Dear blog… it’s the cat’s fault.

Dear Blog... it's the cat's fault. - When the best of blog intentions go WAY astray. via Funky Junk Interiors

It may nearly be time to write a Dear Diary Blog kinda post. Because, quite honestly, things change by the second around here and you can’t mess up a Dear Blog post, right?

Dear Blog,

I told myself, “Yeah, you should start a regular thing on your blog… as in a schedule. Go on, you can do it!”

So I was all smart like and decided this! So proud.

Monday – inspiration day

Check!  Happy dance! NEXT. This should be a snap by the way.

Tues – junk day

Uh… oops. Sidetracked. I got an email that changed my day and nothing to show for it yet. And then the microwave fix it guy came and you might say he found me mildly entertaining as I chatted up junk to him and my goings ons and he just shrugged and went “Uh huh.” Add to that the smokin’ headache I woke up with. I don’t get headaches so is this the flu thing that everyone is getting? No idea. But boy did my head gain weight in the past few hours…

Wed – photo tips… 

Good idea! You get asked that a lot. But… guess we’ll have to see how I feel now…

Thurs – blog tips

You use to do these all the time… what happened to you?! Ok, well, we’ll have to see… I’m rather behind. Can I blame it on the headache in advance maybe?

Fri – instagram craziness

These are fun and easy! Guess I’ll charge my phone up now so it cooperates. And get off the computer to go take pictures. If I get caught up and stuff.

Sat / Sun – Weekend link party

Is it the weekend already? What happened to during the week part?


Once upon a time, when my son was sick, we pulled out Shrek, cuddled on the couch and watched it together. So now whenever he feels a little off, he mentions we should watch Shrek together. Sweetest thing ever.

So I thought of Shrek with my heavy head and blasted schedule. But not only will I not be catching you tonight, uh… ouch. Head, heavy, hi kitty on my chair…. I should turn the furnace off… pillow, soft pillow… cold water would be nice… it’s hot in here, I should take off my jacket. Why are my jacket AND shoes on… huh?


Dear blog… it’s the cat’s fault. Raincheck?


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27 thoughts on “Dear blog… it’s the cat’s fault.

  1. are we twins?
    I am so befuddled I cant post at all.

    not even sure what to write to tell folks I cant get it together enough to post..

    I enjoyed reading yours and I do Understand.

    this too shall pass

  2. The crud/flu has been in my household too. Not a functioning time that’s for sure. Hope it doesn’t last as long as it did here. Thanks for sharing. Speedy recovery. Hugs.

  3. Too funny! YES you can blame the cat! I am in awe and will give a bow to those that can accomplish so much during the week. Planning ahead sometimes just makes me feel like a failure when it doesn’t get done…so…I don’t plan my week out….huh…how bout that! I just know that I had good intentions.
    Girlie…You made me smile this morning…makes me feel normal. :0 Have a super day and hope you are not getting that yuckie flu crap!

  4. Ha ha!! You’re a mess!! Love it!!! What’s a schedule anyways?? I keep starting a schedule, and I even write down posts I want to do on my calendar… never happens. I think being spontaneous is more fun! 🙂 Hope you get to feeling better soon! Hugs!!!

  5. Ahhh…I know the feeling well. thank you for putting it all in such a tidy package of wonderful words…think of it as a blog on self care…we all need help with that!

  6. That crazy bug has been cycling through our home for months! It’s just the pits. Sure hope you feel better soon. And, totally off topic. . . any chance you are coming to this year’s Blogwest media conference here in Edmonton in March? I am taking courage in hand and going alone because it turned out my sister Tamara already had something else booked. It would be nice to see a familiar face there. (Even if it is just ‘I read your blog all the time’ familiar. ;D)

  7. darling daughter was down on Monday with headache and fever. she’s twenty and I still baby her when she’s sick. everyone needs to be babied when they feel icky. so Donna, I pray you feel better and it’s not what’s going around. but regardless, by all means, put on your comfy cozy clothes, curl up in your blankie and watch some movies. oh..and it doesn’t matter what you write on your blog…we just love reading it!

    lifting you in prayer for rest and healing 🙂

  8. Hope you are feeling well soon! We had the fever, headache, body ache “flu” thing already so I know exactly what you mean…. go ahead and watch Shrek! It will make you feel better, especially if you have a kitty to cuddle with a your son to enjoy as well… oh and a nice cup of tea will help. Take care and get better!

  9. Feel better soon, Donna. Sometimes looking after yourself has to come before you can look after anything else. And I’m so behind on emails, chances are you already are better!
    (Your cat looks exactly like my Pickle!)(Have I told you that before?? lol)
    Debbie 🙂

  10. Poor little innocent kitty! ;D The month of January went by like a streak of greased lightening due to that confounded ‘flu bug. I sincerely hope that you are feeling better by now. Don’t worry about a blog schedule, we love you when you get to it!!

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