The Christmas Show – front entry signs and update

As many of you know, I held a town wide Christmas themed open house alongside the rest of the artisans in my little hometown. This was the first attempt at turning Funky Junque Interiors into a reality.

A year ago, my home underwent major renos and still needs loads of tweaks. However, I had to put down the undone tiles and funk it up decor wise so I was able to show what I was capable of. The response on not having it ‘all done’ actually was of benefit! They have something to see the next time, as well as it felt homey, not so perfect and intimidating. Cool!

Coming down the driveway, this simple little vignette greeted guests. The chair and table are always out in that spot, just generally more off to the side and simply themed. The table held brochures in a tray this round.

Staying true to funky form, I used a children’s easel for a sign. The lettering I designed and output (I do vehicle graphics and signs for a living) was simply stuck right on top of the metal portion of the easel. The metal was an interesting yet light enough contrast to the black. It worked well, was unique and looked good with what I had going on. I may paint the unit, but with the willow furniture,  I think the woodsy look worked.

Once entering, you came to the antique ironing board with the draw box. Whimsical snow was drifted on the board and scattered a bit on the floor like it was newly fallen.

For a draw, I am giving away a $50 Home Depot gift certificate as well as some consultations. The bucket was full! And I have yet to do the draws and call backs. This is a wonderful way to touch base with those that you know viewed your home.

The little tree behind the ironing board had a very simplistically decorated pencil tree. A gift certificate sign hung prominently for a gift idea encourager.

From the tree hung one single lantern filled with snow. I also stuck a mini light inside along the top so the lantern appears lit. It was a cute and simple effect!

Brochures from the show were displayed on the front entry dresser.

The horsegate entry delighted all!

The decorating was realistically functional and clean.

As the weather is totally unpredictable in these parts, waterproof standard type signage was scattered along the roadside. One on the main road, one leading them onto my road, and this one on my driveway. All three were different, but similar to this.

It was quite the surreal experience to have my blog life drift into my reality! And the response was incredibly fun to watch unfold! The biggest hit was the white trash bedroom, as it pushes decorator limits way out there. The playroom gathered a few ohhhhs and ahhhhs as well. Signs were scattered everywhere to help illustrate what I still had in mind to come, as well as explaining what something use to be.

For the tours, I invited them inside, and briefly explained that 1 year ago, the home underwent major renos, and as my funds were expended in that area alone, I became very creative with refurbished elements, hence, the entire house contents were derived from thrift store finds and the like. Proving, you don’t have to spend a mint decorating! A little creativity with special finds can make any interior sing.

The first show day was Friday and was very quiet. I got some baking, laundry and blog reading in. It was a very peaceful and enjoyable day, house spotless, instrumental Christmas music playing and enjoying new found company and offering them tours. Saturday was a very busy day and my son was also home with me. He really enjoyed the activity and put the staging in the rooms to life for guests.

I met one new friend from a neighboring town. She came all the way out because she followed my blog! And she pointed out a couple of lamps that I had that she also had her eye on at a local thrift but just missed out on…  because I got them first! LOL!! It was so awesome to meet you Lisa! Sorry I have your lamps. 🙂 I tried to give her one but she wouldn’t have any of that nonsense. Such a sweetie!

It’s now time to do the draws and contact the fortunate winners and do some follow ups. I believe the show to be a success, displaying what I’m able to do. There was interest from a few on my rates and for a followup call.

Next show, I’ll be displaying a new furniture line I have in mind to develop (it’s already started) and will have actual items to sell. I simply couldn’t get the house ready AND product ready to go in time for this show. But I think still being a part of the artesian tour has introduced what I have to offer at the very least.

I’ll continue to work on the house for the next show in spring, , further develop design services, keep fueling the Funky Junque portfolio blog, as well as continue to create the product line. And will continue to share with YOU what I develop and and am so very passionate about!

Never a dull moment at Funky Junque Headquarters! Thank-you for your show interest! More photo shoots of finished rooms to come!

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36 thoughts on “The Christmas Show – front entry signs and update

  1. Your post made me smile…I just had to comment!

    I was so wonderful to visit you and your home! You are so warm, inviting and talented! I was so inspired and excited. Thank you for sharing your home with a “lurker”…ha ha!

    Blessings to you my friend…Lisa

  2. Glad it went very well for you! I guess it’s a bit of a relief that it’s over too! Cant wait to see what’s next.
    Congrats for being one step closer to the dream!

  3. Oh, how I wish I could have gone in person to see your home! I love your blog, it’s one of my top 5~
    You always come up with the most beautiful ways to stage your home, and your creative ways of recycling junk into useful and decorative pieces are endless.

  4. It sounds like it was so much fun. I’d be willing to bet that you were the most prepared! I can’t believe all the signage, brochures, and leaflets you had laying out for people. That in itself was a lot of work!

    Hope it turns out to be successful in the aftermath as well.

    Your goodie box is on it’s way!!! I really tried hard to pick out some great things, so you’ll be getting a box of mocha colored fabrics and trims – lots of them.

  5. That is so fun! I wish some artisans in our area did that, too. I bet you get some good feedback and hopefully a few clients, too! Can’t wait to see more. : )

  6. The tour concept is wonderful and your eye for detail incredible. You used all your talents to bring the whole thing to life. The signage, the re-purposing, the brochures, etc. make the package complete. And I’ll take interesting and inspiring–which you are–over ordinary and predictable–no matter what it costs any day. You keep it fun as well! Great job!

  7. I wish I lived near you and could have attended the tour. I just love your signs- especially the one that stated to look for “What is It?” and “Funkly Idea to Come”. How clever you are! Not overlooking any detail. I hope you pick up a few clients.

  8. Congratulations, Donna! I’m glad you had a good time, your house looks funky-great! I wish you much success.

  9. Hi Donna, I am so happy for you that it all went well and all your hard work paid off and hopefully continues to pay off for you… can’t wait to see what you are up to next… I am sure whatever you chose to do you will be a great success you have such an eye for detail…

    PS: Faceless Charlie thinks he might want to come live with you… he likes your house better than mine… LOL

    Hugs Deb

  10. So many great things here Donna! I wish I coulda come over to play….I’m sure everyone was oooooing and ahhhhing over your stylish awesomeness. 🙂

    I am digging that old ironing board in a serious way. I already have one, but I want about 35 more.

    So great…can’t wait to see more.

  11. NEVER do you cease to amaze and inspire me. I knew this blog was going to be the huge success that it is and I couldn’t be happier for you! I’m just so sad that I couldn’t have attended your open house!

  12. I can’t wait to see the rest of your home. You are so creative and inspiring. Thank you so much for leaving such sweet comments on my blog. They make my day and coming from you I’m honored.

  13. Donna, everything looks so wonderful and festive and inviting. I caught site of that little mirrored twig wreath (always love the sticks), and am amazed at your attention to detail. I’m sure everyone loved your creativity and took away tons of ideas and inspiration. LOVE IT!

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