PJ 250 – repurposed shutters

100 + Repurposed Shutters / sliding doors, furniture and beyond! via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Welcome to Party Junk 250 – Repurposed Shutters

Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific

Happy weekend once again everyone! Welcome to another upcycled party where you get to show what you’ve made!

So… shutters! Repurposed shutters are easy to work with. You can just hang them up and they will add character galore, or they can become furniture, shelves, and so much more.

Here are a few that caught my eye….

Put a couple of old shutters on steel tracks, and you have yourself vintage styled sliding doors. I personally have never thought to use shutters for barn doors… genius.
Garden art shutters, by Hoosier Homemade

Garden art shutters / Hoosier Homemade

When Liz moved into her home, there were all sorts of amazing things left. Among the stash were these shutters. She attempted to put them in her yard, but the weather wasn’t kind to them.

So she picked up ‘the right kind of paint’, and not only protected them properly this round, they are an integral part of her now very colourful garden. Aren’t they pretty?! Perfect for yards that aren’t in full bloom (like mine).

Repurposed shutter kitchen island by Beyond the Picket Fence

Shutter kitchen island / Beyond the Picket Fence

When Becky’s husband picked up these shutters for $1 at a garage sale, bet she had no idea that they’d eventually become a cool kitchen island! I dearly love this piece. 

Garden art shutter fence, by Our Fairfield Home and Garden

The 32 shutter garden challenge / Our Fairfield Home and Garden

When a neighbour gifted Barb with 32 old shutters, she gave herself a challenge to see if she could utilize ALL of them in her gorgeous garden. This fence hinged together is to die for! But wait till you see the trellis…


Cottage in the Oaks has curated a fabulous clipboard in Hometalk that’s all about shutters!


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  1. Hi Donna – just finished reading about your beautiful vacation – it sounds like a dream come true ( except for the freaknoid bugs LMHO )
    Thanks so much for the party

  2. hi
    is it just me? or did it just get much harder to post on Saturday Night Special link? . . . maybe i just missed a previous post . . . but i found it very difficult to find the place to share my link.

    anyway thanks for doing the party.

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