A country road photo shoot

country road pictures via Funky Junk Interiors

photo heavy post on country road beauty

… continued …

In order to get much of anywhere in my little community, you’re ‘forced’ to take a meandering country road surrounded by acres of hayfields, mountains, and livestock.

My favourite days are those where I’m not in a rush or meeting a deadline. Stopping to take photos of nothing that turn into something does it for me just like a junk DIY.

Here’s a little peek at my homeland. Hope you enjoy these!

horse grazing in field

farmland acreage mountain

cows in field

road signs in field

road signs in field

farmland tall grass beside road

trees along river scenic view

Doesn’t this photograph resemble some world famous painting? It’s something about those trees… I gasp every time I drive by them.

trees along river scenic view

hay grass

rustic red shed in field

And then there’s ‘my’ little red rustic shed lost in a field of tall grass. I just want to chain it up to my truck bumper and drag it home.

rustic red shed in field

The last two are virtually the same photo. The 2nd one, the only difference is I’m on my knees. It really pays to try different stances.

rustic red shed in field by ditch

rustic red shed in field by ditch

Sigh… I’d bet the owner of this shed has no idea how famous it is in my eyes. 🙂

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43 thoughts on “A country road photo shoot

  1. One of the biggest daily joys in life is enjoying the landscape and scenery as you go about your daily business. You have so much to soak in and love here! What a blessing!! Thank you for capturing it so beautifully and sharing it with us. {I’m in love with that little calf, too!}
    <3 Christina

  2. Those mountains in the background are just amazing. And I think you should hook that shed up to the truck, mostly because it would make for a great story.

  3. So pretty. So lush & green. The baby calf is so precious. I love white faced calves. Thanks for sharing. Breathe deep every time you pass by.

  4. These photos are stunning Donna! They make me want to jump right in … go for a walk … have a picnic and day dream. Thanks for sharing them.


  5. Hi Donna! I enjoyed your local scenery very much, especially the little red shed! And those trees along the slough are so perfect! You live in a beautiful part of BC. Have a great day! Pamela

  6. Beautiful photos Donna, I think we (I’m just across the border) live in a gorgeous area and your photos really do it justice. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love your country photos and although I live across the country from you, I have a similar scenic drive to get anywhere. In fact I went out today to get some groceries and thought I really should take my camera but I didn’t since I was so busy. I pass by cows, sheep, horses and some beautiful old barns I’ve been meaning to take photos of but never have. So I get home and read this post… I guess that’s a sign for me to take the time to take some photos!

  8. love your pictures!! and yes i agree there is something about that pictures that triggers a memory of a famous painting.! love the pics!!!
    question what camera do you have?

  9. Donna, What a lucky girl to live in such a beautiful place. It does my heart good that you seem to always take the time to enjoy what you are surrounded by. One question…what is keeping you from pulling into the driveway and finding out about that little red shed? Who knows what mystery lies within, and maybe it wants to come home with you, too!! Linda S. in NE

  10. I can see why you want to take the little red shed home with you; it’s adorable! There is nothing like the open, country spaces. I live in the more populated region of Kansas in the US, but love driving west through the Flint Hills and the plains. So many beautiful places to see in the world. Thanks for sharing some of yours.

  11. I was JUST in the most gorgeous country side (and seaside) escapes ever. And yes, I was in your country experiencing it. While I certainly have beauty close to home, I cannot believe I’ve lived this close to Canada WITH A PASSPORT and just this past weekend, for the first time, made it to the Gulf Islands. Lots of driving and ferries from Seattle(ish) to get there and worth every moment. TO the point of me wanting to make EVERY weekend a Canadian one.

    Lovely country. Even better people. I must get back and definitely get your thoughts on where to shop, where to stop and take photos (along every road, really) when I’m there.


  12. Lovely pix. You live in southern BC, right? I am on Vancouver Island, so we have similar surroundings. I love country roads so much! I’m determined some day to live out of the city. Thanks for that nice little trip, I enjoyed it!

  13. Thank you for refreshing my memory of the Fraser Valley. Such a lovely landscape and you’ve captured it beautifully. I do miss B.C. sometimes 🙁

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