An ice cold (healthy) summer treat! And… confessions.

When I decided to eat better, I was a little ticked off with myself. Why ever would I do this right when summer hit?!? What about all those camping treats around the firepit or worse… the ice-cream runs?!?

I felt sorry for myself until I started to notice how much better I felt. And then I started to fiddle around with healthy foods, attempting to create interesting takes on things I knew were good for me.

So when a hot summer day hit, I  thought of the ‘you know what’. Instead, I head for the fridge with a brainstorm. I wanted an ice cold something so I invented my:

Fresh blueberry yogurt popsicle

You’ll need: something to put the popsicles in. 

I found a popsicle container with no handles, so I used plastic forks. 

Ingredients – low whatever you wish vanilla yogurt, fresh blueberries

1. In a blender: add some yogurt and some blueberries. Blend leaving berries really chunky.

3. Layer:

Just blueberries first.

Vanilla yogurt.

Whipped blueberry yogurt.

Stick in fork and freeze.

4. When frozen, run hot water on container until popsicle loosens.


I ate this thing while I was sitting on the lounger in our pool. And I forgot to feel sorry for myself. 🙂

And did you know, if you cut up chunks of banana, they are delicious frozen? Apparently if you whip up the frozen chunks, they taste like ice-cream because of a banana’s creamy texture.

Have any frozen healthy treat ideas you like?

Confession Time

Well, the honeymoon period is officially over. What was a gung ho decision for many not long ago has now turned into effort. 

But I’m proud of the support group that’s formed for Junk Loser (facebook). We’ve been working really hard and some have even blogged about their experiences thus far.

So far, I feel much more alert, stronger and have even dropped a size! So just know, your diligence will eventually pay off if you don’t give up.

Anyone have any posts to share?

Comments on your progress?

Confessions to make?

Need some daily motivation? Join in!

Need healthy recipe ideas? Click HERE.

All JUNK LOSER posts to date are HERE.

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18 thoughts on “An ice cold (healthy) summer treat! And… confessions.

  1. This looks fab, I cant wait to try it with some watermelon!! I am really enjoying this series and seeing how well you are doing is really motivating me to keep going too 🙂 The pounds are shifting and I feel great. Thanks for being so honest with us and making sure we all realise we are not in this alone!!

  2. Those look absolutely delish! Now I’m kicking myself for iiterally just trashing two popsicle-maker-container thingys the other day. Hadn’t used them in years since the kids have gotten bigger. Darn! Now I’m going to have get some new ones.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those look awesome! and beautiful. Almost too pretty to eat, but I’m sure I would. I will have to try. I’ve just been making fresh fruit yogurt smoothies! I have a single serving baby blender and I add 2 tbls. low-fat vanilla/honey yogurt, frozen pineapple/mango/strawberries & blueberries, little splash of skim milk and off I go. Adding the frozen fruit no ice required! Just had it for breakfast and I’m cool, satisfied and ready to go! Cannot wait to try your idea. PS I just sold my old popcicle container, with handles at a yard sale last Sat! :o(

  4. I have lost 5 pounds, but in this summer’s unusual heat I think that was sweat, water weight. Junk Losers has widened my awareness of the many possibilities for ways to get fit. I was even asked to preview a morning muscle-awakening video series, still in production.
    To the chagrin of everyone else, I did a deep clean of the kitchen, getting rid of the tastiest, empy calorie foods.
    I look forward to days of dropping back to previous jean sizes. Junk Losers gives me support to believe those days are coming.
    Losing is a tougher road and takes so much longer than getting out of shape. I appreciate that others are sharing their struggles and successes. (My hungry family is not as understanding.)

  5. Those look terrific! Peri-menopause has kicked my tail. The extra weight just won’t drop off. I’m mostly trying to focus on health vs weight, so I’m eating moderately well and upping my workouts. Congrats on dropping a pants size!

  6. Hey ladies, I have a recipe that couldn’t be easier. I buy a large can of peaches or apricots (in juice) and put the whole thing in the freezer. When frozen, open both ends, push out into the food processor and chop up until smooth. Tastes like sorbet. Now, you could take it out of the can before freezing if you worry about the can bursting. I imagine you could do pineapple, any type fruit. I suppose you could prepare the mixture and freeze in the pop molds.

  7. Hi Donna-

    I love blueberries and your treat looks yummy, but what looks even more yummy to me is those beautiful yummy purple hydrangeas. LOVE!!!! I may just print that photo out and hang it on my wall.

    My best- Diane

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