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Happy New Year! 

It’s good to be back!  

As you know, I went on vacation to Maui over Christmas, then spent Christmas at home right after. No doubt. This was the most unique and fabulous Christmas I can EVER remember. I just may have to make this a habit… 

My highlights
Sooo… I have been posting, and…

Shared my best junk of 2016

Started purging

Did a pretty backroads photo tour of Maui

And showcased my first project of 2017, that’s all about pipes, wood and coffee.

Feedback request

I always like to ask your opinions in the new year.

Is this link party still valuable enough to run?

Bloggers, do you get decent traffic from it? Do you read other linkups? What makes you return to THIS party vs. others?

Readers, are you even reading? 🙂 Would you miss it if it was no more?

If left running, would you like to see some changes? Leave it the same?

I invite any and all suggestions!
So bear with me as you read way too much babble below. I felt especially chatty today, since taking a link party break last weekend.

Here are some wicked cool highlights from our last party

Vintage Christmas card picture carousel, by Sadie Seasongoods, featured on Funky Junk Interiors
Vintage Christmas card picture carousel, by Sadie Seasongoods

I always smile when I come across a Sarah project. Honestly, I think she waltzes into thrift stores, and picks up the one thing there are hundreds of that no one else wants, and flips them into must grabs just to tease the masses.

Do I want it? No. But after I get home… smacks head with hand…

Could you imagine if she actually worked in a thrift store? You’d have to rename it some high end home decor store after she got ahold of the loot!

This carousel card display is soooooo clever! 

Thrifted scarf gift wrap, by Adirondack Girl at Heart, featured on Funky Junk Interiors
Thrifted scarf gift wrap, by Adirondack Girl at Heart

So clever… so clever. Scarfs in thrift stores all over will be in hot demand once this idea truly leaks out. Feeling slightly inclined to upgrade my sewing machine…

Mason jar rim chicken wire Christmas ornaments, by The Painted Hinge, featured on Funky Junk Interiors
Mason jar rim chicken wire Christmas ornaments, by The Painted Hinge

I adore the challenge of decorating a tree for free. That makes this sweet idea using mason jar rims priceless! The chicken wire adds the perfect backdrop to display anything you wish.

Repurposed dress form jewellery stand into pin cushion, by Do It Yourself Inspirations, featured on Funky Junk Interiors
Repurposed dress form jewellery stand into pin cushion, by Do It Yourself Inspirations

Would you believe I never wear jewelry? I don’t. Not even a smidgen. So a jewelry stand would never have been on my radar. 

Until I saw this stand revamped into a pin cushion, that resembles a vintage dress form. So darling and genius!

Bedspring Shiny Brite Christmas tree, by Lora B, featured on Funky Junk Interiors
Bedspring Shiny Brite Christmas tree, by Lora B

There is nothing quite like a well assembled junk project that auto flips into the Christmas spirit. And this simple, but outstanding idea would be it!

The Shiny Brites just make it pop, and give it a true, authentically vintage vibe.

Pipes and reclaimed wood mini coffee station shelf, by
Pipes and reclaimed wood mini coffee station shelf, by Funky Junk Interiors

After cleaning up my kitchen, it felt tired. As in, I just wanted to look at something new. 10 minutes later, this pipe and plank shelf transpired! I sure wish I could clean my kitchen that quickly. 🙂

DIY vintage sleigh Christmas signs, by Follow Your Heart Woodworking

Oh my goodness… Right before I left on my Christmas vacay, I dreamed up creating my own junk version of a Christmas sleigh. It never materialized.

Julie has officially encouraged me to do it for winter! These DIY sleigh signs are perfection. And I love that a sleigh can reach far beyond just the Christmas season. 

Also perfect for those that can’t land any authentic sleighs or don’t wish to spend the big $ for them. They aren’t cheap in my region!

Reclaimed wood rustic Christmas angels, by Follow Your Heart Woodworking

I LOVE an easy, reclaimed wood project, and these rustic angels are perfect! I could see hanging one up for keys or coats in an entry. So fun!

What did you make this past week? Best of posts welcome too! Link up below!

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~ Blah blah linkup rules ~

1. UpcycledDIY home projects only please. Items for sale must be in tutorial form on your blog.

2. Linkups must be your own work, not another’s.

3. Only projects new to this link party please. The themed linkup (if applicable) is an exception.

4. By linking up here, you’re cool with me featuring you on my blog,  Pinterest, Twitter, FJI Facebook and I Love That Junk with a link back to you, or its own new LINK WIDGET with no additional permission required.

5. No need to link back! Pinning the first image would be very appreciated. Thank you! 🙂

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38 thoughts on “DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 360 and feedback request

  1. I <3 you…you know that, right?? THANK YOU for the sweetest, most blush-worthy feature.

    And YES, I look forward to your link party every week…smart lady puts it on a Friday night when the weekend is in front of us with so much possibility. But I LOVE your party…the 100% DIY/Repurposed aspect of it puts it in a class by itself for someone like me. I hope your readers enjoy it as much as us bloggers appreciate it…and YOU!

  2. Ditto for everything Sadie Seasongoods said except for the blush worthy feature of course. For a repurposer like myself your party can’t be beat. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Can’t tell you how honored I am that you featured my Bedspring Shiny Brite Tree! Seems to be one of those “I’ve got that…and those” kind of projects that will be easy for vintage junk lovers to replicate next year!
    I”ve been reading your blog for years and used to do link-ups when I owned my store on that blog, but have been linking up the last few weeks with my new blog and have been very happy with the traffic, so keep it up! I also love looking at what other people are creating in a wide variety of styles.

  4. Thanks for the feature, Donna! Soooo appreciated 🙂 I get lots of good traffic from your party, in fact of the ten or so parties I participate in (used to be much more), I get the most traffic from your party (and always have). I like your narrower focus and the quality of the link-ups. I visit as many of them as I can. I love your enthusiasm for your features, which is gratifying to those being featured and creates a little buzz for the projects (particularly when you post features on your facebook page). I know the work that goes into a party (I have one, too), but from my point of view, yours is really paying off 🙂 I’d love it if it continued. I don’t have a link up this week because I did a couple of round up posts this week, but I’ll be back next week with bells on!

  5. Thanks so much for the feature Donna! Love your link party because it attracts so many talented vintage and junk creators. Like that it’s on a Friday, but wouldn’t mind if it went up earlier in the day…just an idea.

    • Thanks Lora! Totally get the time thing, it’s only 7pm pacific when it goes up. I’ve tried it earlier several times but I just couldn’t seem to roll with the changes for long. I seem to be stuck in this weekend night thing for whatever reason! Probably because I’m generally still building the post right before I post perhaps? haha

  6. Donna I have always loved and learned from your posts and join in when I have something to share with your DIY Salvaged Junk Projects, this week’s 360th ! I do get good traffic from your blog when I join in, that has always been appreciated. Truly hope you will continue to host.

    Happy 2017 New Year.


  7. Donna I look forward to this party every week. I get very good views from participating in your party and I also find it invaluable for creativity. You seem to always get the most imaginative creations from bloggers that fit in my niche which is repurposing upcycling. This is not always the case with other parties so I find this very useful. For me your party is a must. Even if I have nothing to contribute, like today, I still pop on over to see what others are sharing. Keep it coming!!

  8. I love your link parties, I get such great ideas from them. They are a great way to cut down on all of my searching for ideas, they are all in one spot. I have found some very good blogs to follow as well through your link parties. Please keep them.

  9. I look forward to it every week and I’d miss it. So many great ideas and features from you and other bloggers. You do a great job and I appreciate your efforts, even if I’m not a blogger.

  10. Please keep this party going, Donna. I love that it’s only about repurposed and upcycled projects. I visit every week, no matter if I have something to link up or not. When I have a post to link up, I always have good traffic. Thank you very much for the work you put into these party posts!
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  11. Donna after a few life changes I’m no longer blogging. I waltz in once a week to take a long relaxing look at the blog. I enjoy the variety of the party and I often visit the other sites.
    I’ve been following for years. I’ve remarried and my current home is not the kind that lends itself to all the rust and seasoned wood that I had collected for 20 years but there’s a funky junker inside of me and I find things I can repurpose and incorporate.
    It’s like a little bit of me is coming home.

  12. Hi Donna! Thank you so much for featuring my Mason jar lid Christmas ornaments! I so very much appreciate it! 🙂

    Your party is one of my favorite ones to visit. Like Diana said, I like the narrower focus and better quality linkups. I always look forward to it on Friday nights to kick off my weekend right! 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle!

      I myself like the relaxed weekend feel of it. It’s there if you wish for when you are ‘suppose to be’ relaxing (haha).

      I also prefer the smaller focus. I don’t think the amount of linkups is the most important. My past parties use to have 3 topics, PLUS a themed linkup and were massive. But also overwhelming.

      Glad you approve! 🙂

  13. I don’t have a blog but I really look forward to what you post each week and I probably visit 90% of the other sites that link up with you. Your vision and your taste is what draws me to you the most. I love how you use the most crusty, rusty throw away items in the most simple but interesting way. I have (since reading your blog) gone out to my barn and garage and pulled out everything that I thought was worthless and put it in a new category of “maybe someday”. Please continue your weekly link up party and never think that it is not “valuable”. I’m glad to see your other blog members agree.

  14. LOVE this site and I visit it and the things listed faithfully. So many original ideas and executed extremely well! I hope you know what a resource you are for those of us that love rusty and junky and the coolest repurposes!

  15. Feedback: I never look at any of the links, I just look at your favorites from the previous week. And I rarely clink on any of those links to go the source blog. So, I do read the post each week but I wouldn’t miss it if it were gone.

    • Good to know, Denise! Thanks! The fact that you do scan the features is still a good thing. 🙂

      If there is anything you can think of that would make this kind of post a little more enticing for even just yourself, feel free to share!

  16. Your comments are so good to hear! But not just because you are so gracious, although that does not hurt! haha

    This showcases exactly what I needed to know… that you are indeed involved and invested.

    Thank you so much for sharing each weekend, and for your generous comments!

  17. Donna, just a reader who truly enjoys your projects, musings, pictures, adventures, ramblings, thoughts and humor. Your style is down to earth and your posts are interesting. You let us in to have a glimpse of your processes of design, styling and creativity. You are funny, humble and gracious and I would miss not reading your blog. I feel that if we lived closer we could be friends and I am sure that is how a lot of your readers also feel. Please know we appreciate you and keep on with sharing your stories with us!

  18. Donna,

    I am going to ditto what Teri said. Keep your Friday night link party going and also I do view other bloggers you showcase in your parties.

    Look forward to another awesome year, thank you Donna.

  19. Donna, your Salvaged Junk projects make my Saturday mornings. No “food clutter” here. Just lots of good junk!

  20. Look how many people participate! I think your party is the only one where I’m guaranteed that there aren’t silly kid crafts and recipes. These are {mostly} sophisticated redos, repurposes and making new out of old. I’m in! Perhaps in the next week or so, I will have started my blog and can participate. Keeping my painted fingers crossed!

  21. Don’t have a blog, but admire this one tremendously. Look forward to your weekend party with so many wonderful ideas to reuse rather than creating more waste. Like others, I can connect to informative and useful websites through these links. Please continue what you have done so well for so long.

  22. As a blogger, & reader looking for inspiration I love the link party. This is the only link party I have joined in on. I enjoy that it comes out on the weekend and usually on Sunday I sit with my coffee and have a look at all the features.

  23. I like this party because it’s relatively small and specific. Although I check other parties each week this one is more satisfying because it doesn’t include a bunch of recipes or the same popular decor found on hundreds of other blog sites. You are unique and these projects are unique. Small in number is not necessarily a bad thing!

  24. LOVE the projects and “brain candy” I see on your site and the link up parties. My vote would be to keep it as is. I have found other wonderful blogs through your site and have been inspired by many of the creative people I have found on your link parties. I don’t have my own blog, but I love to look around and visit other sites too. It was through your site that I started to visit Sadie Seasongoods and have enjoyed her blog also!

  25. I really enjoy everything you do and yes I love he link party every week to get a taste of various styles and different kinds of projects.. I look forward to your emails.

  26. Please continue the link party just the way it is. I don’t have to sift through recipes, self-help articles (though I’m certain I should 🙂 ), etc. I know exactly what I’m going to find at your party and soooo look forward to each and every one. Honestly, this link party is my favorite. Love your style, too, don’t change one thing.

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