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Hello everyone! 

Well, you just won’t believe where I’m writing this post today! At 4:19 PM Hawaiian time. Oops… 20 min late already party time! huff puff…

palm trees in maui
My son and I have once again returned home escaped to our beloved Hawaii! We just arrived late last night for a good long stay again. So while I’ll maybe hold myself back from flooding your social media feeds, I’ve been debating how to deliver our stories on the blog this round. We are staying too long for journal style, so I think I’ll just chime in when I have something to say. But if you have any requests, now’s the time!

posting at the pool in maui
Wifi is spotty at best, so we may try a link party on Facebook next Friday… that could be cool! So, sorry to shorten the features, as you know I love to go all out, but this is what I could manage without throwing the laptop into the bottom of the pool this round… glug glug.

posting at the pool in maui
I’m certain you feel very sorry for me, so for that, I thank you… 😉

I’ll tell you our ‘why we’re back’ story next week. It’s already Friday, how in the world did that happen? So let’s get this party started!

Here are some drop dead gorgeous junk projects from last weekend… 

Picture frame project by Thistlewood Farms, featured on Funky Junk Interiors
Reclaimed wood picture frame project by Thistlewood Farms

Seriously KariAnne… this is a gorgeous look that can be so easily personalized. I want some! You rock star you…

Vintage sleigh Americana planter, by Redo It Yourself Inspirations, featured on Funky Junk Interiors
Vintage sleigh Americana planter, by Redo It Yourself Inspirations

Did you also say WOW!? I admit, I would be a tad afraid to do this to my own sleds, but this is so beautifully done, it’s a piece of art I’m tempted to challenge my painting skills with! And I love that it’s in such a unique spot outdoors.

Ikea glass cabinet door pool sign, by Kreativ K, featured on Funky Junk Interiors
Ikea glass cabinet door pool sign, by Kreativ K

Are you kidding me? Where we are now, how could I NOT feature this cool project?! I love the idea of sketching out your own sign with a washable felt pen. Want one!

DIY hexagon planters on wall, by MyLove2Create, featured on Funky Junk Interiors
DIY hexagon planters on wall, by MyLove2Create

Oh my goodness… just when I thought I knew what a hexagon planter was, these transpired. I just adore their weight, and pieced together look! 

Well, it’s time to make this laptop take a dip! Thanks for always tuning in guys, and don’t forget to visit the goodness linked up below!

Aloha, and more soon!



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Party Highlights on Pinterest from Party Junk.53 PM

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So, what did you make this past week?

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15 thoughts on “DIY salvaged junk 335

  1. You see your wish is coming true of becoming a travel writer! We want to know all about the trip. Architectural details, the way the people live, the food they eat, go all out! And of course, how good the bikes are! Have a great time Donna!

  2. Hawaii again!!! And not too long after NYC!!! How great for you. How great for us. You can’t make us wait until Friday for more pictures and your great journalistic posts. I loved your last Hawaii trip and all the adventures you shared. It is like being on your shoulder as you travel along….so don’t do any less this time. It is HOT where some of us are and maybe looking at those ocean and palm tree views would cool us off a bit.
    Have a great time and post lots. Blessings.

  3. love the smell when you get off the plane! have fun with your son and journal your thoughts if you feel like it…you’ll come home energized if you get to relax

  4. Wow, Hawaii sounds amazing, have tons of fun! Thank you so much for featuring my pool sign, yay! I don’t have anything junky to share this time, hopefully next week! Cheers!

  5. Have fun in Hewaya??????

    Would love to see pictures of any garage sales/ vintage stores or any other cutesy type stuff that we all love.


  6. I’m so glad you and your son are able to travel and enjoy yourselves. Your son will have lots of stories to tell his friend when he goes back to school.
    are you staying at the same place you stayed at last year, if I remember right you stayed at a couple different locations.
    It must be like heaven I can’t wait to read all about it and see the pictures.

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