DIY arrows for Valentine’s Day PJ 265

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Welcome to Party Junk 265 – DIY arrows for home decor

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Greetings and a happy weekend to you! 

Arrows felt like a cool topic right before Valentine’s Day. They are so big in home decor right now, so here’s a little collection of salvaged junk arrows that any junker would love to have.

But first… here’s one I made that I haven’t even published yet! It was meant for Christmas but I never did find a useful way to utilize it quite yet… so here’s how far I got…

Reclaimed wood arrow from wood scraps /
How to make a reclaimed wood arrow / with just scraps of wood and glue! So easy.

Dig through your wood scraps. Then chop off the tip of a plank, picket style. 

Cut down chunks of random wood.

Dry fit on the arrow.

Reclaimed wood arrow from wood scraps /
Hot glue it in place…

Reclaimed wood arrow from wood scraps /
… and you are done!

Add some wall hooks, and you have a towel hanger, a place for keys, anything really. 

What would you use it for? Maybe I’ll do that… 🙂

Here are a few others around blog town…

Rustic twig arrow ornaments by Yellow Bliss Road, featured on
Twig arrows – Yellow Bliss Road

Don’t tiny little branches make the cutest arrows ever?

Reclaimed wood and corrugated metal arrow by Chipping with Charm, featured on
Corrugated metal and reclaimed wood arrow / Chipping with Charm

Metal plus reclaimed wood = be still my junk lovin’ heart! Laurel, pass this baby my way any ‘ol time!

Illuminated wood arrow OPEN sign, by Scavenger Chic, featured on
Illuminated open arrow sign / Scavenger Chic

It’s a cool arrow sign PLUS nightlight! So fun!

Corrugated metal directional arrow, by The Shabby Creek Cottage, featured on
Corrugated metal curved arrow / The Shabby Creek Cottage

Gina also shows how to add the perfect old patina to new metal. Cool design!


Colourful reclaimed arrow by Beyond the Picket Fence, featured on
Reclaimed wood colourful arrow / Beyond the Picket Fence

Becky had me at the colours, and the arrow just ramped it up. Love this!

Yardstick arrows, by Finding Home Online, featured on
Yardstick arrows / Finding Home

Laura is a master with yardstick creations. Her arrows did not disappoint! So clever!

Reclaimed wood arrow sign with You Cut Tree Farm stencil design, featured on
Reclaimed wood arrow sign in paint studio / Funky Junk Interiors

My arrow landed in my paint studio tour… come peek around!

Reclaimed wood arrow sign with Christmas You Cut Tree Farm stencil design, featured on
Reclaimed wood arrow sign with stencils for purchase plus how to / Funky Junk Interiors

And here’s how you can make your own arrow sign, along with how to get the stencils for the design. So easy!

Aren’t they beautiful?! Have i encouraged you to make your own DIY arrow?

Salvaged Junk Hearts! featured on

But in case you love hearts more, visit this post on Salvaged Junk Hearts!

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13 thoughts on “DIY arrows for Valentine’s Day PJ 265

  1. I’m still working on my Heap of Change Challenge. My workshop has made an amazing transformation thanks to you and I still have a couple of projects to go. Love seeing my OPEN sign make an appearance today, that was a surprise. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love arrows! I have a lighted (lit ?) one poiinting toward my front door. My question is what kind of glue is in your hot glue gun and what type of gun? It looks more heavy duty than a regular crafting glue gun. Keep the great ideas coming girl. We are kindred spirits! There should be a convention or something for playing with junk!

  3. Arrows are all the rage now, too, aren’t they? I see them everywhere…and it’s no wonder because they are pretty darned cool! I’m going to have to try making one to put in my little front porch…it could use some dressing up after Xmas. Happily, there is lots of scrap wood out in the shed! 🙂

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