FUNNY must read blog entries

I’ve been busy.

I’m working on my character building. The holdup? Hornet’s nest. DANG! Got me a sprayer thing ready to zap that little evil fun house but I’m afraid. VERY afraid. The internet says to go out at night, with no skin exposed, flashlight, zap and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Yeah… on my top 10 list. No where does it say how long to just wait out the life of the thing! So I wait. For what I don’t know. For them to miss my blood curdling screams and just LEAVE perhaps. My character building NEEDS me, you freaky long legged bee models!

I’m also working on the tiling of my front entry. It’s going slooooowwwww. I keep breaking tiles. And get interrupted. I figured pics of shoes strewn all over, broken fragments of this and that and things turned upside down don’t really belong on a blog entry. So we wait there too.

So, I thought perhaps amidst all this currently intense turmoil I’m dredging through, a laugh may be in order.

Introducing, 5 of the funniest blog entries I’ve ever had the pleasure of snickering over during the late evening hours when I haunt the net. Enjoy! I’ll be back soon posting progress of.. dunno yet. But by golly, I will!! YESSIREE, I WILL be back soon! (wimper…)

The Suburban Cottage shows you what fine living ought to be like. I’ll take three of these please.

Meet Jackson at Old Beach Bungalow. A fuddy duddy dog. Who knew?

Design Ties is truely dieing in the process of beautifying. I feel her pain.

Do you wear white pants? You may not after reading what Mrs. Fussy Pants has to say about it.

Is Goodwill the hilt of no guilt or Halloween quality creepy to you? Love, Laughter and Lyrics shows us what she sees. I can almost smell the place…

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6 thoughts on “FUNNY must read blog entries

  1. How terrific that you found my post enjoyable enough to include in this list 🙂 Thanks! Right now, as I write, my hubby and the excavator (with his bobcat and dump truck) are outside digging up the yard!! So… not so painful for me, personally… at least not yet!! Now I’m off to explore your blog…
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  2. Gosh, can’t wait to read these blog enteries.

    Good luck with the hornests nest. Eek! We had some sort of nest in the ground last year. Hubs sprayed the heck out of it for a few days. Yuck…the thought of all those winged things makes my skin crawl. Good luck!!!!

  3. Have I mentioned you are one of my fave blogs – EVER?!!??!!!

    I find so many things that I CAN do! I’m sorry if I seem anxious – but hurry up and put more stuff up so I can COPY for my casa. (wink) Ok, now that I got that out of my system. Thanks.

    You and your blog are blessings!
    ~Lana~ @ ilovemy5kids

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