Instagram 6 – giving good and getting back


Oh my. I haven’t posted since Monday! And that wasn’t even a real post!

It isn’t often I do that. But there’s been several reasons why.

First off, the dayjob called. And I complied.

I’ve also been testing out the waters trying new things to see what I’m ‘suppose’ to do. Does that make sense? Sometimes you have to get offline to figure out where you fit in and how your actions can affect others around you.

So… here’s what I’ve been up to…

Dayjob fun and joyous addictions


1. Went to the ‘ol dayjob several times this week, and decided to spread a little crazy around. I caught Joe on the phone doing a bang up pro job with his demeanour so I decided he needed a good job chart for the day. Every time I caught him doing good, I gave him a patch of vinyl gold star! Way fun. 🙂

2. The day job called me in to ‘wallpaper’ the back end of a firetruck. Big job, but it came off without a hitch. That means it was a good day! 

3. Lovely marked pallet crate wood on the pile yesterday… in which I forgot to return for! AUGH!! It was fabulously gorgeous wood, not a sliver in sight. I hope it’s still there when I return but I’m doubtful. May have to mimic the look with new.

4. I bust up laughing… I now have 3 coffee makers on my countertop. Goodness… my buddy Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl gave me some decadent coffee from her area when we met up down South at The Word’s Longest Yard Sale last summer, which needed my ‘real’ coffee maker. Well, I’m hooked! So the 3 choices must stay. I need a house extension just for my coffee addiction!

Kitty stealing, oops, sunshine and a fail.


5.  I found this cat basket a year ago and my cat refused to use it. so I stuck it underneath my bed. While cleaning up about a month ago, I brought it back out and used it to house my camera lenses instead. FABULOUS!!! Padded, and everything, allowing for a quick change kinda place.

But who did I discover in the basket one day when it was empty?! And she’s been using it ever since. Figures…. 🙂

6. An old window from my parent’s farm just fell and smashed to smithereens. I was sad at first, but then kinda glad. I can do more things with it now. May have to smash out the last two panes myself…

7. Sunshine?! Stunned. That is all. I must go walk today!

8. In December, I never did share what I regard as a failed project. I need to share this contraption with you. Next week for certain! It’s pretty ugly in a cool sort of way. 🙂

I’m here, here, here, and taking notes.


9. I volunteered some of my social media addiction time to my church’s Facebook page, Yarrow Alliance Church. Today I shared a feel good happy story that transpired in a Tim Horton’s drive-thru. You can read about it HERE.

Feel free to follow the page to capture some of my ramblings and photos!

10. I’m in Cabin Life’s March issue! My movie star stairs made an appearance. I cannot wait to get a copy! Thanks Cabin Life AND reader John for sharing a shot of my feature!

11. Here’s a perfect example of makin’ the best out of a mess. At the beginning of this photography Google Hangout I was a part of, I didn’t realize we were being taped when we were and I scrambled last minute to shush the house of all noise. I sprinted to my son’s bedroom and came back in the nick of time… only to be caught stumbling over my chair… I LOVE the reaction of the others that also had no idea we were filming. Priceless!

Why call attention to it? Cuz I’m a self taught, mess it up hack that goes through this kinda stuff every day of my life. In MY world, this is nothing new! Good times, folks…

12. I stocked up on my fav kinda books I like to sit beside each phone and computers in the house. I date the top of these guys and leave one open everywhere. One is even in my truck. Bypass those sticky notes and go big.. and never misplace a note again!

In other news, 

Cody’s Big Brother Ben is having a baby today! I cannot wait to hear the news… waiting… waiting… tap tap tap…

I got a really cool email today. I have no idea what will become of it, but my moral here is, keep plugging away at your thing. One day someone that could make a big difference in your life may take notice. 

But I think it’s more than just about that. I’ve been practicing the ‘doing good for others’ thang just because. Maybe this was just a little return back in my favor…

Here’s to doing good and making a difference to those around you! What good can you do over the next week? Can’t hurt to try…


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3 thoughts on “Instagram 6 – giving good and getting back

  1. I wondered where you’ve been all week! Busy busy! I can’t wait to get the March issue of Cabin Life….congratulations on being featured! Blessings to your son’s Big Brother and the new baby! You are a great inspiration to me.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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