A dreamy kitchen made out of recycled materials

Take a good look at this picture. It’s my bet you won’t pick up even half the details without reading the amazing way it was built. The kitchen was done with recycled materials and doing the labour themselves, the cost came to $3800.00. For the WHOLE kitchen.

Check out this hutch. It’s totally custom from repurposed odds and sods. Here’s the writeup…

“Hutch” bottom is 2 sets of vanity drawers and one desk drawer. Add legs. Frontdoorjunkin cut out the centers of the upper doors (that girl can do anything!) and I had the glass put in. I added beadboard and a shelf.

I mean, oh my gosh. The ideas, the look, the finish on the cupboards, there isn’t anything I don’t love here! And it gets better. Look at this island.

The writeup doesn’t say how the top is made, but it sure looks like an old door to me.

When you pick up a decorator magazine, you tend to gloss over many details until you read the writeup. It’s only then that each detail comes into full view, allowing you to appreciate the magic that went into the project.

This kitchen is worth such a read. I wish the writeup had even MORE detail. But it’s worth a peek all the same.

I spotted this gem in HGTV’s Rate My Space.


Do you have any idea how bad I want to take creamy white paint and a hammer to my cabinets when I see this?!? I must go. I can be so weak.

Update: I often wonder how others are feeling when their work is featured on a blog. Check out Front Door Junkin’ on Becca telling Debra Renee that her kitchen is now famous. 🙂 Too awesome!

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7 thoughts on “A dreamy kitchen made out of recycled materials

  1. I am dying! That is the most gorgeous kitchen! The top of the island is a door. I think you missed the last page of the write up. It said:

    The island top is a door I purchased at Habitat for Humanity for $30. I distressed and painted it to look old and added the tile inserts. Reproduction ceiling tile can be purchase at Lowes. Tempered glass is used on top

  2. Thanks Lorie, I did miss that! I’ve had this kitchen bookmarked forever. It’s just so charming. Glad you gals enjoyed it!

    Funky Junk Donna

  3. Donna, I have been watching your blog for a while now and truly enjoy your post. Imagine my surprise when you posted my great friends kitchen. I can’t even describe how much talent she has. I will be doing a post about her soon. Becca

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