Creating your Workshop Finale – with cord wrapping video


Welcome to the Workshop Series brought to you by

 Funky Junk Interiors and Mustard Seed Creations!

 Today Miss Mustard Seed is leading the last installment of her decorative painting seminar. She’s going to share her design secrets and prove to you that you don’t have to know how to draw in order to paint. Amazing incredible read. I was glued to every word and it totally inspired me to pick up the tools she mentioned to give it a try. Enjoy this one!

First, let’s get started with Funky Junk’s series,

Creating your own Workshop

Entire series to date  HERE

1. Pick your spot.

2. Purge (goofy purge video spoof)

3. Determine your needs.

4. Search for inspiration and ideas (goofy thrift store video spoof)

5. Develop your plan

6. Shopping

7. Setting up

8. Before and After link party!

We’ve already covered the next two subjects, however I’ll lightly touch on the subjects and then move on to learn something new and oh so exciting. 🙂

Part 6. Shopping

Well, you already know where I personally shopped as per Part 4. I shopped my own place first and the local thrift for the bulk of what I required. With a little creativity, you can create a productive area with the simplest of things. Remember also, you can make what you need if you know someone handy enough. It really all amounts to what you personally require to do your type of work.

Where to shop for your setup stuff

your own place

Thrift stores – ready made odds and sods

lumber yards – ready made and DIY

buy off others privately

shop the newspapers/craigslist

~ more on where to shop in Part 4 ~

7. Install

This one’s pretty self explanatory. Unless you’re getting some killer wrap around cabinets and pro workbenches, for the most part you can do most setups yourself, especially if you use ready built items and lightweight table surfaces like the collapsible tables used in Part 4.

~ loads of easy to do installing ideas were in Part 5 ~

Ok, so how would you like a fancy dancy cord wrapping lesson? I mean a little different from the norm?

Fancy Dancy Cord Wrap

Yes folks, you too can have cords that look…

… like this. I know. You can barely stand the suspense. Here ya go!

Fancy Dancy Cord Technique

1. Straighten your entire cord, folding it in half.

2. Place your hand inside the cord and grip as per the picture. Keep gripping and….

3. … pull the gripped area through the looped area so you end up with this.

The rest is really difficult to picture and explain, so I’ll let the crappy quality video take over. 🙂 I love the second segment. There’s a huge lag in between the sound and speech. Looks like a poorly made international movie (that would be nearly true from this Canadian, eh?), complete with gritty screen.

Oh hey.. watch my dog. When I get mad at the noisy geese and dryer vent in the background, Jenna runs for cover. She dislikes my serious voice. 🙂

I like wrapping my cords this way because they totally stay neat and tidy and you can actually use the cord   partially wrapped. They never tangle and are so easy to transport around. A pro electrician showed me this trick and I’ve used it ever since.

This is how that beauty looks in my own garage.

And because I’m totally not the most serious person on earth here, how about a few still shots from the video? Ever do this? Tape yourself then see just how weird you can get the poses just for kicks because you’re avoiding going to work and this was more fun?!?

THAT was an education. Aren’t you glad you tuned in now?

Hey, know what? We’re DONE!

Congrats. You officially have a lovely workshop which is the envy of your entire town. (right??)

What’s up next?



Party – Wed Feb 24

Be there to enter! After the linky closes, we’ll then vote. I’ll announce the whole meal deal next week. YOU get to choose the winner of the most impressive before and after! And for the winner, I’m going to send a little something your way to help make your workshop setup even a little cooler. 🙂

Upcoming Workshop Series changes

Now that our workshops are all nice and clean and ready for high productivity, the workshop series will change.  I’d like to offer diverse topic ranges in much shorter segments so you can capture the most bang for your click on over here. Topics will come before you in a random fashion, so make sure you tune in to see if the topic of the week interests you! There will also be blogger guests showing you their own tricks of the trade.

But first I need your help.

See that poll up on your right sidebar widget?

It wants to know what you want to learn in the workshop series.
Please select ALL the answers that interest you.

Go for it. Let me know what inspires you to come on back and get excited about this thing and I’ll see what I can do. And if I can’t do it, I’ll try and find someone that can.  Feel free to also comment below but don’t forget about the poll up on top. Thanks for your input!

After you’ve clicked your selection and left your comments,  head on over to Mustard Seed Creations for the last segment on decorative painting. Upcoming changes galore everywhere you look today! 🙂

How to wrap an electrical cord via Funky Junk Interiors from Funky Junk Donna on Vimeo.

Funky Junk's Workshop Series
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24 thoughts on “Creating your Workshop Finale – with cord wrapping video

  1. Ok, now you made me go in the basement and see whether I have a cord that is long enough to turn into a necklace! Great video, I long for the great outdoors, have been cooped up inside way to long.

  2. I have to say that I have never seen a cord wrapped like this. I will be the talk of the neighborhood! I’ll be a star!!! LOL!! Thanks for giving me a key to fame!!

  3. I’ve seen this done before but never watched anybody do it,, pretty cool,, looked like a crocheted chain,, ha .. i’ve got to try and see if i can remember how to do it.. I’ve loved this series of putting together the workspace , thanks for sharing all the great tips.

  4. You’re so funny.
    I haven’t seen cords done this way either. All of my contractor guys just wrap them with the elbow.

    Personally, I just throw all of mine in a bucket. What you’re doing requires discipline I’m not sure I have. I’ll see if I can pull it off before the reveal. lol

    Hey, I have to reveal two areas. Can I do that? I have my workroom for sewing inside the house, and then my tool area in the garage, which by the way, I haven’t even started on yet. Oh, the pressure.

  5. Okay you are just way too clever for me… I am sure going to try this one out for sure… I put a post on my blog for you… A little storage solution for the workshop go check her out.


  6. I especially like the way the cord comes undone…so smooth. I don’t have long cords like this in my life, but if I did I’d watch and re-watch what you did to get it that way. I’d probably fail though. I can’t chew gum and walk at the same time.

    Hey, I clicked on a bunch of things Not the plumbing! What’s board and batten????? (scratching head) Guess I’ll find out, right?

    Your son did a nice job on the international video! The photos were funny, but if you could have been in my seat watching it here, you’d be on the floor. The sound wasn’t aligned with the video! Not that was comedic!!!

    This series has been so good for me. My studio/workshop isn’t any thing special and won’t win any decorating magazine awards, but it certainly is altering my perspective every single day. I skip now. I used to meander. I smile more. I used smirk. And, gosh darn it, I cry. Why did you do this to me??? Tears of gratitude, of course!

    Looking forward to seeing your garage and all the other gals work spaces. I know I’ll be even more inspired!!!

  7. Polly, if you’ve worked hard at creating TWO wonderful DIY workspaces, you absolutely rock and can post both! If you’ve done double the work, you get double the chance imo. 🙂

    What’s up with this procrastination? How many weeks have we ran this deal now?!? No, moving across the country while living out of a moving truck with unorganized mayhem won’t let you off the hook. You have no such time to read. You have a garage to tweak! 🙂

    Contractor guys wrapping cords with their elbows? That’s the #1 way to tangle up a cord. Get your guys to read this series. That’ll learn’em. 🙂

    FJ Donna

  8. I have used that cord wrapping technique for years. My father taught it to me who learned it from an electrician when he was younger. One thing to note on that, and you did it perfectly, is keep you looks loose. If you don’t overtime you will cause the cord to begin to twist and it can lead to a break inside of the cord. DAMHIKT

    The shop looks great.

  9. What Grover says is totally true. I really should wind the cord alot looser, but it drives me batty when it ‘looks’ sloppy. 🙂 I take great pains to ensure the cord isn’t twisted first.

    The guy in the video that I’ve posted on the sidebar? His is sloppy like but I’m sure it’s the right way. And there’s no way you can achieve this with really heavy duty cords, just the lighter weight ones.

    FJ Donna

  10. I’m with you on the sloppy look. That’s how I found out what happens when you wrap it to tight. I thought your loops were perfect. I used to wrap them REALLY tight. I messed up a couple of cords that way. It’s a great way to store your cords. Thanks for reminding me about it. I need to go wrap a couple cords now. 🙂

  11. Well, I never thought I’d see anyone crochet an extension cord! That is awesome. I’ll have to show my hubby – it will revolutionize cord wrapping in Redneckville! Love it.

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