Improving Your Blog ~ add a Link Within

NEW! Welcome to Improving Your Blog, the newest feature you’ll see semi regularly on Funky Junk Interiors! Due to your overwhelming response, let’s learn how to make those blogs work better and get prettier!

There’s a new direct link on the right side bar if you wish to revisit any of the tips already covered. Keep tuning in to learn how to improve your blog yourself! So let’s try something new today, shall we?

Installing Link Within

What is it?

You’ll see a new feature I just learned how to add today. It’s called a Link Within which looks like this…

How it works

The Link Within picks up keywords within your post, and links up like minded posts with thumbnails attached. This feature encourages visitors to further investigate your blog which in return creates more browsing interest and higher page hits. To me it simply resembles a welcome mat  to invite viewers inside. I personally enjoy this option and visit it frequently. Want one too? Read on! It’s EASY!

How to Install

1. Scroll down under this post, right click on the LINK WITHIN text, right click, then OPEN IN NEW WINDOW. (now you can continue to read this post AND load your widget)

2. Enter the info the page asks… then click GET WIDGET!

3. This part baffled me just abit so I’ll explain it ABC style. Where it says click install widget, click THAT INSTALL WIDGET greyish box. (I was looking everywhere else for that command which didn’t exsist!)

4. Add Page Element window opens – select ADD WIDGET.

5. Your widget will now appear on your blog in the sidebar. You simply drag it to your desired position, hit preview, then save. Done! Your widget window is super self explainatory from here with good screen captures to help you.

I’m going to be completely honest here. I can’t see the best corrolation between the topics the widget chooses vs your current blog post at times. Then other times it works. There are other ways to tweak this feature (other than using Link Within)  so you can pick and choose your own tags for improved matches, but this was a good start and it IS kinda cool regardless.

Now, aren’t you glad you did that?!? Let me know how you made out!

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42 thoughts on “Improving Your Blog ~ add a Link Within

  1. Donna, this was great! It was so easy – you did a great job with explaining. I have been wanting to do this, but didn’t have the faintest idea how. Thanks so much!
    Mary Lou

  2. thanks so much for this, I was wondering how others were doing it. Your instructions were super easy to follow,, I mentioned this post and your blog today on my blog. Thanks again

  3. oh my goodness gracious! This is so cool!!!! I wondered about that when I saw it on other blogs. Now I’m runnin’ with the big dogs!!!
    Thank you so much!!! I love it!

    Wanna see it in action on my blog? Come on over. I’d love having you!!!

  4. ok, I’ve tried half a dozen times to add this to my blog over the last few months, and the only thing that shows up are the words, “you might also like” with no pictures or links in the space they should be in! I’m so frustrated with what seems to be an easy process. 🙁 Is there something with my background or blog that is inhibiting this? I can’t get any answers from the peeps at Link Within.

  5. Donna, seriously I was thinking yesterday I need to figure this out and I happened to be reading your blog today and BAM!, you read my mind or at least your link within did! Thank you! I have learned so much from you!

  6. I can install this and it looks great until I open my comments. Then the linkwithin displays on top of my first comment or two. What am I doing wrong? I followed the instructions…over and over and over. I asked for customer support but they’re not replying. Can you help? Thanks for posting this, I’m following you and enjoying the linky parties.

  7. I just started my blog this week now that I’m done with the 9-5 thing for a while. Thanks for all the tips I’ve found on your site, and for directing me to some other helpful sites too. I think the LinkWithin gadget is great when I visit other blogs, and I’m sure it will help me build up some followers too.

    The most interesting thing for me is that when I scrolled down past the comments to post my own, I saw that Miss Mustard Seed thanked you for helping with her new blog in Sept. 09, and now she’s one of the blogs that I follow in 2011. We all gotta start somewhere!

  8. Okay, this only took me 4 times to realize the right LinkWithin to click on! I am brain dead at 10:30pm! Thanks for the tip, so fun to look “professional”!

  9. Thank you for the tutorials! I’m a new blogger and have a question. I added the Linked With option, but mine only shows the text link without images. Any idea why? Their support has not answered my question yet, so any help you can give is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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