Going keyless for the front door

This is our lovely front door. (that needs painting) 

See, we’ve been having some issues lately.

My son needs to get in the house on his own at times and hiding keys outdoors isn’t very secure. And if he takes them to school, they go missing.

Then there’s when we go camping. We call on neighbours to help take care of our pets in our absence so it’s always about getting keys cut and to the right folks on time.

And then there’s tradespeople that need to get in on occasion when you aren’t around.

So yeah… key issues.

Until now.

* gasp! *

Old fashioned lock, your days are numbered. You’re getting replaced! Squeal!

 to check out the new plan!

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16 thoughts on “Going keyless for the front door

  1. My husband would say “Just something else to break” LOL!The more high tech you go the more likely something will malfunction. I think its really cool though. Can’t wait to hear if you still like it after you’ve had it for a while. 🙂

  2. Best Friend put one on her front door for the same “boy” reasons. It’s working great. She likes the function that it relocks itself after a bit… since the boys never remember to lock the door behind them when they get home.

  3. Hello Donna! I hate you ask you this, but you did a post about how to take photo’s to send to publishers. I can’t seem to find that post. Could you please send me a link to that post so I can re-read it. I need to send some photo’s to a publisher and I want to make sure I do it right!

    Thanks Tot

  4. I have always wondered about these kind of keyless entry thingys, do they really work? I guess you can be our test taker. It would mean I would have to remember more codes, my life is full of them, I keep them stored on my cell phone, gees, hope I never loose it. Good luck.

  5. I hope that works out for you and Cody. I would forget the code and be sitting outside til someone comes to rescue me. LOL. Old age hurts.:(

  6. Donna – Don’t paint your door! The first thought I had when I saw your picture was how much I liked your door!

    My parents just put that kind of lock on their front door last fall – it’s seems really nice. Especially when you’re carrying too much and you can’t get a key positioned just right :-)…buttons are so much easier. I want one for my door for the sake of not having to get a cold key in a dark hole. I hope you like the new lock – I really like your door.

  7. We have been keyless for years, the first ones that came out were not as attractive as the newer models. I would never go back to a key lock, the ease of use is great and no kids ever have to fumble for a key. I love ours.


  8. I switched Mom to a 6-code keyless lock about 5yrs ago now–wouldn’t go back to keys for anything! Family (5 of us)have our own code (so we won’t forget it), and there’s 1 code reserved for trades, when needed.
    I too, have to warn you about super cold weather and the batteries. We’ve learned to put brand new ones in each winter–they seem to be able to take the cold better!
    And–I installed a lockbox with a set of keys, discretely by the mailbox–just in case!

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