A Heaven sent junkin’ event right next door!

The day was Saturday, Nov 27. I woke up to the clock showing me it was 10:30 AM. 10:30! That could mean only 2 things.

#1. It was the weekend.

#2. I had been knocked out flat with my current cold.


So I slumbered along my merry way, brewing a pot of java and attempted to focus on a few SNS entries. I heard something clang outside. I ignored it because my coffee pot beeped at me and THAT always comes first. CLANG. Huh? CLANG CLANG.

I shuffle on over to the picture window with my fresh coffee, lazily wiping morning fog from my eyes when I spot this next door…

Well now… my coffee cup could have gravitated in mid air with my mad dash to find my jeans. Threw on the ol’ farmer’s jacket, grabbed the waiting cup in the air on my way out and SPRINTED next door.

Trying to remain all calm cool and collected, or as much as I could with bed head, a stuffed up sinus head congestion, and mud on my shoes from the run over (next time I’ll use the road), I took a deep breath and calmly walked to where the guys where throwing stuff. AWAY. GASP!!!!

See that round metal whatever it is?

It went in my ever growing pile. And see that cool sawhorse upper left? That became my bench. I sat there and watched every fragment that went into that truck and was a complete pest asking for stuff I wanted.

They soon got the drill. They started asking ME if I wanted this and that. Atta boys. 🙂

It took abit for them to realize what I was after. Imagine turning away brand new things and wanting anything with grease or rust on it.

I should have given them my new blog card.

My next door neighbors are moving after being there for many many years. The Mr. was super into collecting and building. So when the owners came out of the house and spotted me, they laughed and invited me to take whatever I desired, for it was all being thrown out. Today. They even added to my pile themselves!

I decided I didn’t give a junkin’ hoot what I looked like that day because I matched all the grit and rust on this stuff anyway. You are what you collect, yes?

So I just became ‘that chipper homely girl next door.’ Did you know you can charm your way into people’s hearts by being just amazing and loving their junk? I mean, they LOOKED at me so at least I didn’t scare them or whatever.

Don’t even ASK because I really don’t know. Nor care. It was cool and rusty and starburst  like so I was good to go. The Thing even came with it’s own binder twine handle so it was truly made for me.

That crackled black pot which is VERY old is now sitting on my stairs looking mighty swanky in her new home.

Darn it. I forgot this sheet of mesh stuff. I’ll have to go back for it. It even was in it’s own red beat up frame.

No idea here either, however I figure I’ll have the most stylin’ sweet peas in my flower garden next summer. Is this for compost or something?

I hear ya. But it’s so perfect for flowers. It’s just deep enough and level along the top. Build it and they will come, yes??

Thanks pup! You’re not so bad yourself. 🙂 Junk fans everywhere you go these days.

At one point I had to run back home for my camera. It was a very risky move, however I attempted it when the guys were in the backyard reloading. They said not a word as I clicked away and held up my hand for certain stuff during the junk auction event. I have NO idea why they didn’t throw me out. Not a one.

See that small pile of boards upper leftish? I made something with those this weekend.

I risk your followership by asking this question but hey… we’ve come this far…

Is it WRONG to love the patina on the trash truck’s doors?

Check out that ‘coffee table’ all themed up for Christmas! So is the ladder for that matter.

I just liked the wooden handles. Ok OK. I liked the metal rusty saw part too. So they became mine JUST. LIKE. THAT.

This one made me think of Miss Mustard Seed. She has a hankering for red cross collectibles. I guess green is the Canadian version, eh? Maybe she’ll trade this for coming over and making me 2 wing chair slipcovers AND 1 sofa one and decorating my entire Christmas tree with her amazing creations. I think I have her number…

Oh dear sweet metal galvanized hinges, I LOVE you so! And I made something out of these this weekend too.

And then the show was over. Just like that. With little warning. I hadn’t even finished my second coffee yet in ‘the bidding lounge’.

I’ll forever have the fondest of memories from this event.

And I only walk away with one small complaint…

 My garage…


now looks like


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91 thoughts on “A Heaven sent junkin’ event right next door!

  1. Ahhh…sweet goodness! But why on earth didn’t your neighbors know to call you first? Hmmm…did you, Donna, did you know that I rescued an entire bungalow full of junk? Yup, just picked that house right up and moved it on down the street! heehee…I’m still sorting things.

    Happy new treasures!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Wow! You must a reputation with JUNK…it practically pulls right up to the door and says…

    ha! sounds like you had a miraculous healing after that junking event;especially if you were able to build with all that stuffiness of a head cold!

  3. Better than pennies from heaven! What a bonanza, you scored big time. I can just picture you wide eyed with bed hair sticking up whilst you were trying not to jump up and down with glee 🙂 There will soon come a time when people will knowingly nod their heads, saying “blogger” when they see mad women photographing everything in sight.
    Suzy xxx

  4. Amazing what a Saturday!
    And what a suspense you are creating. What did you make with that stuff!!
    And yes I love that patina too. I have been known to take pictures of rust and spotty cement too.

  5. The only way it could have been better would be if they carried it into your garage for you too… What a haul. The mesh thingy looks a lot like the shaker grate from a gravel sorter, the round metal thingy, screams alternator, and those saws are just about the coolest rescue. Do you know that with a steady thumb and a little practice, you can play a tune on a hand saw?

  6. Oh happy days!!! And right next to you!!!! How fortunate for you and for them!! Ha! You tagged some great items!! Love the hinges and the rusty wire tower thingy!!! All of it…so cool!!! Congrats on your new finds!

  7. Wow, jackpot! Do they not read your blog or see you hauling in treasure like this almost every week. Was that truck loaded just from their house. Great for you!

  8. Hi Donna!
    Thanks for the post…it gave me a really good laugh out loud moment 🙂 … annnnd congratulations!!!…what a score!!!
    I also wanted to thankyou for your great post tutorial on blogs … I’v bookmarked it and will be going back to it again and again.
    Hope you get better soon!
    Kindest Wishes from Down Under!

  9. What a great haul! I can’t wait to see what you do with all of this, and am eagerly awaiting pictures.

    DH is going through iron stuff he’s collected over the years, some is absolutely ready to take to the scrap yard for $$, but more of it is stuff we just can’t part with and I think of you often.

    Happy creating and I hope your cold is much better now. Love seeing your workshop/garage.


  10. lol i can just see you doing all this….oh oh oh i want that!…..na thats ok through it in the truck…….yessssss oh yessssssssss thats me!!! to funny….but you sure did get some good junk!

  11. acckkk – I’m squealing in delight FOR YOU! What an awesome morning…sleeping in, a cup of coffee & junk right outside your door. Come on – does it get any better?! Some AMAZING items that you snagged. I’m so jealous!

  12. Okay you are a true junker. I would have been there right with you though diet pepsi in my hand. I love all of it and yes that dumpster door was awesome- too bad they couldn’t have left it. I think the tall wire circle thing- which looks like it went around a tall cylindar heater would make an awesome hanging light. Dangle a couple of those bulbs inside and it would be amazing.
    Can’t wait to see it all- and you rock lady – YOU ROCK.

  13. oh my gosh! I LOVED reading this adventure! I could picture it all happening…I think I even heard some Canadian accents right through the screen…!

    I’m actually starting to get it..this junk thing. I think. I was really excited for you. LOVE some of those finds myself!! Oh my…the coffee table…oh my…the sawhorse bench…and oh my….the starburst thing!!!!!!!!! Hoorah!!!!

    Your endorphins must have been kicking it into high gear (a rusty one, of course!) Hope your sinuses are ALL BETTER NOW!!!!!

    And if we are are what collect, Donna? I’m a twig? LOL!

    oh one more thing: Just be thankful you have a garage to put all your goodies in. You can close the door and no one has to see the jumbled masses ever.


  14. I have noticed the perfectly aged patina on some rather nasty things myself 🙂 it is an acquired taste and for those with a real appreciation of aged perfection! Wahooo for you – free junque almost at the comfort of your very own home! Score!

  15. JACKPOT!

    Wow what a haul and to think you didn’t even need to get in the car.

    (and if it is wrong to love the patina on the doors, I don’t wanna be right no more).

  16. Kaching, kaching, kaching!!! What a Jackpot and it was all next door. How come he didn’t know that already before he called the dumpster. Good thing U were up when U were or U would have missed out and what a shame that would have been. Can’t wait to C what U made with the stuff. Luv the black vase. And, the wire thing….good tomato cage or armenian cucumber cage….anything that vines would work. Luv the wheelbarrow for flowers. Luv, luv, luv. Lucky U. Enjoy.

  17. You are so funny! I guess we can reasonably say that you truly attract junk. (That only applies to stuff, not people). Glad you were blessed with such a load of unexpected rust and grease. I know it made your heart beat a little smoother.

  18. Oh Gosh… Christmas came early! Girl you have hit the jackpot. I have enjoyed this post very much. Read your blog with relish but this post stands out. Can’t wait to see all your creations. (you sure you got time to work?)

  19. WOW – THAT was your lucky day!!

    You have given me an idea – become a hauler chaser. You don’t HAVE to live next door do you? You could always bring along a few bucks in case you need it too. Sign me up.


  20. Don’t you realize, you cleaned that garage out just for this wonderful junk event!!! Perfect timing!

    Love, love, love everything! Fabulous rust…everywhere! Great finds.

  21. I love it! You lucky lucky girl!! I love that saw horse! I am on the look out for two of them! Have fun with all your wonderful treasures and I can’t to see what you do with them all! Love the table!!!!!

  22. Love it!!! You are my kind of gal! So jealous. Some great finds there. I’ve had to cut back junking… no garage! I am an apartment dweller and I am almost filled to the rafters- but not what I… would consider a hoarder yet. (TLC Show) Spent Thanksgiving at my son’s house. He had just brought home from work a huge pile of small, old distressed wooden boxes with rusty hinges that had been used to hold large tool bits. He was going to burn them in the fireplace. I had a fit!!! Some people just don’t get it! He agreed to give me some. I have all kinds of ideas already. (:

  23. I don’t think I could have done this event without screaming! A once in a lifetime thing, something you’ll always remember! You’ve renewed myhope in mankind lol!

  24. What a fun haul you had. I love patina too. I love the idea of you out there in your bed head.
    What a funny,fun,post. Can’t wait to see what you make.

  25. May I suggest that the wire thing you are thinking about putting sweet peas on would make a really cool umbrella stand with a bit of tweaking or line with coconut liner or burlap plant inside AND outside. Boy did you score big time!

  26. I have looked through all the pictures three times! Is that a roll of burlap or builders’ paper? Either way, it’s a neat find. I was wondering how you could get more junk. I would go over to the office of the Junk collector and find out their schedule, or make a deal with them to save things for you. Do you think they send it all to the dumps? And, does “homely” mean something else in Canada? You are certainly NOT homely, chipper, possibly. In the old usage it used to mean something about the home, like handy and housewifey. The universe works in strange ways. Just think, all that junk was sitting there right next to you since you have lived there. That man never said anything. You need to know your neighbors better, can you imagine what is in the house on the otherside? I tore myself away from Cyber Monday to try to make a tissue box from a small minnow bucket, the kind you wear on a strap. See how you are affecting us all? Cheers Ann

  27. You have the most amazing luck! I wish that would happen in my neighborhood! Is it wrong to wish that your neighbors would move so they would give away all their good junk? Oh well, I admit my feelings, right or wrong. You are so awesome!
    And by the way, I am so glad that I can now refer my friends- who look at me weird as I am “junking” – to “my favorite decorating blog, Funky Junk Interiors”. They just smile and shake their heads. Ha! They don’t know what they are missing!

  28. Oh, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!! I’m feeling a bit giddy after seeing your post! Those hinges just sang “angels” to me (I’ve made them with rusty door hinges, but never garage door ones), and that rusty mesh thing is the bomb — can’t wait to see what it becomes. The towery thing, the flywheel/flower, the vintage level, the funnel, even the wheel barrel — come on! Amazing haul! So happy you were able to “help” your neighbors with their move. Enjoy your new junk!

  29. How lucky are you that cool junk now comes to your door. That’s service! That sawhorse thing turned bench is AWESOME! I just stared at that picture. I hope it’s not crazy to love the patina of the trash truck because I saw a huge drainage ditch pipe thing the other day and commented that it was the perfect shade of aqua with just the right amount of chippyness. I almost took a picture of it because it was so perfect.

  30. Wow, that is what I call an amazing event! You really did snag some nice things. Can’t wait to see what you did w/the galvanized hinges. I saw them and right away I thought, “industrial angels”!

  31. I laughed so hard at your cuteness throughout the entire post. An event like that couldn’t have happened to a more “lover of old and rusty” person in the whole world.
    I know you had a blast…and that’s a GOOD thing.
    xo bj

  32. I could swear that I saw an incredibly cool level sticking out of the pile there…such a lucky gal! I stopped at 6 thinking that was a nice, mini-collection. I’m not so sure now. lol

  33. i am seriously, seriously jealous! i love me some garbage pickin’! looked like treasures to me, i woulda’ even paid for those things. way to go! don’t worry about others think, just grab that good stuff. can i have the red table in my stocking puuleeeeease? great pics, love your story telling ability.

  34. Lucky girl Donna!!! You definitely got some good treasures and I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with some of them. My friend just gave me one of them old wooden levels…its orange. I don’t have a spot for it yet though.

  35. OH MY GOODNESS! It must have felt like you looked out the window and saw Santa pulling in with his sleigh! I am so jealous! What a great morning for you! I LOVE that little red table! You are going to have so much fun with all of that. Have a wonderful day Donna and if you change your mind about any of that stuff call me – I live 15 minutes away!

  36. i can’t stop thinking about how perfect that round wire garden looking thingy would be for holding wrapping paper rolls! seems just perfectly narrow & tall enough that the rolls won’t make it fall over! genius!

  37. I had tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard! I love your humour in this post!!
    But most of all, I love what you were able to rescue! Good gracious, what a haul!!
    (I think that round wire thing is something for chimneys?) Oh to find a house throwing out all their belongings…
    Debbie 🙂

  38. Picked a Vintage 1920’s Steamer Truck / Wardrobe right off the garbage pile at the North Vancouver Transfer Station about two weeks ago.

    Did nothing to it but wipe it with a wet rag and sold it on Craigslist for $130.

  39. haha, this was hilarious! I want to be as creative as you! Makes me wish I kept everything on my mom’s farm but then again………….oh well. I REALLY wish I kept my mom’s rain barrels but my house was brand new and I didn’t at the time want to redo the drain spouts. NOW….of course I would.
    congrats on your stash and I love your blog!

  40. Donna,
    I just read this post. I can’t believe people throw away all that “good” stuff! You did good girl.
    Carol b

  41. Lol! Boy, is this infectious! Little did I know 2 weeks ago, just new from reading all the junky blogs…i’ve picked up this flu.
    I couldn’t help drawing the parallels.
    Only difference…I was walking back from a Swizz bank in the French Riviera of a European country (yr blog visitor dtls will give you my specifics).
    I saw a genuine rattan chair sticking out and I did a ‘you’. Totally similar picture. I was surprised that the guys even offered me their ladder and helped pull out stuff. A rusty Gustavian table with 6′ marble, the genuine rattan chair (without a scratch!), a Belgian upholstered chair….and all. Didn’t care for the set of 6 arm chairs that were perfectly ‘good-looking’. It was a plush downtown hotel getting a reno. DH wasn’t happy at all.
    -” At one point I had to run back home for my camera. It was a very risky move, however I attempted it when the guys were in the backyard reloading.”
    —-Ditto – identified it as a very risky move. Had to go home to drop one set of ‘finds’.
    -” I have NO idea why they didn’t throw me out. Not a one.”
    —Ditto – most polite!

  42. Just found this, and yes, “dumpster-diving” brings a whole new level to junking…..and while my kids know better than to even question it anymore, the bf still thinks I’m crazy every time I feel the NEED to look over the edge of a tall dumpster, to see if there’s anything worthwhile in there.
    several years ago, in my junking infancy…2 doors down from me, an OLDER couple had both passed on, and their son, (who was in his LATE 60’s) didn’t want to deal with any of their household items– so ALL of the unwanted furniture went into the dumpster! HORROR of HORRORS! (hold my feet, while I grab this, that, and the other!) ~my bff Janis and I made a deal: she got the 2 PERFECT red-leather upholstered barrel-chairs (circa 50’s?) and I got the antique lingerie dresser, the antique ironing board, and a few rusty tools and old appliances…
    (the dresser was chippy white OVER green….which being young and dumb, I stripped to it’s beautiful Oaken glory…even though my friend Terri said to LEAVE it alone!…live and learn…) and NO! I can’t pass ANYTHING free on the side of road, without first giving it a good once over at least!

    • OOhh Donna this was so fun to read. NO I am not a junkaholic, but I enjoy your excitement over all things greasy, dirty, warped, splintered, etc. But I got the biggest kick out of the dumpster door, admiring the patina???? I did laugh and at the same time, thought..these people are DESPERATE! Loved the account, as I do all of yours. ♥

  43. This morning is the first time I’ve been to your blog. I love it. The dumpster thing is so funny . . . I have a similar story, it is so much fun to find “treasures” you can make stuff out of or use as is. I once went dumpster diving while I was at work for a law firm . . . someone mentioned that Goldsmiths was remodeling and throwing all kinds of stuff in the big blue dumpster outside our office . . . I was a legal secretary, in a suit, hose, pumps, the whole nine yards. My office manager said she wanted to go over there but was too embarrassed. I told her “I’m Not!” So off we went . . . together. We found all kinds of things, Christmas Ornaments, large pieces of thick glass shelving, metal shelving, an end table . . . an office desk that the two of us lugged all the way to the office and up the elevator. At one point I lost a pump (my shoe) in the dumpster. It was touch and go, but I found it before having to put a foot down on the bottom of the dirty, rusty, dumpster! I didn’t want to run my pantyhose after all!

    Anyway, your morphing story was very inspiring for someone who didn’t really know there was anyone else out there like me! My husband never knows what I am going to come home with! You know the story! Thanks

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