Funky creation alert! Let’s line an armoire with…

Aren’t these texutres lovely? The possibilities are endless on how to utilize these goodies!

I have this here very nice woodsy armoire in the kitchen I use for my office storage. Now wouldn’t the back of this unit look sweet with something different lining the inside?!?

So… which do you think I chose?

Here, let me help!

I’ll give you a hint…

Heeeeeee! Dingdingding, YES! You guessed right!!! (I saw that look) My love affair with metal continues. 🙂

Excuse me a momento while I go cut me some rusty metal clad siding! No time for a good hair day, tie your hair

BACK for this project and go play! (a how to on cutting metal will follow soon)

And here is the result!

Honestly? It’s pretty awesome when you see it in the room as a whole. Bear in mind I have a metal topped island, and metal components on the fireplace and my raw steel rod stairway spindles. The rust warms up the metal just enough and ties in the wood. It does work in the room! Would you like abit more of a tour?

A something or other grinder to hold pens and pencils…

Isn’t the handle the coolest?!?

Some canning jars begging to be filled. And yeah, that’s an old cookie tin in the background. I loved the texture on it and makes a cool tray in a pinch too.

A little repainted and glazed framed picture with a meaningful title at this time in my life.

Tip: To haze out a picture, place tracing paper in front of it to fog the image. It works! Two layers here. The song page is from a piano music book.

Old sewing machine drawers as extra storage. The drawers are a perfect fit for glass cup placements to store paperclips, etc.

My little eclectic sitting area with two different chairs. I ADORE the black backed one, it is huge and was a whoppin’ $20. Worth it. It’s a great chair.

So when I first moved in, the dining room looked like this. (ewww!)

This was the next step. Same table, minus the leaf. All else different. Much improved, but a little dry…

And today, is now a warm productive eclectic mix of whimsey! And yes, musical chairs play here too. I’m always tweaking… and you know, that table… wouldn’t it look great in white with a glaze??? But then I may have to go back to…

… this pile again. Sigh… walk away. Go finish your bedroom in these tones instead… waaaalk away…

But know what’s really cool? If I change my mind, I can simply unscrew the panel and have something else! I love that. If I change it out, I’ll do another temporary fix again too. A change is good every so often!

So what do you think? Will my love for breaking new ground with metal scare the Christmas show attendies away screaming?!?

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47 thoughts on “Funky creation alert! Let’s line an armoire with…

  1. That turned out marvelous. Your dining room now has so much personality! I love rooms that make you want to linger and see every tiny detail — that’s exactly what you have created. So beautifully pulled together. (I really thought the rust was going to end up on your headboard somehow–haha)

  2. I think the metal is a perfect addition! The piece looked great before but this really adds to the personality and is a nice backdrop for your accessories. I like it!

    pk @ ROOM REMIX

  3. I think it looks divine…and fits in perfectly with the room! And yes, the table would look great painted white and glazed, but I love everything painted white and glazed. Cause I do. 🙂

  4. I’ll admit, I’m usually all for a treatment in the back of an armoire but when I looked at your first picture I thought noooo don’t touch it, it’s perfect. But your vision is better than mine – I just love the metal panel. Your dining room is looking great. I think I know what I need to work on today!

  5. Your too cute. So did you really cut the metal yourself? You see, that’s where I draw the line. Lots of times I delegate parts to my hubby. What a woman! I really was afraid to see the outcome pic and you really pulled it off…you were able to envision something that I just wasn’t able to place in my mind. Great job.

  6. Hello! I have been a follower of yours for quite some time and look at your blog daily. You are so inspiring! Just wanted to say I LOVE your style and your blog so much!

    Your dresser with the numbers? OMG I think that is about the best thing I’ve seen on a blog in forever! I, too, am in love with numbers, letters, but today I had to take the time to comment when I saw the galvanized sheet you added to the cupboard back!! Makes me smile. SO FUN!


  7. I LOVE IT! You must have like ESPN or something ’cause I just bought a cheap bookcase that shall be lined with beadboard when I’m all done with it.

  8. I LOVE it!!! The metal is awesome and the PERFECT touch!! The dining room is so warm, love it! I could just stand and stare and take it all in!!


    Lou Cinda 🙂

  9. very cool! your blog is great! love all your unique ideas!

    seriously, how many times have I told myself to walk away from the computer….just walk away….go…now…! too funny! 🙂


  10. Aw guys… YOU are inspiring ME!

    When you look around my house, what you see are tidbits of influence I get from great blogs like yours, but I add my own flavour to it. It’s interesting to see the reactions from others. I usually get a ‘cool!’ from men in particular because it isn’t ultra girly. BUT I do add the girly touches to soften the edges. So it’s a mix of both.

    Although I’m a believer in making your home your own, if you want to do this for a living, you have to address the fact of what others like/dislike. Your comments I totally am taking in and are really really helpful!

    JunkGirl, I hear ya on the smile. If my stuff makes me smile, it has to have abit of edge. I love breaking new ground. Thrive on it actually. And it’s dangerous territory to tread because it could go either way. But anything can be tweaked so I just don’t worry about it and do what’s in my head.

    Thanks so much, for addressing the pros AND cons of what I do. No where else in the world will you get feedback like in our own community. 🙂

    I hope to do some work on my bedroom today so I can update on that. Busy busy busy…

    FJ Donna

  11. Hey…I’m bothering you again, but wanted to say I left you an award on my blog..not sure you do them, but just know I wicked like you. :o)

  12. This turned out awesome! I’ve been trying to convince my friend to use the same stuff to cover the wall under her breakfast bar. Maybe now she’ll do it?! Can’t wait to see your Christmas Metal. : )

  13. Oh, you have me thinking about that ceiling tin I have in my garage. I was stressed thinking about creating something new. Why not add it to something old? Thanks for the inspiration. Your piece is wonderful!

  14. Man!! Where do you find this amazing “junk”?? I have to have some! I like the beadboard wallpapaer, and want to get some. But I am so gald you chose the metal.
    And yes, glaze the table white- it will pop out against your cupboard and make that beautiful rusty metal show off even more!

  15. Well, I’m enjoying the metal still and smile when I glance at it with my son on the laptop. He looks good in there. 🙂

    Super Fun Mama, those chairs actually aren’t a repaint, they are new. I wanted taller backs than the originals. And know what? They didn’t hold up very well. A few have broken from normal wear and tear. I’m actually finding better quality used ones and funny… I love the mixed up look much better! Funny how our tastes change over time and thrifting for new stuff IS the way to go when experimenting for the little cost involved!

    Now if I were to repaint those oaky chairs, I’d start with a bonding primer and then go over with your paint of choice. Wander over to Mustard Seed Creations ( and watch her at work. She’s a master in furniture redos.

    FJ Donna

  16. I love the metal backing in the armoire. I think I need to get some metal going in my house. Looking at all of your projects has inspired me. You arrangements are so visually stunning as well. The meat grinder as a pencil holder made me smile and the sheet music is so pretty. Thanks for linking up!

  17. At first glance at your armoire I thought it was a magazine photo! It looks like a store display! I love it even more with the metal.
    My mom had one of those meat grinders, and she actually ground meat with it! Ever had a ground hot dog salad sandwich? Yeah, never again 😛

  18. I love your style. I am always looking for old shutters and signs and windows, etc. My friend likes a more refined look and always asks me what my style is called…I have no idea, but I like it!
    Really like the look as is now. I would strip the table to the original wood without the shine and then it would have that organic rustic look. 🙂

  19. you SO rock …
    i seriously need to tie my hair back, get me some thick gloves, eye protection and some serious metal cutters … and where IS that pile of old metal roofing …
    smiling all the way,

  20. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your posts! You have SUCH vision and I am learning, S L O W L Y. lol I must ask…WHERE does one find the corrugated rusty metal???? I have been on the do a laundry room wall wainscoting and no luck as yet. I can find the new stuff at the big box stores but I’d prefer something with character. Thanks so much for your great decorating posts! judi 😉 (

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