Content. Finally! (with vacation video of camping at Hope)

I was cleaning up the travel trailer today after our last little camping adventure. And it left me feeling confused.

Every summer we camp. It wasn’t that long ago that we could afford a lifestyle of leaving our trailer year around at our favorite camping resort and enjoy a getaway every single weekend. In fact, my son basically grew up on a beach.

Each attempt to get off our yard this summer has ended in a fiasco of sorts. First attempt my truck transmission died, then we finally get away and the dog nearly died on our last trip. Both being very expensive fixes.

So as I wiped out the trailer fridge, I had the wild idea that after it was clean, I would just park it for the rest of the year rather than reload it. Trust me, only 5 days of camping in an entire calendar year is a first for us!

As I stepped outside, the weeds in our driveway stared me down so I started working on them in the sunshine. Then my little furry girl spotted me and joined in for a visit. Talk about content!

Other big things transpired today. I sent my son off to do his lawn mowing job all on his own without me overseeing anything for the first time. This is how he traveled. Lawn mower, broom, small gas tank. I’m one very proud mom!

So while he was mowing, I snuck onto the lounger in the pool for a short spell. Yeah… I was content. 🙂 But it wasn’t long when I felt the urge to putz around.

My garden is even cooperating. Check out that lettuce!

And speaking of content, I was totally smiling when I saw my other ‘sick girl’ looking 100% in her favorite spot.

 I even celebrated this feeling of contentment to ‘just be home’ by redoing my picket toolbox arrangement. LOVE the purple.

And for those of you curious, yes, I do yank out some leaves and buds and sprinkle as desired. Perfection makes me nervous. 😉

Today had me realizing how fortunate we were to be home with all our comforts, loved ones and fun things to do.

I didn’t always feel like this. I thought I had to be off my property to have a holiday. In hind sight, I think a large part of all that camping was running away from home where issues use to reside. With no more reasons to run, I’ve run out of reasons to leave.

 It’s just… something happened this year. Something spoke to me and told me we had it all at home already so there was really no reason to venture out this round. As much as we loved our last camping trip, we both wanted to come home every single day. 🙂

I had a discussion with my son. We both agreed we’ll finish off summer with a stay-cation at home.  Because basically put, we’re both content.

And it only took me 7 years to figure this out.

So to end this summer, here’s a little video of our entire stay. And yes, there was even some junkin’ involved…


Going away sure is fun, but it’s great to be home again. 🙂

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33 thoughts on “Content. Finally! (with vacation video of camping at Hope)

  1. Beautiful video of your vacation. You live in a beautiful place so daytrips may be the way to go rather than leaving your comfy home (and beds) for nights in a row. I’m glad it was a happy ending for you all!

  2. We used to camp just about every weekend, but now only go 3ish times a year. It must be that our home is getting more homey and contentment is easier to find. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  3. We’ve been out once. Sigh. We meant to go out this week but the weather here in Alberta did not cooperate. Maybe next week… or not. I’m a homebody, too!

  4. Thank you for sharing. Loved all the pictures and comments. I’ve become more and more of a home body but for the next few days I’m headed for a cooler place not far from this heat. Milestones are what life is all about. Have a great one.

  5. Stunning video! Glad you found a happy mix of stay at home and on the road….whatever, makes you all happy.
    It’s wonderful that your son has such happy memories of camping..they will definitely be stories he will share in the future.

  6. awwwwww, thanks for sharing. that was a great video! it reminded me of our summers here in arkansas, we spend them outdoors as much as possible. it did make me sad though bc its the end of summer and i always hate to see that go!!!
    and google isnt keeping me logged in >:{

  7. Awesome,Awesome video!!! Your camping trip looks like fun,fun. I have pulled my trailer
    once this year and I will pull it again in
    Oct. to the big fleamarket in Canton, TX.
    Your Jenna looks ill in the pictures from your trip, then look at the one at home. You can tell the difference in her face. I am so glad she is doing well.

  8. I’m so glad you listed the song at the end of the video. saves me having to ask ya! I loved the video and I love that you guys camp. It’s one of our very favorite things to do too. BC is so beautiful. We (in L.A.) have to drive at least 6 hours to get somewhere beautiful like that.

  9. I thought my computer was acting up again when I started your video because I just loaded that song on my blog playlist yesterday. Whew!

    Looks like you had a wonderful time, and your photos are AWESOME!

  10. Donna – that was some beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing. My fav pic is the closeup of the doggie smile…gotta luv that! Gotta tell you, everytime i watch the show on tv called ‘picking sisters’ i think of you! the have the most amazing ideas…i could so see you having a show – your stuff is just perfect!!

  11. Great video. Loved the picture of you and your doggie and the one of your son with the camera and the doggie hanging out the window,. So glad that dog is okay.

  12. It warms my heart to read your post. Am being totally serious, these last few years I’ve dreaded going anywhere, I just wanted to be home and putz, do projects, play games, watch movies. I thought I was becoming a recluse, but I didn’t feel that way. But you summed it up; Contentment!
    That’s what it is indeed.

  13. Why would you want to leave!! You have a lovely little peace of heaven right where you are. I’ve been feeling the same for the last few years. I can’t figure out if I want to enjoy the best time of the year in my own garden or if it’s an age thing. I hate to leave and return to a neglected garden while I’ve been looking at others.
    Lovely post.

  14. It looks like you have been to one gorgeous place. It is great to be away and visit new places, but sometimes it is just great to be at home. We traveled a little this summer, and every time we got back home, we were all relieved. Great video! Have a wonderful rest of summer!

  15. Thanks for sharing! The healing sound of a mountain stream…..
    …so glad to live in God’s country…B.C.

  16. You could always drive just a little further up the highway to Kelowna and do a fruit run, we still have cherries on the trees and apricots and peaches.

    Thanks for the video!

  17. Donna,
    Thanks for sharing a little bit of your vacation – and and little of your insight.

    For those of us who have run away to something, running away from something – the realization that there’s nothing left to run from, begins a sweet new chapter.

    A sweet new chapter, indeed.

  18. Such a great video…thanks to you and your Son for sharing your “peace”. It truly radiates in the photos. So glad Jenna is feeling better.
    Linda S. in NE

  19. Great post. I spend the majority of my summers as a kid at a campground. We parked the trailer and stayed there all summer. My Dad just drove to work from there. As much as I loved it, I didn’t miss it when we decided to stay home that first summer. It was actually more relaxing to just hang out.

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