my daughther want to feel with our ventures in the near future….♥ Like everyone has posted enjoy your moment take it in and truly enjoy it….♥ Luv Ms Bev!!!

  10. Donna it was wonderful to get to meet you at the show. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and a fellow junker! The story of the memory table brought tears to my eyes, and painting the steps after your loss. My Dad is fighting a battle with cancer now, and I lost my job because of a work injury. Your story and words were healing. The “decal” story made me laugh! Follow your passion, you are wonderful at what you do, and touch hearts while doing it. Best wishes!!
    Misty from TN

  11. I wish I had met you. I was there. I saw you. I recently found you thru instagram when I was posting pictures of World’s Longest Yardsale. I followed your adventure while I was having mine too. I didn’t know you were “famous” until the hoopla at Bella Rustica. I didn’t want to be ANOTHER person southern introducing themselves to you and what was I going to say… hi I creep you on Instagram. NOW I wish I had met you in person!! I am so glad you had a great experience. I thought the show was amazing!!!! Next time I will tap on your shoulder and say I’m a fan.

  12. Bella Rustica was fun for me too! I missed the room setups and the tools demo but I did see you and Myra and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.

  13. It’s so great that you have all this in writing- hope you hang on to every word! You are loved and I hope the warmth you are usually spreading is radiating from within right now. A community of friends is truly a priceless possession. I especially love the comment about “a rustic Cinderella story”- Hey! Bella Cinderella!

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