Confessions from a procrastinator

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t blogged in a few. There’s been a reason for that. I’ve been busy putting out fires.

Nov 2010

See, a year ago #1 work computer (out of 2) died from a power surge. Insurance started begging me for info so they could get my claim to me so I could replace it. Cool!

But I delayed the process BADLY. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go PC or Mac. All my work stuff is PC based. So I procrastinated. While computer #2 started to go wonky on me…

Nov 2011

And then one day work computer #2 wouldn’t allow me to email. I panicked and called insurance to see if we could get things going pronto… πŸ™‚ I took pictures of printouts to email customer proofs. Professional all the way…

Dec 2011

The new computer finally arrived in early December. Fun! Except… I didn’t do anything about it. In fact, I avoided it. I’m tech challenged and I knew the learning curve would prove painful. So I procrastinated.

This week Monday Jan 23 2012

Work computer wouldn’t fire up. Gulp… basically put, I was out of business. And you KNOW what security freaks us women are.

I went to install a job that day but felt sick the whole time. Once home, I called Guru. He said it needed a power box. Thinking fast, I yanked an old power box out of work computer #1(soooo out of my league!) and put it into #2. It fired up! BUT… it read HARD DRIVE FAILURE. ACK!!

I ran it to Guru that night. And I literally walked in with spaghetti hanging out of the sides as shown above. Didn’t screw anything back in… they bust a gut laughing. Nice to know they appreciate a good italian computer. πŸ™‚

And then I went home and attempted to install a difficult program with drivers and stuff on my new system. For 7 hours. Made no headway. I emailed Big Time Tech Guy and grabbed 3 hours sleep.


Tuesday… 7am wakeup call = Big Time Tech Guy ready to play. (doh!!) Son got off to school on his own while I watched Big Time Tech Guy work on my computer (online). Most amazing experience ever. To watch and assist someone remotely work on your own computer taking such good care of you?!? Marriage material! πŸ™‚

Had to cut it short cuz I needed to do another install.

His advice? “Get a new $$ cutter!” (that isn’t 20 years old… seriously)

Go to do my job. Then get a brainstorm.. checked out if there was a place nearby that sold cutters. Only 1 minute away! (My GPS is my BFF) So I go plunk $$ (ouch) Β for a new cutter.

(edited to add: a cutter or ‘plotter’ is a device that cuts vinyl into graphics for signs and vehicles. It’s a Silhouette or Cricut on steroids and helps me make trucks look really pretty. I’ll take you on a tour of my sign shop one day when it’s clean – you can read more on my line of work HERE)


Big Time Tech Guy calls and helps me set THAT thing up. Coolest and hardest thing I’ve ever watched. Β HOURS. He got both my computers to run my equipment so now I have a backup too! It works! And he deserves a raise. Β I love him… sorta.

I have the utmost respect for those that can get things like this to work.

Here. I ‘sketched’ the office because the photo was too horrendous for public viewing. The TV was because my son started to miss me and he attempted to take up residence next to my 3 day head banging event.

Spent all day in school… (watching learning videos at home). I am an educated new 2012 cutter operator thankyouverymuch! Please pray the info the Gurus saved from my HD will work on this new smoking’ setup! (picking it up today)

And what a pure blessing I already know how to work this new computer due to getting one just like it about a year previous! Funny how things just fall into place.

My house is an absolute wreak. I look 100 years old from stress and lack of sleep. But at least we are DONE!

But sadly, I most likely will not have my Picture Perfect room done for this weekend.

Wait… will this do? Hey, it’s the only clean spot in the house. πŸ™‚

Why oh why do we procrastinate until urgency transpires? But then again, I ONLY had ONE year. I mean, what was insurance thinking?!?

I needed TWO. πŸ™‚

(read about PP HERE)

Are YOU ready? Linkup is Friday during SNS!

(your ‘to date’ progress is also welcome!)

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36 thoughts on “Confessions from a procrastinator

  1. You crack me up!! This sounds like my life…I wait and wait until the last minute. I am so glad that you got everything installed. Whew!! Now you have progressed into the year 2012!! Woot!!

  2. I’ve done the exact same thing and just as bad results darlin. You are NOT alone! I’m thankful its all running for you now and you can stop worrying about it!! You could always do the link party a week later, we wouldn’t mind lol Big hugs to you!

  3. I was finally looking at laptops yesterday ( praying income tax money will be back next week ) and making decisions so when the $$ are here my new computer won’t be far behind. I kind of dread bringing it home but excited too LOL What is a cutter?

  4. This so so funny and so me. I just wrote last week about what a procrastinator I am. (Once wrote a 50 page paper in 10 days in grad school. OUCH!!)My laptop that is only a year and a half old is going out. Trying to see how to finagle the money for yet another new one. Um yeah, I procrastinated getting the extended warranty and so don’t have one πŸ™

  5. There are few greater stresses in life than failing computers…just the worst!

    I am SO blessed to be married to a tech guy who can also do just about anything else in the world I request of him, from hanging drywall to building a greenhouse. πŸ˜‰

    At least you’re back online and better than ever now! An omen for 2012? πŸ˜‰

  6. I love your blog because it is REAL…
    Real life situations we can all relate too…
    I can’t wait to see your son’s room when it is done…
    Glad the whole computer thing got worked out for you…
    Have a great day…

  7. I am a Pro Crastinator too! LOL! Not sure why we do that and there are so many of us pro’s out there! I’m happy to know that I’m a pro just like you! ;^) Glad to see you got it all worked out and you got yourself all new stuff, but we missed you!

  8. Maybe a few accessories around the cutter, like something Italian, an area rug, oh I don’t know hunky computer tech…. but it could work.


  9. Donna you are absolutely hilarious, I am still laughing. You are too dang funny. Poor Cody if it’s not shirts he’s ruining it’s your space he taking up just to see his mom-ma. I am so glad you got everything up and running. Good job girl!!! I would be the same way I would tear into it to see what it is made out of and then get hubby to really fix it. LOL.

  10. So glad you’re back πŸ™‚ And glad you got the tech stuff taken care of…I’m sure the room will come together. You will have it looking fab soon enough πŸ™‚

  11. Donna, I’m the same way! As I sit here on my computer, I’m putting off two big projects I need to complete. I think it’s because the bigger projects take so much longer, and you don’t get that instant gratification of getting something done “now”. I started a new motto last fall, “I’m not starting anything thing new, until I’ve finished what I’ve got going”. I’ve made my list of “energy drainers” and I’m on a mission to complete them-it may take a year but so far I’m sticking to my plan! Take care!

  12. Wow, sounds like quite the ordeal! Procrastination has definitely been something I’ve struggled with before. I’ve gotten to the point in my life now where I kick my own butt to get things done simply so I WON’T procrastinate. It’s not always easy but I feel better when I can check things off my list.

  13. ha ha sounds like you are getting your sense of humor back ;). anything computer makes me crazy we have 2 laptops 1 pc and a notebook soooo lots of opportunity.i have installed drivers so my router would work impressed the folks at work !but i am tenacious. i have to google the simplest of things like what is a search engine ect. bless those computor guro’s

  14. The way in which you tell this story just had me rolling. I have experienced oh so many of the same dilemmas… and sadly, yes… because of procrastination!

    love your blog

  15. I’m impressed that your insurance company let you procrastinate for a whole year….not sure I would want to test mine!
    I’m impressed by your tech savvy, btw!!

  16. I have a cool pic on my Facebook page – it’s a blank screen, and below it says “Procrastination. I’ll find a photo for it later.” That’s me!

  17. You, procrastinate? What you talking about? You create and do so much! I wish I was half as productive as you are. Shoot, come and follow me around, I am the QUEEN of procrastination. I’ve even thought it should say, Manana, on my gravestone. What I need is someone to get me to start selling on-line and get a blog going. A good swift kick or some dynamite might do it…
    Seriously, I understand how the things we are afraid of are sometimes the hardest to tackle and you have some issues with your computer, for sure. So glad to hear that you got everything working and knowing you, you will someday wrestle that fear and pin it. Win for Donna, that’s what I see.

  18. I completely understand Funky Lady! You are not alone, and I appreciate that you are so real in your posts. πŸ˜‰

  19. and all along I’ve been thinking I was the QUEEN of procrastination. At times, in order for me to get a window treatment done for a customer I will call them and tell them it is done… they always say “How does it look?” and I say “Great”… I make certain the appointment for pick-up is the next day and then I get to workworkwork. Then I am forced to solve whatever problems there are in the fabrication.
    But Donna, hey, you are one heck of a creative woman and I read ever word you write, love everything you create and want you to know that you really are an inspiration!!!!

  20. It’s not called procrastination Donna, you’re supposed to say that you work best under pressure :)which is what one does after they’ve procrastinated and they are up against a deadline or wall. I have to hand it to you, your one tenacious lady. I was wondering why my inbox had been void of FJI lately, glad your back. missed ya!

  21. I’m a procrastinator too… Look! we’re all procrastinators. Is this a forum for procrastinator? A 12 stepper’s program…?
    Am I at the right place?

    glad you’re on your way to ‘UP and running” … I’m also glad that you’re accepting
    “to date” progress for tomorrow.
    Take care– get some rest…and start again tomorrow.


  22. Jobs take the time we allot-it’s weird, but true.

    If you say, “I have two hours to finish this thing,” it will take-big surprise-two hours.

    I love this site:

    It’s all about time management, procrastination / goals and my nemesis-prioritization. I find the info there very helpful.

    Oh, and BTW-I AM married to a Big Time Tech Guy.
    It’s awesome. I highly recommend it!

  23. The only tech knowledge I have is from things I have had go wrong and then watched being repaired. Fortunately I have a tech guru son but sadly he lives several hours away. He called last night to say he got a promotion at his fulltime computer job. My first response was that I had dibs on any of his old equipment when he upgrades to state of the art stuff.
    I love watching those CSI shows where they take images on a screen and move them around and make them larger or open multiple screens just by sliding a hand. Someday that will be my dream office experience.

    My question: how did you “sketch” your photo?

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