If a junker had a product line… and more iPhone fun

What I've been up to... with my iPhone, via Funky Junk Inteirors

I don’t know what I’d do without my iPhone. 

Did you know I have two? Not on purpose. I lost #1 then bought #2, then #1 came home but then I lost #2 and needed #1 again. #2 was returned so now I’m back to two. Some people only need one but I guess when you get old, you need duplicates of everything. Now I just need 8 sets of keys, 5 purses with 5 identical wallets, and 4 sets of glasses and all would be perfect. I’ll no doubt work on that too.

Anyway, glad I have my iPhone(s) so I can take these pictures on the run!

Evil sewing machine, 

Oh Canada, and 

coffeeaholics anonymous.

What I've been up to... with my iPhone, via Funky Junk Inteirors

1. I took my sewing machine out of hiding and we’re trying to be friends. It’s sitting beside my computer but I think it has an attitude problem. No friendly banter at all! My computer is MUCH more cheerful. Dunno. I have to mull this over for another 3 years maybe.

2. I found an Oh Canada styled hoodie at the thrift! In love, eh?

3. I resisted. My son and I walked to the local store for his slushie, and I nearly went for a crappy frothy coffee. But I said no. Calories, you know.

4. And then I went to Starbucks the next day and had a new vanilla spice latte. JUMBO size they call vente so it sounds charming. Let’s not mince words. It’s JUMBO. And decadent. Low cal of course. (cough)

If a junker
had a
product line.

What I've been up to... with my iPhone, via Funky Junk Inteirors

5. I’ve been less than pleased with the thrift store selections of late. They must be cleaned out from the big Christmas rush maybe. I’m just not finding ANYthing I like. So I bit the bullet and peeked into a (gasp!) retail outlet. HomeSense is Canada’s HomeGoods. Same thing.

6. So if a junker had a line of products, what would she style and sell? Yeah, loving that old sign tray just fine!

7. How about a faux shutter? I really liked this. Like, a lot. They had two. It was hard.

8. Swoon… Patchwork reclaimed lumber? Super cool! 

It sure was fun to peek into the retail world for a spell! In fact, I liked it a little too much. That area of town is officially dangerous as of now. Plus it has a Starbucks next door… scratch danger. It needs a legal quarantine.


REAL junk.

What I've been up to... with my iPhone, via Funky Junk Inteirors

9. Well, I did go to a couple thrift stores today. Found this cool kettle styled pot or whatever it is. It was a little steep at $20 for something ‘unretail’ so I left it. 

10. BUT… my son and his Big Brother will be playing darts in no time. I landed this bristle board self healing dart board for $10. Total song. These things are amazing, they will never have holes. Now to clean up the boy’s room and find a wall…

11. When doing a job last week, I was in a warehouse with this really cool crate high up into the rafters. I’d never seen such a high end finished looking crate before, it was as if the wood was branded and stained/varnished. It was so pretty!

12. Ever walk up a ladder and wish you had a place for your junk? Well, today I walked up one and lo and behold, there was a large platform on top. It was a double sided ladder too. All wood. I hereby declare all ladders need this design! 

In other news, I’ve been tampering around with a new blog design alongside some pros that’s nearly complete (squeal! it’s junkalicious!) and… 

what else… nothing yet. I always feel like saying one more thing but I got nothin’. 

Except 2 iPhones.

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29 thoughts on “If a junker had a product line… and more iPhone fun

  1. Donna – Wish you could come here to Pennsylvania for the annual Amish mud sales. Our village has one every year and it is right around the corner from my house. We are having one Saturday, March 16. If you don’t know what a mud sale is, it is an annual auction/sale at a local fire company. There are wagons of box lots, meaning boxes filled with junk and you bid on them. They can go for quite cheap. They also auction off antiques, farm equipment, furniture etc. You name it, it will probably be auctioned off. There are several different auctions going on at one time. My girlfriend and I go the night before and check out what has been already set up, check the flatbed wagons loaded up and write down stuff we want to bid on. Then the morning of, they are still bringing stuff in and we scout out our prospective box lots, antiques etc. We make each other a list of things to bid on since there are so many auctions going off at one time and bid on items for each other. Sound confusing? Well it gets crazy, but we have fun. Google mud sales and you will find out more info. We love to go to these and bring home so much “junk”! By the way, they are called mud sales because they are in the spring and ground can still be a muddy mess in the empty cornfields. I think it is a junkers paradise!

  2. Love the reclaimed cabinet….but at $249…doesn’t hold much…It needs a rusty latch, don’t you think? Have a blessed superbowl weekend!

  3. I was just at TJ Maxx the other day (they are owned by the same company as HomeGoods) and I couldn’t believe how many really adorable, vintage-looking things they had there! OF course I’m a fellow junker and obviously prefer the real deal…but there were a few that I simply could not pass up. And I agree, January is a poor picking month, but you got a great haul! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have a real junkin’ question, if I might. I bought an old chippy paint Mexican couch (used to be in a Mexican restaurant patio) and I like it just the way it is but…..I want to preserve the wood for outdoors….what kind of finish to help it stay as is, should I put on it? I’ve done lots of inside redos but never an outside redo. Thanks, Oma Linda…turtle8602atcomcastdotnet

  5. I love the way you write your blog…and I love your finds! I’m a HUGE TJMaxx fan…and Starbucks fan…and thrift store fan. Sadly without an iphone…but that’s a goal item. So I’ll keep working towards that goal, and maybe I’ll have two someday! 🙂

  6. Your instagrams are always cool… I’m glad you post them here, because, well I don’t INSTA-ANYTHING!
    …retail is off limits for me too. Nuff said.

    New blog design you say? I don’t know if I like the sound of that. I have my comfort zone…and your blog is one of them. I don’t want to be bumping into things…so, I hope it’s easy to find my way around!

    have a great Tuesday , Donna!

  7. So did you inquire about when you could come back and get that warehouse crate? At least ask if they were going to toss it eventually? Looks like a well built crate, the possibilities!


  8. hahaha….I feel really old too. AND, I have three or four of a lot of things, like staple guns, because I forget where I’ve put them, so that I’ll remember where they are! Have a great day! ~Tammy

  9. I’ve been sewing what feels like, all my life. I learned on my Mom’s Bernina 830. I would sew EVERY DAY. I LOVED sewing at home. Then I hit high school and had to take Home Economics and had to sew on their Singer sewing machines. I HATED sewing in school. Had I not learned on a good machine, I would never have been the seamstress I am today. What I’m saying is, sometimes it’s not the seamstress, it’s the machine. Bernina’s are expensive, but I purchased mine used…they’re workhorses and sooo worth the money! Just sayin’!

  10. Oh- I hear you about the Starbucks and HomeGoods-Ours are right next door to each other, too. I do Starbucks but I do the Venti Sugar-Free Latte with no foam and it is so good and the only calories are from the type milk you choose- I do 2%. I love your take on life, Donna. You find the best of it~ xo Diana

  11. Can you PLEASE do a tutorial on how to upload Instagram pics to a PC or Mac? I’ve wanted to insert a few of my Insta pics into my blog but they are locked into my phone or Instagram – please share! Thank you!

  12. Your updates always make me smile! I thought of you on Sunday. Our son, Sam, came in with his iPhone and had discovered different voices that you can give Siri (who I refer to as Surly!). Jack changed her to a male British voice that I named Jeeves. I wanted to call him Carson (from Downton) but his voice wasn’t as low and distinct as Carson. You can even regulate the modulation. And he can read me my messages if I desire it. I thought of you with both of your phones and how much fun you could have by giving each phone a different voice. Have a great day, Donna! With love from your friends in Indiana.

  13. Love the post, thanks for the giggle today! I’ve pulled my sewing machine out from under the TV (yup, for years it was where the TV sat in the office) and had to upload the user manual online because I forgot how to thread the bobbin. lol I’ve completed one pillow cover (but the transfer was backwards! ack!). Good luck getting yours to cooperate.
    Debbie 🙂

  14. I always laugh when I see how so many people have issues with sewing. I was born with a needle in my hand, yes my mother said it was a difficult birth!! Anyways, my mother bless her heart had three girls and taught us all how to sew at a very young age. By the time I was 13 I was making all my own clothes and when I had a little girl all her clothes until she asked me to stop at about age 11. Wasn’t cool at that time. Now I sew for my four granddaughters and sometimes for my grandsons.

    I too need multiples of things, I have at least five pairs of reading glasses in major parts of the house so I am never without them. Wish they could make a find button though so I could find my keys!!

  15. Wow you’re amazing, easy to relate to, and hilarious! Thank you for the fantastic share and inspiring ideas! Also an I cannot do without my phone girl–can’t run my life without it…or is that, my iPhone runs my life. I don’t know, I’d be nowhere without it! Literally LOL
    Jeanine mycontainedlife.blogspot.ca or .com ?

  16. Your Home Sense has way more sense than my Home Goods. Mine is full of blingy things that don’t appeal to me at all. That would be dangerous to see that knockoff junk for sale, it looks good!
    It is a nationwide/Canadian (maybe Australia too?) problem that thrift stores are not as stocked as they once were, and the prices are creeping up too. I actually have found visiting thrift stores in weird parts of town sometimes nets me more finds and better prices.
    I love my phone, it captures life. Love how yours (two) do too!

  17. I’m embarrassed to admit I only have a land line phone…no cell phone for me. But I own 7 pairs of glasses, one pair for every room. Do you think that dates me???
    ~ Pendra

  18. If you can drive a car, you can run a sewing machine! If you can use a computer, you can use a sewing machine! Just sayin…

  19. Hi, So what is your sewing machine saying to you? I don’t want to stitch, etc? Make sure you get your can (ugh) of compressed air and blow the dust, check your bobbin case in this one, no dust or fuzzys. You may need to put oil on the shaft. I have several machines and one is just like this one.

    My pc was crashing last week & while doing research, I found a great software program, (free) to use, called CCleaner, you may want to check it out and download. It cleans your “pc reg” and makes repairs to it…most of the time pc just need this. Mine also needed to have my printer uninstalled, the drivers were not playing together!!

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