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Oh oh oh oh sooooo much to do! I need me one FUN logo for this one!

Many of you have been avidly following my reno blog for the past year.

In April 2008 the home renovations started on my current fixer upper. Basically, every square inch of this house will eventually be enhanced. It was no small undertaking! And we still continue to work on it. However, now that we’re nearing completion, it’s time for the fun stuff!

Wait till you see what’s in store next… this blog is going to be all about creating amazing surprises for each room in your home.

How? By creating and utilizing amazing finds and being brave enough to implement the not so ordinary.

Do you walk into a room in your home and think it looks nice but it’s not all that exciting?

You’re going to come across some pretty out there or unique ideas that will put you slightly on the edge of your seat. Should you or shouldn’t you? I have faith in you. You can do it! But if you’re shy, I along with a team of pros are here to help! Contact us at

and perhaps we can help.

You CAN morph that 70’s fireplace into something new and exciting. And yes, you can redecorate even though you’re on a budget. You can even reshape the interior of your home by means of shopping from within and changing things around to create a fresh perspective. There are many ways to decorate and if you need some guidance, email us for more info.

I’ll be building this site, day by day, sharing my views of what cool means in a home. I’ll be showing you what I find in my travels and how I use them. I’ll group some stuff together, take plenty of pictures and show you how you too can achieve similar results. If you’re curious and want to see what’s inside my head.. beware!

BUT, be ready to smile and want some of that too!

Stay tuned… you’ll never think the same about home decor again.

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2 thoughts on “Get ready…

  1. Oh my goodness…I am the very first comment on the very first post of this new blog of yours. As such, I think that when you become a famous decorator I should win a free home consultation. Sounds fair, right? lol

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