I’m one of 5 pinners to follow on Stylelist Home!

I’ve been collecting junk styled pins for awhile now but just recently got a little more serious with my boards.

I finally finished categorizing all my boards with headers such as Crafts: / Decor: / Inspiration etc. so they’d be easier to find for viewers and for me to pin.

So there’s a little tip for you to try if you’ve been getting mixed up like me. Yes it took some time to pull off, but a few min here and there did the trick.

Take a look HERE.

(thank-you for your category idea, Rhonda!)

And as if that wasn’t cool enough, friend Ann emailed me alerting me just today to go check out a link…

Ahhh!! How cool! Looks like Stylelist Home likes with my junky collection as well. 🙂 Thanks Stylelist!

And they love my suitcase board.

Also in hot Pinterest news,

Friend Michael at Inspired By Charm is deemed by Pinterest themselves as one of the most followed Pinterest users!  WOW. Congrats, M!

His board is HERE.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Come on over and see my own pretty new boards. You may be in them.  🙂

Are you on Pinterest?

Share your own url in comments if you’d like a few new followers. 🙂


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17 thoughts on “I’m one of 5 pinners to follow on Stylelist Home!

  1. So not surprised that you are in the top 5 Donna! Thank you so much for sharing how you changed your Pinterest boards. I really need to do that and will do so soon. Have a great weekend. lin lbprichATbellsouth.net

  2. Oh my you have a lot of followers Donna, but well after all you are a rock star in the junking scene! Of course I pin! There’s nothing more inspiring on the net than Pinterest and I’m addicted since last year March and pinned over 7000 beautiful and inspiring photos of home decor crafts gardening and more!

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