A follower spotlight on… subtle Halloween decorating

Much to my son’s dismay, I stopped decorating for Halloween for awhile now. The biggest reason was the amount of work it took. Secondly, it was just ‘too much busy.’ Orange and black and all that.

The next few photos you’ll see, by Secret Garden Cottage will have you rethinking Halloween decor. The touches are so subtle, that the photos take on a Where’s Waldo’s Halloween Decor? kind of find and seek game.

I started following Jo’s lovely blog awhile back. She was pretty new to blogging at the time but her photos of her home had me clicking the FOLLOW button IMMEDIATELY. But it wasn’t just her home that hooked me in, it was her amazing photography. She’s got a terrific eye which you will soon see.

I laff when I see superstars in their early days because I’m generally right about them. I can always spot the ones that will excel. Jo is one of them. Jo is living proof that showing only your BEST photos will climb your numbers quickly!

Ok… back on topic here… see if you can’t spot the smallest Halloween touches in the next few pictures. Enjoy!

How I love this cloche vignette!

Vintage all the way. Yum!! Don’t you love the hydrangea touches?

LOVE the flanking of the old weathered wood components around that old gate!

 Did you also know Jo’s old gate was a direct inspiration from  my own old gate?

Aren’t the crows the BEST touch here?!?

Oh… those itty bitty pumpkins are the BEST!

Brilliant use of that old window!

Oh my… that road sign is to DIE for!

Jo’s post also made it into my Tumblr files. 
It’s fairly new and I’ll be adding a button to my sidebar soon!
Care to see what continues to inspire this junker? Check it out!

Jo, wonderful photography and such gorgeous vignettes! Even if they do expose the odd bone and spider here and there. 🙂 Thanks for being a loyal follower!

Wonder which follower I’ll feature next? Hmmmm…..

Wish to see the rest of this post in it’s entirety? Visit The Secret Garden Cottage HERE and be prepared to drool at that kitchen island!

Has Jo also transformed your own take on Halloween decorating? Do you decorate for the big scary day? If so, what’s your method of madness?

Dunno about you, but I’m ready for SNS tonite after THAT photo montage. The themed linkup is window sill decor and  I even re-junkified  my kitchen window sills for the event. 🙂 See you tonite!

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19 thoughts on “A follower spotlight on… subtle Halloween decorating

  1. I love Jo’s home. I am always inspired by her blog each and every time I visit. Love her subtle halloween decor. I used to do up halloween big time. For the kids of course 😉 but I have slowed it down and mainly do Fall now.

    She needs to share some photography tips! Can’t wait to see the window sills. Mine are mostly low so they get no decorating! How sad is that?

  2. Donna, thank you so much for featuring my Halloween decor on your blog and your super kind and supportive comments… you made me blush girl!!! You’re such a sweetie!! And it’s so TRUE… you have inspired me in so many ways… with your garden gate headboard, photography, DIY projects, and your writing… so THANK YOU for that, too, my friend!! If anyone needs to do a tutorial on how to take great pictures… it’s YOU!! Yours are awesome!! 🙂

    Thank you to Donna’s followers who have left such sweet comments about my Halloween decor… you guys rock!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!
    Hugs ~ Jo

    P.S. I wonder if I should link up my windowsill with all the skulls on it… hahahaha!! 😉

  3. Jo’s house is awesome! I typically do not decorate for Halloween but this year I put out a couple of things I found with the fall decorations. If I were to really decorate for Halloween, I would prefer Jo’s more subtle approach to it.

    ~ Tracy

  4. I stopped at the $ store today and Jo’s decor is all that kept going through my head….i did pick some black birds up and may go back out for more was surprised at the stock they had yet!

  5. Hey Miss Junk… I just noticed the Tumblr Files… thanks again, Donna! I feel really humbled to be placed among all of those talented ladies and inspiring blogs. 🙂
    This is the second place I’ve heard about Tumblr. I’m definitely going to have to check out that website.
    See ya!
    ~ Jo 🙂

  6. Jo has amazing style. I love her home…and what she does with the spaces. I agree with you – she has such a knack for photography – she is able to capture an angle that just speaks to you….it look’s professionally shot. Every time I visit Jo’s blog – I want to whitewash my house…and try to create her look. I wished I could do that!!

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